Friday, January 04, 2008

Kau Yang Terindah Di Dalam Hidup Lulu

Kau yang terindah di dalam hidup ini
Tiada Allah Tuhan yang seperti engkau
Besar perkasa penuh kemuliaan
Kau yang termanis di dalam hidup ini
Ku cinta kau lebih dari segalanya
Besar kasih setiamu kepadaku

Ku sembah kau ya Allah ku
Ku tinggikan namamu selalu
Tiada lutut tak bertelut
Menyembah Yesus Tuhan rajaku
Ku sembah kau ya Allah ku
Ku tinggikan namamu selalu
Semua lidah kan mengaku
Engkaulah Yesus Tuhan rajaku


Sharing said...

Allah, Baitullah, Solat and
Kaabah can be used by Muslim Only!
Good Practice!
Automatic censors of non-Muslim when taken National or State anthem!
Good for Non-Muslim who can save a breath when come across these in any song!
For Non-Muslim who cannot spell or know these words are excusable as they cannot use it!!
Those who want to learn these have to come to Muslim!
Sayonara to these, the rest of the world will have these empty!

Does Allah wants these?

Josh said...

Hey Lulu,
My proud state of Johor's anthem is Allah Selamatkan Sultan - following the God, Save the Queen.

Now, is the government saying that the anthem can only be sung by muslims? Or are they going to revised that song too - replacing Allah with Tuhan.

On a side note, I actually raise this issue for a casual discussion in the office and lo and behold - a muslim staff got offended by the mere discussion of it - by the dismissive "this is a sensitive issue, please keep your views to yourself."

I was merely stating that , Allah had been used by Arabs before they were even muslims. And Egyptians Christians used the same and have no problems from the Egyptian Muslims.

It goes to show that we are in the midst of "sensitive & senseless" people who cannot separate legitimate debate from offensive remarks.

Kau yang terindah said...

Dear lulu,

I remember singing that song 15 years ago in church during BM services in KL. Brought back memories... Take a look at these youtube clips and you will see that this is a non-issue. Christians have been using the word Allah for ages. AMNO has ulterior motives for bringing up this non-issue up especially when it is close to the GE!

sp lim said...

Hi Lulu

I stumbled on to this post when I googled the first few words of the song. Lovely hymn of praise.

Did you know that on exactly the same day you posted this, I too posted this song on my blog in protest against the Cabinet decision.

How I wish all Christians in Malaysia will continue to sing this song every week not only in worship but as a sign of solidarity with our brothers and sisters who use the Malay language in worship