Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lulu Hopes Justice Tempered With Mercy Will Prevail

I’ve put up this banner in support of the call for the release of Dr Basmullah who was jailed for not registering his clinic in accordance with the PHSFA.

Dr Basmullah Yusom, a family practitioner, is the first victim of this legislation. He was sentenced despite not having legal counsel representing him, despite pleading for leniency (he had wanted to sell the clinic anyway and is in financial trouble) and as he could not pay the hefty RM 120,000 fine, he is now in Kajang prison.
You can read more about it in
The 1st clinic doctor convicted under the PHFSA
The 1st clinic doctor convicted under the PHFSA (II)
Don’t Jail Doctors Blog Campaign
Dr. Basmullah in Kajang Prison
Quash 3-month jail for Dr Basmullah
Dr.Basmullah paying RM1,333 for every day in jail

The ex-Health Minister had promised that the Act would be used only against Bogus doctors and Bogus clinics. The doctors were told, "you good guys don't have to worry. we will go after the bad guys ". Yet, we now see that legitimate licensed APC holding medical practitioners are now targeted.
And some background to the consultations and assuarances given to the doctors by the MOH here

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lulu Thinks That The Fella Who Thought He Would Trash Fong Po Kuan But Kalah-ed Teruk DOES NOT Know What He Is Saying

26/1 Ka Chuan: Don’t politicise schools
29/1 Ong: DAP politicising school issue

26/1 Ka Chuan: Don’t politicise schools
29/1 Ong: DAP politicising school issue

26/1 Ka Chuan: Don’t politicise schools
29/1 Ong: DAP politicising school issue

26/1 Ka Chuan: Don’t politicise schools
29/1 Ong: DAP politicising school issue

26/1 Ka Chuan: Don’t politicise schools
29/1 Ong: DAP politicising school issue

saving the best for last,you seriously think they're working to get you more Chinese schools?
Shame on MCA for politicising the Chinese schools!
Shame on them that we have to wait for a school to close down somewhere before a new one can be build.
Shame on them for accepting the paltry sum given by the Education ministry and Finance ministry in spite of it being a Malaysian school which should be funded by the taxes Malaysians pay.
Shame on them that we have to raise millions and millions of ringgit ourselves to build these schools.
Shame on them!

to understand the background of the Star [think MSM, think Hartal MSM, think Bawa Balik Berita Benar ke Kampung]'s two reports, 26/1 Ka Chuan: Don’t politicise schools and 29/1 Ong: DAP politicising school issue, read Kula MP of Ipoh Barat's account here and here

Lulu's Concerned About What's Happening In Schools

It's shocking to read about the things that are happening in schools today.

This school, and trust Lulu, it's not the only one, "disqualified" kids who were wearing shorts from winning with flimsy excuses such as failing to get the ribbons at the designated spots and that the numbers pinned on the shirts were torn.
This school pula, insisted that the children shave off their moustaches and beards and used harsh words when they tried to explain. The reason behind their un-shavenness was that they had taken a Thaipusam vow, and at least one of their parents had written in to the school informing them of their vow and the date when they would shave it off.
And we have here a case of kids who do not attend religious class [and you know la, in schools, which religion is allowed to hold "religious class"] who were asked to wash the toilet. Nothing bad/evil in washing school toilets, Lulu has had a fair share, but making it non-muhibbah? that's not right...

KJ John, who has a regular column in Malaysiakini also had problems with the zealots in his son's school.
He writes,
"The second case was when a new Ustaz in my son’s primary school insisted that all Primary 6 prefects wear long pants; not one teacher stood up to ask why or challenged this arbitrary decision. Therefore, when I went in to write a complaint, the non-Malay deputy principal was truly appreciative of my “public protest” as he could use “my parent complaint” to raise and address this issue with the principal regarding the “new policy” which was not discussed by the teachers, but merely implemented by the new Ustaz.
The third instance was when I was on a PIBG committee at my son’s school when we heard that the principal had issued a verbal directive to all non-Muslim clubs and societies to “refrain from undertaking their religious activities within the school compound.” At the next PIBG committee meeting, I enquired of the principal where and why there was such a policy. She replied that it was a directive from the PPD or the Pegawai Pendidikan Daerah. I asked for a copy of the written directive, as I knew the implications of such a directive. The principal confirmed that it was an unwritten one. I advised her against following such “non-policies” and requested for her to rescind the policy before the annual PIGB meeting. She did not and the matter was raised at the next PIBG meeting and was resolved when another senior ex-government servant and a Malay parent argued that it was against the Federal Constitution."
If you are a parent, Lulu hopes that you are sensitive and aware of what's happening in your children's school. Also, some children may choose to abide and suffer in silence. Take an active role in your children's school. Also, remember that right for your school Christian, Buddhist and Hindu activities are given in the Federal Constitution. Challenge your school principal if he does not allow it. When/If you are not sure if they are right or wrong, use your schooldays as the benchmark.
Join the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA/PIBG). You cannot afford to let zealots narrow your children's mind and perspective of life.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ever Since Lulu Saw The Video, This Tune's Been Haunting Her

Doesnt he, with the silly cap and his silly responses with the whatchacallthose tress in the background plus his interest in goats make you think of a simple goatherd in the alps?

haiyoh... ever since then, the tune and the yodle-ing has been sticking on to Lulu's little head.
and in case you wanna sing along with Lulu whilst watching the silly man [video here], here are the lyrics.

