Monday, December 31, 2007

Lulu's Resolutions To Y2008 - Both Related To Diets

1. Lower my cholesterol level.
I did my medical check-up in September, and confirmed what I already suspected - that I've high cholesterol. What surprised me was that it wasn't just high, it was extremely high.
It's due to a combination of my love for pig's spare parts, mutton, chips and other sorts of crisps plus this high cholesterol thingy runs in my family.
I can't change my genetics, so, looks like I have to work towards changing my diet.
This is gonna be tough especially since I discovered this gem of a place in Sg Way which does pork soup and the appearances of JCo & Big Apple's glazed donuts which I adore.
Will I be able to resist the calls of my chee-yun and glazed donuts? As it is, I'm already drooling as I type this out.
It gonna take a lot of effort to resist, but I have to remember that my cholesterol level's not going to be able to tahan anymore.

2. Change my MP and State Assemblyman.
Remember Lulu's diet plan?
Remember No More Oyster Fried Mihun?
For those of you who do not know, Oyster's Lulu's State Assemblyman and Fried Mihun is the MP.
Thanks to MCA itself with a lot of help from the Fried Mihun MP, the Oyster is probably not going to be running in Kg Tunku come the next GE. [erh.... i'm not sure if he already knows this] You could say that half quarter of Lulu's diet plan has been completed. Was thinnking half at first as it's bye-bye Oyster, but Lulu needs to make sure the right person comes in his place. It would be horrors for Lulu if the shallow talk-show host were to replace him.
The Fried Mihun definetly needs to be replaced. In terms of policies and nation building, she has added very little value. Whatever her role is in parliament has been curbed by their Masters. She and her other comrades have been reduced to nothing but yes-men. By staying silent in issues, she has consented the spiralling downhill of this nation.
As with all diets, this diet requires effort and sacrifice. Lulu has already responded to Tony Pua's call for volunteers.
Are you also concerned about the condition of this nation?
Do you look at what's happening in the nation at this point of time and extrapolate it to when your children become adults and get really worried?
Would you like to join Lulu in her diet plan?
All sorts of help is required.
The most urgent and at the same time, the simplest to fulfil is to be a polling agent. Polling agents sit in the polling station on Election Day to mark the names on the electoral rolls every time when a voter walks in. Elections are usually held on a Sunday, and if it is a weekday, then a public holiday is declared. You need not take leave to play this role.

I resolve to work at keeping my resolutions lest they end us as fantasies.

It has been a difficult 2007 for Malaysia, I pray for a better 2008!
Have a Happy New Year!


beeranyone said...

Lower cholesterol level...? How?

forget those short & rotund mp, vote for lean & mean machines... izzit?

someone like tony? and ya, why not huh...?

kaki.ayam said...

lulu, you doesn't look like a person with high cholestrol level. in fact you are fair and lovely to me!!!

i suggest for every meal of bkt, make it a point to drive all the way to Bukit Jalil or FRIM for a good workout. In that case, you don't even need to diet and could even train yourself up for more rally in the coming year...keke...

by the way, how do you know that your cholestrol level is high? any particular symptoms?

Would like to recommend some very good soup from a stall in USJ, in the same row as Sri Murni, but the other end. Wow, they serve good pig stomach with white pepper soup....

Can't help out Tony Pua. Will be voting in hometown.

Happy New year and take care...

Anonymous said...

Lulu, A Happy and Blessed New Year. TO reduce cholestrol try juicing the small bitter gourd plus a couple of cloves of garlic. Taste absolutely foul and leaves an unsociable garlic breath, but seems to work to cleanse the blood system. A half cupful a day should do the trick.


thinking said...

Happy 2008, Lulu! Do watch your health. There are medication you can take to treat high cholesterol in people who have a family history of high cholesterol. They still have to watch their diet and exercise tho, but I heard it helps a lot.

Sharing said...

High Cholesterol?
Try squashed Fragrant lime including the peel
water 2-3cups cooked to 1
add enough sugar to make up.
once or twice a week.

The peel is a good fat/oil dissolving agent
and other ingredients for health.

Good or bad, please yell!

Enjoy good food with good health
and sweet dreams through and beyond 2008!

(Fragrant lime

shar101 said...

Woooo..foodstuff. Lamb-chops. Can't resist em.

Live free for the blogs and keep your senses within you.
Not sure if it will lower the stress factor but it's worth trying.

Happy New Year, Lulu.
(Thanks for dropping by)

whispering9 said...

Happy New Year 2008!

team bsg said...

Happy New most-Xciting Year !

We have 4 different delightful probable diet eats/drinks for your present indulging predicament ,

consider the team by 4 alternative tryable profiles and choose only one , shud do the trick.

Otherwise Happy Eating anyway for a win-win !

...but seriously there is only one cure for overhigh cholesterol which is eat normal meal only 2wise a day , then use computer not more than 120 mins a day and be "bodily active" 20 minutes a day. Sure can one ( then again we haven't talk about the other things...)

Damocles said...

Lulu, just how do you look like?
I don't mean the stuffed doll pictured in your blog; I mean the REAL you.
Why not post a full length pic of yourself and let us judge for ourselves whether you needed treatment.
Happy New Year!

denzook said...

what's wrong with chew mei fun ? i don't see ppl in my neighbourhood complaining about her, in fact many ppl commended her role as mca mp advocating eat, drink and be merry. It is BAD talking about voting her instead of wishing her recovering from accident...