Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Till Today, Lulu Is Still Trying To Figure Out What Was Seditious in Nat Tan's Posting

and Lulu guesses that she's not alone.
cos according to Fu Ah Kow as reported by Malaysiakini,

The police are investigating five Malaysians for posting seditious messages on the Internet, the Dewan Rayat was told today. He said one of them had already been arrested and investigations into the case are in its final stages. The police are considering whether to charge him for the alleged offence, he added.
Met at the Parliament lobby later, Fu said the arrested individual was PKR webmaster Nathaniel Tan, who was hauled up in July over a ‘seditious’ comment posted on his blog.

The police are considering whether to charge him for the alleged offence??? WHat is there left to consider? Either he was seditious or he wasnt.
aiyoh Nat... talk about being hijacked on your birthday!

o-O-o Happy Birthday Nat!


Sharing said...

Seditious - a layman touch!

1. CONVERT conduct in speech or organization
2. INSURRECTION against established order, such as SUBVERSION of a constitution and incitement of discontent (or resistance) to lawful authority.
3. COMMOTION, though not aimed at direct and open violence against the laws.
4. Seditious words in writing, seditious libel. So, words leading to 2 & 3!!

A. CONVERT = Hiding or Secretly
B. INSURRECTION = an armed uprising, or revolt against an established civil or political authority.
C. SUBVERSION = an attempt to overthrow structures of authority, including the state.
D. COMMOTION = Turbulent or disturbance

1. Who are the lawful authority?
The Malaysian Government. Unfortunately they may take BN parties as authority!!
2. What had been hiding or under-covered most?
Corruption & Sharing of powers, the most!
3. Had the people armed or can revolt when Police using teargas and chemical cannons?
4. Had anyone talked about structure of authority but laws?
5. Who breaks or resist the law most?
6. Are fairness, Toll, Tariff and lying being the biggest turbulence or disturbance?


Any ingredient of above on those Five?

because they also scare of Seditious!!

Mumu said...

I was once a loyal supporter of BN. I believed what government said that opposition are all liars through mainstream papers. I even join pro-aspirasi party during university. But not anymore since I see the real colour of government in the university election and what they did to bloggers, minority group and Malaysian citizen.
I was one of committee in pro-aspirasi a.k.a BN. Even I was a nobody but I was respect (eh..scared) by the university students. You know why??? Because they thought we have the power to sack people out of the best hostel. I saw how unfair is the university election. Opposition are not allowed to present their memorandum. We will get the aspirasi representative voting number through sms and paper before election day. Our voting paper are numbered so they know who we vote for. If you vote for opposition, you will be out of your hostel next semester. And more and more...I know the pro-aspirasi representative are really doing their duty for people. But it is the people on TOP that manipulate the situation because all of them must support government. They are afraid to lose. The Top told us if we lose to opposition, you all will face difficulty to get government job because you will be label as opposition university graduate. I know the word is for my bumiputera friends. This is just university election? People in aspirasi already get the taste of POWER. How about the real general election? We must fight for FAIR and CLEAN election.

Anonymous said...

seditious? better dont use the word " bersih". songs are literally banned from the airwaves if there are too many "bersi" words in it. such paranoia pervading the atmosphere in the 4th floor. more democratic space and freer society under this regime? my take it is regressing to the Burma scenario of dictatorship and intolerance. violence and threat of incaceration is the answer to any attempts to challenge and there is no more evident than what happens to the 31 hindraf members.

Anonymous said...

What about this clear cut case of sedition, falsehood and incitement that's shown worldwide already via UTube?


Anonymous said...

what is seditious? ha2 si,ple lulu. fu ah kiow or the police will decide. if they say its seditious, its seditious and the guy will be charged in court.
we live in such a democratic country. whats the problem. oops, i forgot, the Tun did say we are now a police state, didnt he? so, this governemnt is saying Tun is lying. hmm..hmm