High on a hill was a lonely goatherd
Layee odl, layee odl, lay-ee-o
Loud was the voice of the lonely goatherd
Layee odl layee odloo
Folks in a town that was quite remote heard
Layee odl, layee odl, lay-ee-o
Lusty and clear from the goatherd's throat heard
Layee odl, layee odloo

Oho laydee odl lee-o,
oho laydee odl lay
Oho laydee odl lee-o,
hodl odl lee-o-ay

Lulu's Wondering If These 130,000 ex-"Hardcore Poor" Are Feeling Any Richer Today

The PM announced that the percentage of hardcore poor in the country has decreased to 0.7% last year from 1.2% in 2004, according to initial statistics from the Economic Planning Unit's household income survey last year.

Have you heard of the Big Mac Index?
You can read more about it here, but in very simple terms, it looks at the price of a Big Mac around the world and measures the purchasing power parity (PPP) between two currencies.
Lulu thought she'd do her own lulu version of a Big Mac Index to look at the purchasing power of the hardcore poor of Malaysia.

Per the 9th Malaysia Plan, using the The Non-Food PLI [where the expenditure pattern of non-food components of the PLI are based on the actual expenditure of the bottom 20 per cent expenditure group derived from the household expenditure survey (HES). Non-food components comprise clothing, housing, transport and other items],
the Poverty Level income is as follows.

the lulu version would use the Curry Flavour Maggi Mee instead of the Big Mac as as the indicator, and would compare our purchasing power between last year and this year.
up till the end of Y2007, the 5pack curry flavour Maggi mee costs RM2.59
today, it costs RM2.89.

Taking the national average of RM691 poverty level income,
in 07, the family could have bought 267 packs of 5pack Maggi Mee.
today, in this "inflation is only 1.9%" nation of ours, the same family can buy only 239 packs with the same amount of money.

Lulu wonders, do those whom the PM considers as his success feel any richer today compared to last year?
Or are they feeling much, much poorer after 4 years of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi-ism?
Not sure about you, but Lulu does feel poorer per this Maggi Mee Index

Lulu's Not Buying The Papers on Tuesday

Read the full media statement on ‘Boycott the Newspapers’ initiative by The People’s Parliament

Currently, MSM spindoctoring is going into overdrive on the authorities’ perennial tried-and-tested track of communalism, misrepresentation and fear-mongering. To counter their deliberate inaccuracy, we shall put together a brief summary of ‘alternative news’ for our ‘Balik Kampung Bawa Berita Benar’. It is an experimental initiative to be picked up at The People’s Parliament shortly.
Closing statement
The People’s Parliament holds that MSM are now hardly voices of the people but rather mouthpieces of the government. If Malaysia is to see any change at all, the rakyat must know the truth and this truth is unfortunately not forthcoming from MSM.
We hold that a boycott of local newspapers is one way we can check the rot in our country and a means for civil society to take constructive action. Malaysia deserves a free press.

The Sale Of The Sun Has Been Taking Lulu On An Emotional Roller Coaster

and it's not even like Lulu works there.

Last week, news broke out that Tong Kooi Ong sold his stake of the Sun to Vincent Tan.
Lulu was very sad to hear the news, but had hoped that VT would allow the paper to run as a business continuing to give us the news that matters, and the excellent editorials from the team. That, of course, minus anything negative on Berjaya group, but Lulu can live with that...

When Lulu read this morning that a sale of the publisher is in the works.

Market sources said the asking price – RM200mil – for a controlling stake in one of the main English publications in the country might be a little steep at the moment but said this was just the start of negotiations.
It was believed the consolidation of the Nexnews stake would give Tan better bargaining power when negotiating a sale of the publication to new owners.
Lulu got a bit more hopeful.

alas, Rocky's blog entry revealed today who the "new owners" may be.

There's actually more from where that comes from. The Star is expected to announce soon the purchase of 30 percent of Nexnews, for betweeen RM1.80 and RM2 per share. The plan is to place the Sun under the control of the Star. The Star's editorial bosses have been briefed

Lulu's quite devastated by the news, and she's just a reader.
What about Nades and his team? Lulu hopes and prays that somehow, Nades and his team will persevere and prevail.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Lulu's Puzzled

the economy has been rosy in 2007, and yet the dividend declared was only 5.8%

Lulu does not know what is the % of monies invested in
  • Malaysian Government Securities
  • Loans, debentures and bonds
  • Shares
  • Money market
  • Property

  • is, but Lulu would not think that the trend has changed so drastically since the 90s.
    Lulu looked up KLSE Composite Index history and compared it to our EPF returns.

