Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lulu's Traveller Tales

Lulu was in London, making her way to Palace theatre to watch the Saturday afternoon matinee of Les Miserables. At the same time, there was a group of Palestinian supporters, marching for their cause.
Being a katak di bawah tempurung Malaysia, Lulu watched the procession in awe. The supporters marched by in an orderly fashion, carrying their banners, and voicing their protest through a loud hailer.
Ordinary people like Lulu stood along the pavement and watched as they marched passed.
And after they passed, we the ordinary people continued with our lives - shopping, eating and going to the theatre.
There was no drama or violence. The protestors were focussed in their cause and the police was supportive.

There was another time when Lulu was in Bangkok. As Lulu was making her way to Pratunam market, a yellow tee [probably] university students marched past Lulu. Based on their banners, Lulu guesses it was an anti-Thaksin protest.
Lulu watched as they marched past.
Then Lulu scooted off to Pratunam market as planned to do her shopping.

Point is, protests happens.
If the government is mature enough, there will be no real disruption to normal life.

For the government to block the road, it is nothing more than to create ill-will with the masses and lay the blame on the protestors.
For the government to unleash water chemical spray and tear gas, it does nothing more than to cause people pain and create an atmosphere of fear and chaos.

This is the government we've voted in, the one we put into power.
Remember that.
and do this.


wits0 said...

'National Paranoia' shall not be challenged.'

I think that the meaning behind the thoroughly twisted semantics.

Anonymous said...

Been doing that for the past fifty years!

Asian Malaysian said...

I love the "Say no to BN" picture, lulu. Can I use it on my face-book as a profile picture?

Anonymous said...

To all UMNO-BN leaders,

I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK. I have had enough of your lies, intimidation and threats.

Please be noted, I wont be voting for you lot in the coming GE. And guess what, the same goes for my family members and friends.


What A Lulu said...

asian malaysian, go ahead.
This was Lulu's 4th anniversary present 4th anniversary present to Badawi

also watch M For Malaysia
you'll see this at the end of the video.

Sharing2 said...

Protest Protest you can go!
To Rice US not our concern!
Our kid had done it sometime ago!

Touching EC make us uneasy!
Touching Hindus make us itchy!
Touching HR surely sensitive!
So we seek help from Police, DBKL to remedy!
Keeping 31 in jail made us fear no more Indian!
Taking all oppositions in Rallies give us security!
Taking away Banner made "HR" invisible!
so "clean" the city up to the Walls!

Police was to enforce to help us easy in all the way we want to go!
Your co-operation, understanding most appreciated!
We will enforce to all that may concern to see our Image be reserved!

a legal Society
with UN-listed corporations
We try to remember a word that we must go through before we can do all the above.
But, we are not sure what it means to us, so we have skipped it for time being.
So bear with us until we get it strict in our mind before we will restate the above!
Rumbling in mind the man goes:
LAW? Why a simple word so hard to understanding?
Then what is HR?....

Anonymous said...

Don't just say 'no' to BN--- SAY 'GOODBYE' and 'Good RIDDANCE' to it!