Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lulu Wonders What Next - Razak Baginda Claims He Ditipu?

Peguam Negara, Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail telah diminta menimbangkan rayuan yang dibuat oleh 31 pengikut Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) supaya dakwaan terhadap mereka di mahkamah digugurkan dengan alasan telah ditipu.
“Saya [our wonderful caring PM] telah meminta Peguam Negara supaya mengkaji rayuan ini dan membuat keputusan secepat mungkin kerana mereka ini sebenarnya telah ditipu oleh Hindraf

Utusan 31 pengikut Hindraf dakwa ditipu

if the charge is valid, pursue the charge in court.
what is this nonsense about the PM "the 31 protesters had said that many people had been misled by Hindraf", “They also told the A-G that they will not participate in such activities in the future" and “I pity them. I have told the A-G to please consider this representation of theirs and decide as soon as possible”?
but we all know, the charge is a ridiculous charge. Trying to nail 61 people [another 30 suspects are at large] on an attempted murder charge of one person.
If 61 people wanted to murder the policeman, do you seriously think the policeman would still be alive?
What is the evidence? Do they have a brick / some bricks with the 61 individual fingerprints? Do they have photo and video evidence of the deed?

pooh and pah and ptui!
If the murder charges are dropped, it's not because we have a kind and caring PM. It's because the charges were faulty.

"ditipu" and our drama minggu ini's favourite "insaf" - maybe someone should suggest to Wong Kian Kheong, the political analyst’s counsel, to whisper that his client was ditipu and sudah insaf into our PM's big ears.

update 1:30pm Mon AG drops attempted murder charge


Anonymous said...

61 chaps plotted to kill a policeman? Where is the motive? The big-ear CEO must be role-playing Hercule Poirot in trying to catch the killers in the Orient Express-- ALL THE SUSPECTS ARE GUILTY!

McQueen's father was the police official in charge of the Armstrong case.
Masterman was Colonel Armstrong's valet.
Pierre Michel was the father of Suzanne, the maid driven to her death.
Miss Debenham was Daisy Armstrong's governess.
Colonel Arbuthnot was Colonel Armstrong's brother officer.
Princess Dragomiroff was Mrs. Armstrong's godmother.
Miss Schmidt was Mrs. Armstrong's lady's maid.
Countess Andrenyi was Mrs. Armstrong's sister.
Count Andrenyi was Mrs. Armstrong's brother-in-law.
Miss Ohlsson was the Armstrong family's cook.
Mrs. Hubbard was Mrs. Armstrong's mother.
Foscarelli was the Armstrong family's chauffeur.
Hardman was a private detective hired by the Armstrongs to find Daisy.

Anonymous said...

didnt know motion picture making is such a big business in malaysia? but the script is too predictable, leh.
what the heck, this movie making has to go on no matter how stupid and predictable the srcipt is. too much invetsments have alreadi been dumped into this movie.

beeranyone said...

jeez, he got to be a great liar or has lost his marbles...

When the new patient was settled comfortably on the couch, the psychiatrist began his therapy session.

"I'm not aware of your problem," the doctor said. "So perhaps, you should start at the very beginning."

"Of course," replied the patient. "In the beginning, I created the heavens and the earth..."

wits0 said...

Bolehland's eastern values consists of spins, partial truths and finally outright lies when the first two are exhausted.

The script and kneejerks are absolutely predictable. If Lulu is now driven to "ptui", it means that there have been many other "ptuis' already made by others.

Anonymous said...

This is a scare tactic.
They are trying to make the scenario as bad as possible for the marchers.
It doesn't take a legal eagle to know that there is no basis for the charge.
The government thinks that it has the upper hand in the whole affair but what it doesn't know is that it is uniting the people against it!
If I'm not mistaken, the coming GE will hold some nasty surprises for the BN.

denzook said...

you're bad lulu, your posting insinuating that he's guilty of abetting the murder.

actually he's not ditipu, , he's difitnah ....

wits0 said...

If a strategist himself can be ditipu, just imagine the general quality of the professionals the nation trusts its security to.

Just because Bill Clinton can have sex with Lewinsky (and with some others)and be forgiven by both nation and (politically obsessed)wife, does it mean that this is the new morality 100% acceptable across the globe?

Anonymous said...

actually he's not ditipu, he's difitnah ...

Yeah, he and the other 2 "special" policemen are not the killers-- the real killer is the Old Man On The Moon. That old fella was playing around with c4 firecrackers when one accidentally landed on the mongolian