Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lulu Wondering, When Khir Toyo Says "connection with powerful politicians", Is He Refering To All, Or Just Those Not Affliated To Him

Lulu thinks we, the normal people, have long known of those Little Napoleon and have to lived with their high-handedness.
Those who approve billboards and channel the funds to the Sports Club, land grabbers who alienate land to themselves, even those who declare that a circus in un-Islamic during the fasting month in the township of Puchong and the likes of them.

Now Khir Toyo talks about "declared war on the Little Napoleons in the state", "the days of these crafty civil servants are numbered", "put a stop to this ugly culture" and so on.

Somehow, Lulu doesn't seem to be convinced about his request "All council presidents have been told to submit to me the names of the problematic civil servants, even those with political connection"
Come on.... how many do you think would have a list containing Toyo's men?
If there was, how far do you think that list will go?
Lulu thinks this is more of a witch hunt to clean out those who are against him.

sigh... if only if was a real, genuine clean-up


wits0 said...

MSM's headlines are always duplicitous. The equivocations of the weird sisters in Macbeth whenever they ever sound like something seemingly decent and needful.

Sharing said...

Little Napoleons are to be "acted upon"!
Sound like "recycle and rotation" within the same domain?
Like gamblers changing their seats after some rounds?
Are they civil servants?
So Penal Codes be around
to give them the last round?
instead of this merry-go-round?

NLC and STA should be the laws around
for their Lands & Mines
Last headed by Director of Land & Mines.
Later STA created a Strata Title Board.
But Selangor formed only a Housing & Property Board
running the STA only when they take a thought!
Is the Board legally taken
or STA they can act?
Is this some kind of "little Napoleons" to take?

If no "Big Napoleon" will "little Napoleons" came to fact?
Why don't act on the Big Napoleon instead of so many little ticks?

Are "little Napoleons" what Toyo wants to claim
or because two Big Napoleons on one aim?

Tomorrow will explain!
NLC = National Land Code
STA = Strata Title Act

Sharing said...

2007 came the Common Property (Building & Maintenance) Act
A Housing Commissioner will Act
and they are under Local Councils
and so under MOH.
This is the so called the connections with powerful Politicians??
Land and Mine under the State
and MOH the Federal
Is this Political or administrative crush
or Big Napoleons cracking the same Cakes?

Anonymous said...

all roads lead to politics, lulu? conspiracy abounds and i tend to agree. election is coming and is too near for comfort, eh.
guess, these so-called napoleons will not be spared when they are found to be sympathetic to non-UMNO.

Anonymous said...

All this talk of dealing with the "Little Napoleons" or even "Big Napoleons" are just a lot of cock and bull!
If they and, especially the PM, are sincere in doing a good job, they would have done it years ago and not when a general election is around the corner.
Let them say what they what but go all out to put a boot to their butts and say good riddance to them!