    5.8% in a bull-ish KLSE year seems kinda low doesn't it?

    Saturday, January 26, 2008

    Lulu Has One of THESE Books

    These books were confiscated by the Internal Security Ministry because they, "offended the sensibilities of Muslims because Islam forbids the depiction of prophets."
    They were returned a few days ago.
    There was no apology, explanation whatsoever from the zealots who snatched them away.

    The incident happened in mid December.
    We did not know about it till January 11th when Malaysiakini broke the news.

    Can you imagine what would have happened if Malaysiakini did not publish the news?
    The book would have remained seized.
    Booksellers would have fears selling illustrated Christian books for children.
    Importers would not dare bring in any Christian literature for fear of it being held up like SIB's Sunday School materials.
    If you are a Christian, your young children will go straight to reading the NIV Bible instead of the Illustrated Bible [which may not be a bad thing after all]

    Can you imagine if Malaysians [yes, Malaysians. Protests came from both the Christians and the non-Christians] had remained silent?
    The book would have remained seized.
    Booksellers would have fears selling illustrated Christian books for children.
    Importers would not dare bring in any Christian literature for fear of it being held up like SIB's Sunday School materials.
    If you are a Christian, your young children will go straight to reading the NIV Bible instead of the Illustrated Bible [which may not be a bad thing after all]

    Can we afford to stay silent?
    Can we still remain apolitical as our children's rights are being trampled and unwarranted fear intentionally cast?
    Think about it. Pray over it.

    Friday, January 25, 2008

    Lulu Thought This Was One Of Those Satire Thing

    a friend forwarded this to Lulu
    Accurate Info Centre To Tackle False Information: Zam
    KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 24 (Bernama) -- The Information Ministry has set up an Accurate Information Reference Centre (Sahih) which will begin operations from Feb 1 to tackle the dissemination of false information, particularly in view of the coming general election, said its minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin.
    He said the setting up of Sahih could ensure that only accurate and correct information were conveyed to the people using the existing technology.
    "The availability of speedy technology has democratised information to the extent that the community or anyone could become a source of information and disseminate them speedily using the internet, special messaging service (SMS) and so on.
    "These include false information which are purposely exploited by irresponsible groups for certain objectives," he said at a press conference at Angkasapuri, here Thursday.
    He said the Sahih centre would disseminate the information through the hotline, e-mail and SMS DAPAT, sending them by `broadcast', through the `cell broadcast' and correct information subscription.
    Using the hotline, e-mail and SMS DAPAT mechanisms, the public could contact the Sahih Centre via telephone number 03-22843114 (operating during office hours and 24 hours when Parliament is dissolved), facsimile 03-22822979, e-mail using the address and SMS at the address SAHIH_mesej (and send to) DAPAT (32728).
    It sounds so ridiculous, Lulu thought it was a parody/satire. Afterall.... read any of the MSM and you'll know what Lulu means.
    Then Lulu scrolled down, and the source was attributed to Bernama.
    Lulu did a search on Bernama, and lo&behold, it's there!
    Aiyoh.... what a joke, coming from Zamzam Alikazam!

    Anyone wants to test out the system? The Thaipusam coverage at Batu Caves is an excellent place to start.

    Thursday, January 24, 2008

    Lulu Thought, Maybe Let You All Laugh A Bit-Lah...

    source : Berita Harian Pencuri tinggalkan lembu dalam kereta

    Wednesday, January 23, 2008

    Argh.... Why Does Lulu Have To Tolerate Idiots Handling Her Retirement Money?

    Despite growing concerns that the US economy is moving into a recession, Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop is confident Malaysia would remain resilient as it has multiple export nations. He thinks the US recession will have minimal effect on us. *roll eyeballs*

    And this same idiot sees the tumble on KLSE as providing a good opportunity for Malaysian funds to pick up some attractive stocks.
    "Our market has dipped somewhat in the last few days, including today, but we have big funds with income all the time like the EPF (Employees Provident Fund) and others,"
    "This is a very good opportunity, given our strong fundamentals, for Malaysian funds to begin picking up some of the stocks because many of them are now really underpriced or very attractive in terms of pricing."

    Even a lulu like Lulu can tell you that this is only the beginning of the tumble.
    Think about it.
    KLSE usually rallies before Chinese New Year.
    KLSE usually rallies before the General Elections.
    Two great reasons for a rally
    and yet, the composite index is dropping.

    And this idiot is talking about using our EPF money NOW to buy shares. *roll eyeballs*
    can't he wait till the market bottoms out?

    Lulu also fears that the money is used to buy shares of companies held by UNNO cronies to help them make a profit / cut their losses at our expense.

    This is the same idiot whom if you do a search on Mohamed Yakcop bank negara forex loss, you would learn a lot about his successful investments.

