Saturday, December 01, 2007

Lulu Wonders How Many Congratulatory Messages Will Samy Vellu Say He Received This Round?

This is not the first time Samy Vellu has attempted to resolve a problem / divert a crisis by offering a phone number.

In the earlier part of 06, Samy Vellu was having problems with a cracking MRR2, Ampang-KL elevated highway and the Menora Tunnel in Jelapang.
The man who claims he represents what Hindraf calls "the oppresed race" was angry with people going to the tv stations to highlight their complaints.
He asked the public to call his mobile phone instead, in which the number was shown on screen by Buletin Utama, TV3.
"You can even call me if you are not satisfied. Don’t go to the TV stations."
"Why can’t these people channel their complaints or concerns to the relevant government departments?"
"Is the TV station doing the repairs and maintenance work? No. It is done by agencies such as the PWD, the Malaysian Highway Authority and so forth, so forward the complaints to them."
source : SK Thew

You know what happened?
Samy Vellu said since his mobile phone number was made public by TV3 last Sunday he had received about 2,600 SMS of which about 200 were about the cracks on the Middle Ring Road II (MRR2), about 1,000 were congratulatory messages and the remaining were normal complaints.
source : Bernama

So, now when Hindraf highlighted the plight of the people whom Samy Vellu claims to represent, this time he "smarter a bit-lah". He did not offer his handphone number, but instead set up a hotline.
The MIC will set up a hotline as soon as possible to handle all problems faced by the Indian community, its president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said.
source : TheStar

Lulu wonders
1. How many congratulatory messages will Samy say he receive this round? The last round, more than 1/3 sms-es were telling him what a good job he was doing, in spite of the cracks, the toll hike and temples torn down. Surely he can't allow his popularity index to slip.
2. What happens if Lulu calls? Will they hang up on Lulu cos she's not an Indian?

What Lulu doesn't wonder is whether or not the hotline will bear good fruits.


aaron tan said...

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Anonymous said...


he thinks we are all lulus. wondering who is manning the hotlines. and dont be surprised he will said that there were no complaints since the hotline was set-up and that means the indians are happy with him.
samy, go enjoy a ride with your son in the nice ferrari and lambhorgini. you desrve it for all the hardwork extended to the indians. thank you, samy.

Anonymous said...

Horror of Horrors!!
Don't ever do that!
He may think that you are one of his fans and he'll be tickled no end!
The crux of the whole matter is that the Indians are driven desperate by both him AND the MIC and desperation drives people to do desperate things.
What's the use of his setting up a hot line now when for years, if not decades, he did nothing to solve their woes?
This move is just made for damage control.
If Malaysians are anywhere NEAR smart, they would never have voted for the BN in the first place.
Let's see if they have enough of suffering this time!!