Saturday, December 01, 2007

Lulu Wonders If "The Government" Is Talking Big Or There Really Is a Law Which Would Allow This?

In a related development, the government said it would be demanding compensation for damage to public property from leaders of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) and those involved in its illegal demonstrations.
Deputy Internal Security Minister Mohd Johari Baharom said the ministry and police were estimating the damage to public property and other losses caused by the demonstrators.
"The amount of losses will be conveyed to the Hindraf leaders and others involved," he was quoted as saying in Bernama.
"They also have to pay for the cost of equipment that the police had to use to quell Sunday's illegal demonstrations. The government will not allow them to escape paying."
Malaysiakini - [surprisingly bundled together in an article titled] MIC's new approach on community woes
btw, Lulu thinks it would make a most interesting lawsuit.
Think about it, they'd have to do an itemised billing on the "cost of equipment", and we'd be able to see how much the government paid for teargas and compare it with the price in open market. Think RM50 car jacks which were contracted for RM5,741


Sharing said...

key point - Demonstration illegal!!
Expenses to abuse Human Rights be marked
as damages to attack the March?
Cause of action, the March
with Court order declaring illegal March!
Is the Court Order smart?
Or, court case to come, smart??

Cause of action for Hindraf to March
Damages of Temples, education, Human Rights, Dignities are much.
Their Rights are clearly marked!

Plaintiff - Who and how many???
Defendant - Lawyers and other many!
Witness - 10,000-50,000, a valley!
Counterclaim Defendants - officers with personal liability, PLENTY!!

Eventually Government damages
will be counterclaimed
as wastage of public fund!
So the more damage being listed
the Public will have more fun!

They have to challenge
also the last one or two Rallies
or BIAS really!

Anonymous said...

MIC's new approach on community woes
Any Indian having WOE and dignity, please channel your WOE via Hindraf to deal with MIC.

This will help a better transparency and consistency as well as supporting any possible "counterclaim"!!

earthwalker said...

When I read this story, I shook my head.

and I wonder -when did the Malaysian Government become so CHEAPSKATE?

Anonymous said...

"They also have to pay for the cost of equipment that the police had to use to quell Sunday's illegal demonstrations. The government will not allow them to escape paying."

Johari is following Adolf Hitler's method of making the European Jews pay for the cost of transporting them to the death camps and also for the gas used to exterminate them.

Anonymous said...

It's no less than a truly childishly vindictive thing to pursue. Has anyone heard of such a thing anywhere in this world that this has ever been attempted or proposed? Lulu, this is a mega childish thing and very malu lah!


Anonymous said...

minister of idiocy

go ahead and sue hindraf for all the losses. see you in court and I will be the first one to chip in to help in the legal fees.
meantime, you be spending your time to look at your IGP. He has initiated action against a senior cop and other supporting ones for fabricating evidence against a fella which has a chequered history. either way, your ministry is damned. first, if the IGP is right, then how can the courts trust all the evidence provided by the cops. second, if it is the other way, you wonder why is the IGP protecting the said fella. is it because what RPK said is true?

Minister of idiocy, crime rate is galloping at astronomical rate. can you do something more productive to counter this than going after hindraf.

for once, minister of idiocy do something right. show us a bit of intelligence.

Anonymous said...

IGP Musam showed his lack of professionalism by his hint of glee for having broken up the Hindraf march to the Press. Was that really such a great achievement? That the participants were largely peaceful was a far greater achievement and would have been even more so had not the police overdone their part.

He had also earlier stressed on the effect of that march wrt business while his scope of concern is solely on law and order.

Malu on the authoritarian perversion of values.


Anonymous said...

The Nazis made the Jews they transported in cattle cars to the death camps pay for their passage, it seems.


Anonymous said...

More Haha...exposure of values inversion :

Malaysia: Racism is allowed, protest against racism isn’t

A loss of logic(to say the least) now on the International radar screen. How to avoid eating crows now?


Anonymous said...

What if the marchers counter claim for damages caused to their health by the chemical laced water shot from the water cannons as well as the tear gas?
What about the beating they took?
In addition, every citizen can sue the government for the billions squandered by them over the years and make the ministers pay from their own pocket!
I may not be a lawyer, but I understand that laws passed to protect a wrong doer from prosecution is invalid (especially those passed by the local councils). I have always wondered why the opposition did not seek to overturn such laws. Perhaps it's time for them to take action now!

Anonymous said...

oh lulu, they have to claim for the imaginary burned bus lah.
should we pay them with imaginary money? :D

this govt is getting hopeless as day goes by.

my father in law have one saying that i will use now, they are talking thru their a*se-hole.