    Lulu's not rich. Lulu's EPF money is going to be used to fund her expenses when she retires.
    Lulu's now very concerned that her hard earned money is going to be used by idiots to make the KLSE look artificially good till the run up of the General Elections.

    Argh.....! Is there really nothing Lulu can do about it?
    Is Lulu supposed to just sit here and wave her retirement money bye-bye?
    Can someone offer Lulu some words of comfort... and maybe some cash too?

    This Post A Bit Long, So Lulu Put It On Original Release Date

    Please scroll down for newer posts. poster from mob. lots more mob stuff here
    cartoon from benny loh and he's got a lot more cartoons at his blog

    [Click here for the full Malay, English and Chinese versions of the Joint Statement.]
    We lament that Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, MCA MP for Petaling Jaya Utara, as reported in the China Press on January 21 (Monday), has conveyed this fear-mongering message to the public: “If there is insufficient Chinese representation in the Barisan Nasional, it is not a good thing, the Chinese community cannot afford another May 13 incident.”
    Chew Mei Fun MP must retract her fear-mongering statement and apologize.
    This post stays on top until she does so.
    OOOOOO Chew Mei Fun.... Lulu Says Its Time For You To Go
    updated : This post will stay on top until she apologises OR is no longer MP of PJ Utara
    The former is doubtful, but the latter looks imminent.
    Updates: Lulu's been told that the China Press reported was overenthusiastic in pointing the reference to May13.
    Kononnya, what should have been reported is
    “If we do not have enough representation in the Barisan Nasional, then to the Chinese community, the lesson of 1969 is sufficient. I think we cannot afford another such scenario.”
    erhm... what is the lesson of 1969?
    until someone explains properly, this blog stands by the demand for the retraction and apology carried here.
    Please scroll down for newer posts.

    Tuesday, January 22, 2008

    OOOOOO Chew Mei Fun.... Lulu Says Its Time For You To Go

    Please everyone, please show her the door.

    How dare she say
    "if there is no sufficient Chinese representation in the Barisan Nasional, it is not a good thing, the Chinese community cannot afford another May 13 incident."?

    She's scared of losing her PJ Utara seat, but please... to utter this baseless fear-mongering message,
    "if there is no sufficient Chinese representation in the Barisan Nasional, it is not a good thing, the Chinese community cannot afford another May 13 incident."

    She deserves to go.
    the end.
    get out of here.

    You know what other stupid thing she said?
    she is worried that voters may be misledby the Opposition’s “checking Chinese with Chinese” statement
    Lulu goes for a lot of ceramahs. Lulu's never heard DAP [CMF's obviously implying DAP when she says "the Opposition"] says anything about "checking Chinese with Chinese". Check and balance yes, but "checking Chinese with Chinese"? oh please.... dont lie!

    Please, if you vote in PJ Utara, please show her the door.
    How low can she go?
    Now Lulu's really really wondering what other low down dirty tactics she will employ to keep her seat.

    Wong Chin Huat who is a part of the bersih secretariat has a partial translation of the newscutting here

    Wong Chin Huat has an update on the situation.
    China Press says they misinterpreted her words, that Chew did not say,”If there is insufficient Chinese representation in the Barisan Nasional, it is not a good thing, the Chinese community cannot afford another May 13 incident.”
    So, what did Chew say?
    “If we do not have enough representation in the Barisan Nasional, then to the Chinese community, the lesson of 1969 is sufficient. I think we cannot afford another such scenario.”

    err... hello??? lesson of 1969???
    still waiting for an apology

    Lulu's Not Stabbing Anyone Cos She Aint Holding A Sword

    Khir Toyo has called on Chinese and Indian voters not to backstab UMNO.
    That's kinda unfair isnt it, when his own UMNO youth is synonymous with this
    And he tells the Chinese voters,
    “To our Chinese friends, too, we want to clearly tell not to main wayang with us,”
    It sounds like a threat. An outright threat.

    You still wanna vote UMNO or the MCA=UMNO and the MIC=UMNO in the coming elections?

    Don’t be swayed, Khir urges voters The Star

    Lulu Thinks Its Time To Start "Ops Bawa Berita Balik Kampung" - A Companion of PP's Boycott The Newspaper

    Haris and Helen launched the Boycott the Newspaper in response to the lies and untruths that the media has been spreading to the public who pays the mainstream media [MSM] good money for real news but end up with dressed up propoganda and one sided news.
    It has relentlessly shaped public opinion to be favourable to BN’s vested interests, and conversely detrimental to our own as tax-paying rakyat.
    Their unconscionable spin on recent shows of public disaffection – the Batu Burok episode, then the Bar Council, Bersih & Hindraf marches, protests against the Election Commission and earlier demos against toll hikes, petrol prices & rising costs – puts them firmly beyond the pale.

