Friday, January 18, 2008

Guys, Is Lulu Right On This?

Guys, help Lulu out on this.
Do you go around putting your arms over the shoulder of orang yang you tak begitu kenal aka acquaintances when taking photos?
Girls do it, but then again, it's a girl thing to do. But Lulu doesnt think guys do that.

You can't imagine what the "putting your arms over the shoulder" is?
something like these two chaps...
Is this the way guys pose with their acquaintances?
Cos the chap on the left, his name is Eusoffe Chin,
and he says, the chap of the right whose name is Lingam, is just an acquaintance.

What do you think guys? Does Lulu need to "upgrade" her perception of men today, that they're more touchy feely than what Lulu thinks they are?

if you want to read a bit more about kisah dua acquaintance yang tak begitu kenal tetapi pergi cuti bersama, go to this 2001 newsreport in Malaysiakini which gives details of the New Zealand trip which Eusoffe kindly allowed Lingam to [quoting NST] tag along.


Kicap Soya said...

Looks like me, looks like my wife, n looks like Linggam, looks like Mrs Linggam but ...I can't remember....

No lah Lulu, they were just garu-garu each other's back!

wits0 said...

Next they'll claim that it's just a phoshopped pic....and then convene a 3 men panel to ascertain its authenticity! And the go after the wrong facts at a tangent like trying to find out whether the presumed metadata contained within it can show that the person used a legal copy of PS!

Anonymous said...

ha2.ha2.i must give him the thumbs up for his improvisation...bump into each other at airport and allow him to tag along.
guess, its coincidental that Lingam was also going to the same place as the ex-CJ. stay in same hotel and same itinerary. if not, Lingam must surely have to pay a bomb for the last minute changes. asked any travel consultant if you doubt me. And must be hell of a sacrifice for "not a very close" freind, eh?
by the way, whats lingam track record for his court cases before this ex-CJ. Anyone to enlighten me, please?

Sharing said...
Another Photo of their acquaintances"

Anonymous said...

I think the hand behind Linggam's shoulder is the hand of Eusoff's wife and behind Eusoff's shoulder is the hand of Linggam's wife...thats why Eusoff telling that he is not so close to Linggam

Anonymous said...

Aiya , their backs were both itchy that time so you scratch for me and I scratch for you mah.

Anonymous said...

Chua Sial Lek's partner in the hotel room was also an acquantance--- and look what they did!

wits0 said...

First the met in NZ, then they met at Changi.

In the Twilight Zone, that matters not for they're the same spot.

denzook said...

we even have our honorable aab putting his hand on michelle yeoh shoulder. anyway, just say that this lingam is overly friendly towards any malaysians around him.

Sharing said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm kinda wondering, did Mrs Lingam's baggage go missing and did she have to wear her hubby's shirt for the holiday in NZ?? How else do u explain that garish shirt? Will someone in the royal commission pls question that!?

witsa said...

The best part for that ex-CJ is having to be told to get a lawyer. Goes to show that he probably thought the whole affair will be nothing more than an inconveniencing formality which will pass with a few shallow 'explanations'.

Handjob issues said...

After years of feminists movement and girl-powerism, something mush have rubbed of to us men. The answer is yes, Lulu, times have changed. What used to be taboo for acquainting men to have arms buddy-buddy over the shoulders is now not new. We will only raise eyebrows when his hands are around his waist, where, given his girth, would only reach 2/3s around. It is also more subtle today of those arm-around-shoulders ranging from a firm "you, my boy, have grown up" to a lighter "yea, its hard, I see you there".

Really, the real question the picture begs to ask is "Those kind of clothes still exist in this day and age meh?"