Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lulu's Wondering, Where Are The 1,015 Buddhist Temples In Selangor

Khir said Selangor has a population of
2.5 million Muslims with 98 mosques and 1,000 suraus,
1.3 million Chinese with 1,015 Buddhist temples and
640,000 Indians with 810 Hindu temples

Lulu learnt this from Rocky, who got the quote from this Bernama report


Chris said...

i really dont know where khir got his info. maybe from the mis-information ministry. there seems to be 9800 mosque to me.....

Anonymous said...

Are trees with a couple of joss-sticks planted under them by empat-ekor seekers counted as temples/shrines? Or households with family alters also considered as temples in the report? That's the only explanation why the number of temples are double that of mosques

Sharing said...

Ratio are illusions!!
Area, location and values, key considerations.
Are they in proportion with population?
Source of funding long term calculation.
Build with regulations
much differ from donations!
Built with heritage through generations.

For spiritual sessions
not for political lessons!

A temple brings in spirit and soul
with small business to keep employment soar.
How many kids, women and aged to hold?
There are much history and culture to be told?
How many tribes for Indian and Chinese?
so ingredients much more folds!!
Counting 1000s of years to mold!

A temple hold not only God
Many HUMAN with heart purified to be so.
Not appointed by God
or self-announcing as God!
No the power He or She hold
but the heart He or She show!

Seeing the outside is easy
understanding the inside is fancy!
Big is what they mean
and not big in what they look!

To the Heart they talk
and with the soul they walk!
No loudspeaker to work!!

beeranyone said...

its pretty amazing... plucking numbers from the sky and shoving it down others throat.

jeez, just wondering how many mosques/suraus in shah alam & usj/subang jaya compare to other religions ( places of worship ).

wits0 said...

1,015 Bananas, ya know. Better than 1001 bananas. The BANANA and holy cacophonEy.


Anonymous said...

I think temples in China, taiwan, Korea, India and else are "accidentally" included in that report. (Some idiots in this country are unable to read maps because Geography is no longer offered as a SPM subject in most schools, no thanks to Anwar Abraham)

wits0 said...

When confronted with old but grievious sins, Anwar, has been known to have said, "Let's move on".

He really has to first truly repent of them.

Anonymous said...

Based on the statistics, the gomen should change the official religion of Malaysia to be Buddhism.

Thanks you toyol

zewt said...

for a country which come out with 2% as inflation where the noodles near my house increased its price by 11%....

for a country which counted 50,000 as 4,000 then 10,000 then 5,000...

we can certainly trust their numbers.

Anonymous said...

For the moronic finance minister who failed introductory stats in u, a billion has only 2 zeros while a trillion has 3 zeros.

wits0 said...

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. The semi-ironic statement refers to the persuasive power of numbers, and succinctly describes how even accurate statistics can be used to bolster inaccurate arguments."

The pathetic BANANA uses them all.

Anonymous said...

We should not be in a state of denial or being defensive. The proactive stance will be to verify the numbers - cannot be too difficult, no?

moo_t said...

1 Mosque build = all Malaysian tax payer money

1 temple/church build = Worshipper own pocket money.

And the 1,000+ number are terribly twisted. A Chinese regional association build are NOT temple. A Chinese ancestral (Cantonese Ci-Tong) is NOT a temple.

In fact, Daoism folklore temple are NOT a buddist temple.

And you know what Toyol want to do : instigator.