    Remember two elections ago and the despicable campaign that MSM carried out against the Reformasi movement. Remember how they vilified the attempt of PAS and DAP to work together. Through their false representation, MSM helped retain BN in power and so we get the government we thoroughly deserve.
    - Helen Ang

    First round payback was launched via People's Parliament.
    Lets launch the second assault on [or is it defense against?] the BN and MSM.

    Chinese New Year is 16days away.
    Most of us Malaysians are going back to our hometowns as it is a long weekend. Time to bring the kids home to spend time with the grandparents, and time for us to catch up with our parents and siblings.
    Let's also bring real news home. Bring real news back to our folks whose main source of information is from the print press.

    Start compiling a piece of news everyday. Search Malaysiakini, MalaysiaToday, Merdeka Review. Look around the blogs.
    It doesnt have to be just articles. Malaysiakini has an excellent video archive which you could download.
    Youtube, Zam's unfavourite channel, is also a rich source of information.
    Flikr has quite a large compilation of photos.

    For the next 16 days, take ><15 minutes to look around the net to see what you want to take home. Print the articles. Download videos and pictures. Burn them into CDs PAS style. Let Lulu start the ball rolling
    1. Bersih - multiple blogposts, pictures and videos
    2. Hindraf - undemonising Hindraf via Tony Pua's personal account of Ganabathirau and JeffOoi's pictoral of Batu Caves, the crimescene where 26 people were charged for murder
    3. Wasteful, unaccountable spending reported by the AG
    4. What manner of justice aka Lingamgate
    Lulu's sure you can come up with a much better list than this Lulu

    Think of things which are relevant to your folks.
    You understand your target market the best.
    Customise it to their needs and interest.
    So how? You game?
    Help Lulu spread the word via your blog and forums.

    Monday, January 21, 2008

    Lulu Wonders If The Islam Hadhari Poster Boy Have A Meeting On Sunday Morning, Lied Or Buckeled Under His Insecurities

    On Saturday night, at a Ponggal Festival (Tamil New Year) event at Bukit Bintang, the PM pleadged to the Indian community yesterday that he would consider declaring Thaipusam a national holiday.
    “I have to hold a meeting before a decision can be made. I promise you, I’ll consider it,”
    Take note - Saturday night

    And then on Sunday evening, he announces to a crowd of "20,000" that he had considered the request by the MIC to declare Thaipusam a public holiday, "we" discussed this matter and decided to let it be a holiday because "would be traffic jams everywhere in Kuala Lumpur ".

    Lulu's wondering, did the PM

    a. Hold a meeting on Sunday morning?
    if he did, then Lulu doubts if it were a meeting with BN component leaders or Cabinet ministers as OKT was busy in Sg Way trying to promote his golden girl, the soon to be Senator CMF.
    "we" could be the 4th floor boys, right?

    b. Lie on Saturday night that he will hold a meeting on Sunday morning when the matter had already been decided
    Zorro's Hantu had already informed him that Hindraf has subtly hinted to Hantu that THAIPUSAM WILL BE DECLARED A NATIONAL HOLIDAY before 23rd January.


    c. Buckle under pressure in the presence of a lukewarm crowd
    Our PM's addicted to people fawning all over him and kissing the ground he walks on. He needs it, he thrives on it.
    One of Haris's readers wrote an account of the mammoth syncophant gathering that wasn't. He wrote about how the same 10 rows of people from the middle segment standing up and clapping enthusiastically,the rest of the stadium remained seated indifferently, not bothering to stand or clap for that matter.
    Being the weak insecure chap who loves praises and kissasses, could the PM have panicked and buckled under his insecurity and because he needed so much to be accepted and praised, declared Thaipusam a holiday for KL and Putrajaya ahead of consulting the cabinet?

    What do you think happened? What other scenarios could there be which Lulu had not thought of?

    Sunday, January 20, 2008

    Lulu Thought Events Which Cause Traffic Jams Are Not Allowed

    can't blame Lulu you know.

    One of the reasons why the permit for Bersih was rejected was because it would "inconvienience road users"
    likewise with Hindraf. Kononnya, "the gathering could disrupt traffic"

    Now Lulu reads that our silly PM, in an attempt to be a hero to the Hindu community, declares
    “If there is no public holiday, the whole of Kuala Lumpur will be jammed up. So might as well give a public holiday,”

    Lulu's eyeballs are rolling as she types this.
    “If there is no public holiday, the whole of Kuala Lumpur will be jammed up. So might as well give a public holiday,”

    Couldn't he have given the Hindu community due respect and declare it as a holiday as it is a holy day for them?
    and if he really meant to give them a holiday since the whole of Kuala Lumpur will be jammed up , do you think Lulu should convince the Bersih organisers to shift their from Saturday 23rd February to Friday 22nd February so that all KL-ites cound have another holday?

    Lulu's KL and Putrajaya Friends Join Her In Celebrating Hari Hindraf on Wednesday

    a gazillion thanks to the Hindraf5!
    Remember, what Samy Vellu couldnt do in 29 years, Hindraf succeeded in [i think] 2 years.

