Thursday, December 20, 2007

Statements Which Makes Lulu Roll Her Eyes And Despair

KT did a series of interview with Malaysiakini recently

roll eyes
Khir Toyo: I cry for the squatters too
Khir Toyo: No land given to 'cronies'

and despair
Khir Toyo: I want to continue as MB

the only good thing Lulu can see in the despairing statement is that at least we don't have to make another greedy bugger rich

Please, change your State Assemblyman too!


Anonymous said...

Can politicians like this even sleep peafully...I wonder.

Sharing said...

1. Are state Assemblyman also be from the GE?
So WE are the one to change, not KT!

2. No Land given to "cronies" - seems acceptable!
No "cronies" but "Big" company was "wrongly" issued with Title after "re-alienation"!
So, 3 wrongs - Wrong party, wrong procedures, wrong title!
Subang Ria Park was "wrongly" issued to Sime UEP with a title after re-alienation of 10% reserved land. The 4th wrong is the area should be 10% of 583ha, but title only 29.39ha. 5th Wrong, they are Water Retention Pond! 6th Wrong, Part of it was for Wangsa Baiduri Project!

Is mis-appropriate of land a criminal offense??

Anonymous said...

Our PM says virtually the same thing.
The fact still remains that you have the vote (subject perhaps to the shenanigans of the EC).
So, use it wisely, VERY WISELY!
Don't let any soothing words from whatever sources in the BN sway you!
Like the recent announcement of the lifting of murder charges against some HINDRAF demonstrators, many expressed their happiness with the government for it!
Why? I must say that I can never fathom that!
The government put the lives of these people in jeopardy with spurious charges and then very magnanimously lifted them and for this, it won praises!