    Lulu Wonders How The History Book Will Remember the Hindraf Movement and The Hindraf5

    Post Hindraf, we have seen some, not all, the Indian community's plight being addressed.
    Things which never moved, never got addressed in Samy Vellu's 29 years reign in MIC are being looked at overnight post-Hindraf.

    Will our grandchildren's history books remember Hindraf as those who were terrorists and racists or as the group who brought the government to their knees?
    Time will tell, but let us do our part to set history on the correct path.
    Let the historical archives on the net reflect the heroic deeds of the Hindraf5+1

    Lulu Wonders If The PM Ever Thinks About The Day When He's No Longer PM

    Lulu, like Marina, was not amused to see the Star publish a picture of 'Sekretariat Bertindak Anak Muda Malaysia' carrying placards voicing out their surprise on Mahathir's forgetfulness
    when they had not/could not publish the picture of that same group giving a present to the current Prime Minister.
    Not that Lulu's a fan of DrM, but the Star's double standards are pathetic. At least Malaysiakini and bloggers have been consistent, featuring both the events organised by the group.

    It's no secret that the current PM loves people buttering up to him and singing high praises of him.
    It makes Lulu wonder if he ever wonders what how much "respect" his bodek-ers will show him when he's no longer PM.
    Unless he dies in office, he has to understand and bear in mind that someday, he will no longer be PM. And there'll be no more reason for the syncophants to kiss the ground he walks on. Praise is so important to him. How will he live without it?

    Saturday, January 19, 2008

    Lulu Suspects There Are Some Out There Kicking Themselves

    did you know about this?
    It's now January, the haj season is over and elections not called yet.
    Those kiasu fellas must have been kicking themselves.

    And now, Lulu reads that there is an actual circular signed and issued by the UMNO SG yesterday barring all its party office bearers from leaving the country to prepare for the upcoming polls. source :
    Guess those kiasu fellas would be kicking themselves another round. If only they'd trust the party leaders to come up with a travel advisory WHEN the time comes. A Haji to their name would have won them some brownie points, but alas...

    oh... btw, guess it's going to be a low period at MAS with a lower take-up in business and first class.

    Friday, January 18, 2008

    Guys, Is Lulu Right On This?

    Guys, help Lulu out on this.
    Do you go around putting your arms over the shoulder of orang yang you tak begitu kenal aka acquaintances when taking photos?
    Girls do it, but then again, it's a girl thing to do. But Lulu doesnt think guys do that.

    You can't imagine what the "putting your arms over the shoulder" is?
    something like these two chaps...
    Is this the way guys pose with their acquaintances?
    Cos the chap on the left, his name is Eusoffe Chin,
    and he says, the chap of the right whose name is Lingam, is just an acquaintance.

    What do you think guys? Does Lulu need to "upgrade" her perception of men today, that they're more touchy feely than what Lulu thinks they are?

    if you want to read a bit more about kisah dua acquaintance yang tak begitu kenal tetapi pergi cuti bersama, go to this 2001 newsreport in Malaysiakini which gives details of the New Zealand trip which Eusoffe kindly allowed Lingam to [quoting NST] tag along.

    Thursday, January 17, 2008

    Gasp! Lulu Suspects Lingam Could Be One Of Those Who "thought they were like everyone else... until they realized they have incredible abilities."

    Lulu has joined the "cannot kacau me on Sunday night cos I'm watching Heroes" along with all those Astro-less, don't-know-how-to-download-from-Internet and don't-want-to-fork-out-money-to-buy-the-DVD fans of Heroes.

    Lulu was following the Lingam case, and suddenly, it struck Lulu!
    It really sounds like Lingam has "incredible abilities"

    To start out with,
    He saw the clip, and said that it looks like and sounds like him.
    doesnt that remind you of Niki Sanders?
    She saw a video clip of someone who looked like her and sounds like her violently murdering 2 thugs.
    It wasnt her, and yet it was.....

    and then...
    he spoke of things which no one else was privy to know.
    Lulu's undecided whether he's got
    Hiro Nakamura's ability to manipulate the space-time continuum - travelling ahead of time to see the future, then revealing to the guy on the other side of the phone like as if he planned for it
    Isaac Mendez's, the artist who can paint the future. And again, using what he has seen ahead of time to "show-off" to the guy on the other side of the phone.

    and then...
    like the man with the horn rimmed glasses aka Claire Bennet's adopted father, he may have his own personal Haitian who has the ability to manipulate memory.
    Who/What else can cause Dr M to forget, if not one of these beings who "realized they have incredible abilities"? We all know Dr M is growing old, but forgetful and senile? Nah... the Haitian must have got to him.

    Heroes.... [and also the villians with the incredible abilities]...... they may be closer than you think

    Lulu Wishes The Little Girls Could Go Play In Playgrounds Again

    this past week has been a bliss for Lulu. Lulu's done with her work and can leave the office on time.

    The route Lulu takes home passes a playground. There are children playing there, but all boys. No girls. Their mummies are probably keeping them indoors after what happened to Nurin, Sharlinie and 5 other little girls.

    It really saddens Lulu that the little girls dare not come out to play.

    Lulu hopes that our “What’s going on? Why is it so high?” Internal Security Minister will actually do something.
    Maybe he should start looking at where our policemen are placed. With one third of the force in pengurusan, Lulu thinks we do have cops whom we can spare for patrolling.

    Then maybe, the little girls can come out to play.

    Wednesday, January 16, 2008

    Lulu Helps ACA officer Chuah Lay Choo
    Lingam couldn't remember his mobile phone numbers.
    ok. Fair enough, he doesnt go around calling himself.
    Well, Lulu wants to be helpful. Help Mdm Chuah, the Royal Commission and all Malaysians to bring back some integrity to the Malaysian Judiciary system.
    Fine. He can't remember them.
    Well, they could call up his PA.
    Any PA worth his/her salt should have the records of all his boss's number. How can a PA not have his boss's number?
    If he doesn't know it, then erhm... up to you to reach your own conclusion/

    Lulu Thinks The MaChAi Head Should Also Be Boo-ed boo-ed Youth08 for sending out an e-mail to all participants without hiding participants e-mail address, leaving total of 396 bloggers e-mails addresses exposed.

    well, Lulu would like to boo the esteemed MaChAi-head for doing the same boo-boo.

    On New Year's Day, close to 700 JPA scholars received an email from the esteemed MaChAi-head and the email addresses are all put in the open.
    Check your mailbox to see if you got one of these.
    From: MCA President <>
    Date: Dec 31, 2007 6:22 PM
    Subject: President's New Year's Message

    you didn't get it?
    ahh... you're not a Chinese JPA scholar.

    this Perak chap who runs in Johor sends out an email to all the scholars without bcc-ing the names.
    If Lulu were a viagra salesman who is concerned about your performance, this email list would be very valuable to Lulu.
    If Lulu were a receipient of the mail, Lulu would have replied to everyone on copy minus the intelligent sender what Lulu thinks of the sender.
    If Lulu were in one of her angins, Lulu could set up a Facebook group "We All Love The President" and invite all those 700 and more scholars to join the group to express their "love" for him.
    That was a not very intelligent move by the MaChAi head.

    Lulu didnt get to read the message, but a wild guess would be him trying to convince these scholars that they are indebted to MCA for their scholarship. Like as if MCA had anything to do about it when straight A's students get scholarships from the government.

    And while Lulu's at it, why was MCA given this list? If/When the Data Protection Act comes into place, will MCA still have access to these lists?

    Let Lulu Try To Explain To This Anak Jati Lenggong, Perak

    [ who, somehow, in spite of being MCA chief, is not able to/dare not run in his home state.]

    Disputing DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng’s statement yesterday that Umno was the opposition party’s main enemy in the next general election, Ong said it was illogical for the DAP to ask all Chinese voters to vote for the party just to fight Umno.
    "The fact is, DAP only contests in MCA-contested seats," Ong said today.
    the sun -
    MCA joins Gerakan to say a vote for DAP not a vote against Umno

    Actually-la, a vote for MCA/Gerakan/MIC or any other BN coalition member IS a vote for UMNO. Cos they are

    think about it. What do you get when you go into partnerships with UMNO?

    Closed door meetings like these

    after a nasty keris waving incident of which the keris waver is unrepentant.

    remember power sharing in Sabah?
    today, do you still see it shared between UMNO, PBS and SUPP?
    Which greedy bugger is holding on to the throne, refusing to give it up? Lulu thinks it's the same newcomer who came into the state in 1991, and instituted it in 1994 to appease the locals who objected to their entry.
    huh! never accept candy from strangers. You never know what it's laced with.

    what about voting per your conscience/speaking your mind. Anyone remembers what happened to Loh Seng Kok MP for Kelana Jaya when he spoke up on the distorted text in our children's history books?
    50 Umno Youth members, led by Kelana Jaya division chief Abdul Halim Samad, paid Sdr Loh a visit with the letter and was told that Umno Youth would “take action” if he failed to respond to the letter within several days.They had apparently held a meeting to discuss the speech and concluded that Loh’s proposal had hurt the feelings of Malay Malaysians, who make up the majority of voters in the parliamentary constituency of the same name.
    Word is, you won't be seeing Loh's name on the ballot paper come the next General Elections.

    Once again, Lulu's telling you, the BN component members are nothing better than what is depicted in MOBs poster. And Lulu thinks OKT knows that too. He would, cos he's the chief MaChAi.

    Tuesday, January 15, 2008

    Lulu Always Wondered About Our Oil Production and Consumption

    Lulu was going to do a lulu entry on this, but Lulu thinks Don Rahim of Promuda has done an excellent job on this.
    So that you do not compare Don Rahim's wisdom with that of Lulu's, Don's piece is in blue.
    The DPM said that the opposition's promises to reduce oil prices will only bankrupt the country. See article below.
    How true is that statement? Let's find out.

    The following is the amount of total subsidies paid by the Government every year. Data taken from

    Notice that the total subsidies have increased 2.75 times since 2002.

    But bear in mind that the data above did not specify that it's only for petroleum subsidies. This means that other subsidies are also included in those figures.

    Next, let's find out how much is the Govt's revenue from petroluem taxes & duties, dividend from Petronas and gas & petroleum royalties. Data below taken from
    Notice that total revenues have increased 2.94 times since 2002.

    Next, let's compare the above tables and find out the net figures for each year to see if the Govt is better off or worse off from the increase in global oil prices.
    WoW! The net figure has increased almost 3 times since 2002!

    Means that the Govt benefitted from the increase in global oil prices. It was a RM35bil windfall in 2006! And even after deducting the RM10.1bil subsidies for that year!

    Means that there is actually some leeway to reduce oil prices without bankrupting the country by using that 'windfall', if we were to look at the situation from this perspective.

    Any idea where that 'windfall' every year is being utilised for? Is it being saved for the future, used to pay our debts or utilised for development purposes? In other chapters, we'll explore that.

    still think the fuel subsidy is unsustainable?
    still think our country will go bankrupt?
    or, in a more lulu manner of thinking, do you think the government celebrates or frets when the price of oil goes up?

    Lulu Kesiankan Teresa Kok But She Knows The Truth Will Prevail Against Those Evil Ones

    With elections coming up, the low lifes on "the other side" have organised nasty attacks on Teresa Kok in the press painting her as unapproachable and uncaring. In the case of 4 1/2 mile Old Klang Road and this Salak South New Village case, we see people holding placards that criticise her, and these criticism has been featured by the press.

    If Lulu didnt read her blog, Lulu would have wondered what's going on. Please read it to see the truth from Teresa's perspective. Take note who those "people" are.

    As we approach the coming general elections, more and more of this sort of low blows and blatant lies will pop out.
    In the previous general elections, the Gerakan led Penang launched nasty and untruthful accusations on DAP and the Islamic state. They successfully cast fear on the voters who voted for Gerakan. It is obvious that Gerakan is playing those tricks again if you've read the papers these past two days.

    Discern what you read.
    Also, if you are from Lulu's generation, talk to your parents about these things. For most of them, their source of news comes from the mainstream media and the television. For example, the Chinese news, be it TV2, NTV7 or TV8 portions a chunk of their new time glorifying the MCA. If you were a Berita Harian / Utusan Malaysia reader, you would be under the impression that your race is being attacked, and the glorious UMNO is the only one who can defend you.
    Help your parents to relate what they see in the papers and the news with what's going on in the country. The signs are pretty obvious that the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi administration is [to put it bluntly] a lousy one.

    Sunday, January 13, 2008

    Lulu Didn't Know There Were FIVE Other Children

    Lulu thought there was Nurin who was tortured till she died, and another two girls who were abducted and molested in the Kampung Baru area in separate incidents.
    Meaning two little girls who went through hell and are still alive.

    In the latest breakthrough in the Nurin case, police arrested a man on Saturday night in connection with the Nurin Jazlin Jazimin’s murder case.
    Lulu was watching the news on all channels, and to her horror, learnt that 5 victims - 5 little girls who were also abducted and molested were taken to the suspected crime site.

    5 little girls.
    That nasty man inflicted unbearable, unthinkable horrible pain on 5 little girls.
    When did this happen?
    Before Nurin?
    After Nurin?
    At a time where the police force was sent to breakdown peaceful demonstrations and marches in KL?
    Lulu doesnt get it, and Lulu's angry!
    Why couldnt they have stationed more policemen in the Kg Baru area?
    Why couldnt they have stationed more policemen in the Kg Medan area?
    What the police did in the Bersih rally, the Hindraf rally and Bar Council freedom do showed us that there is a lot, a lot of policemen around whom you can deploy at the click of your finger.

    These little girls could have kept the innocense of this cruel world we live in. They would not have had to go through the trauma.
    why-o-why are our police being used as political tools?

    Friday, January 11, 2008

    Lulu's Telling Ya, It's Only Going To Get Worse

    “The illustrations of prophets in the Christian children’s books are said to offend the sensitivities of Muslims,”

    Next they'll be visiting your church and confiscating anything which depicts Jesus cos for the Muslim, Jesus is a prophet
    and after that, if you're a Catholic, they may even confiscate your crucifix.

    You think that's far fetched? Well, they're already confiscating illustrated children's books.

    What's your BN MP going to say?
    They're all going to keep quiet until ol sleepy head says something.
    Mount enough pressure on him and he may say something. Lulu's counting on you to pressure those in authority.
    No guarantee that they will do something, but we cannot stay silent.

    You still want to vote for BN?