Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lulu Wishes Everyday Was Pre-Election Day

don't you just love it - these days leading up to the General Elections?

yesterday, Lulu read via Malaysiakini that four ISA detainees were released after five years of detention.

today, Lulu reads that the Herald, which reports on the Catholic community in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil and Chinese, has had its permit renewed.
The good news was a surprise as
1. It was delivered to them on a Sunday morning, and that's kind of surprising as government offices work 5-day week, don't they
2. There were no conditions attached.
Father Lawrence, the Editor of the Herald thanks Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, the news agencies and other media groups for supporting them with their wide coverage. Lulu echoes the thanks. If it had remained a silent suffering, it would also have died a silent death.

Don't you luv-luv-luv this pre-election season? Who knows, we may be lucky and receive news that a certain son-in-law will be an ambassadorial position to Pakistan. sigh... Lulu's being greedy, isn't she?

btw, sidetrack a bit-ah...
remember how those MIC youth fellas so enthusiastically "defended" the Christians over Makkal Osai's publishing a picture of Jesus holding a beer can on his one hand and cigarettes in his other hand? Wah... those fellas felt so indignant over the picture, they even lodged a police report, a 4 page memorandum to the PM and eventually, succeeded in getting a one month suspension for the paper.
Lulu doesn't recall hearing even a whimper on this from these enthusiastic heroes.


koolgeek said...

thankful for what? the trouble?

mob1900 said...

They cook up the problem and 'tries' to make thmeselves look like a million Ringgit! ...which isn't much nowadays thanks to our sped-up cost of living.

See you next year, my dear Lulu!

Sharing said...

Can LuLu avoid being lulu in a society of lulu!
Or, I am also lulu?

Lulu thought gestures for Pre-GE?
Is it a gesture to tell anyone under ISA can be 5 years instead of 2?
Any one wants a permit to talk about God
need to talk Allah through?
Anyone wish to have a better news
need to query if awake even in Sunday afternoon?

Or, those are lulu not making the right picks?
To pick the 5 Hindraf together with the other 5? To tell ISA not necessary a min of year 5!
To give permits to Herald with confirmation that Allah is also a God!
So they can have both Allah and God!
To publish the news in Monday as well as Sunday?
To confirm it is not a news of lulu!

For the GE, only replacing the EC chief is of no lulu!

Are we all Lulu?
Lulu please give us a passport of non-lulu-land!!

wits0 said...

"Don't you luv-luv-luv this pre-election season?"

Oooh, that pretention of compromise for which you oughta be ever grateful! Like when someone robs you of a hundred bucks and then returns you 10 bucks for your fare home. You are supposed to see the greatness of such "gentlemanliness" alone without any other pertinent considerations.

Anonymous said...

those MIC fellas are now scratching their heads how to deal with Hindraf.
no time for this. the samy king is travelling the length of the country trying to salvage whats left.
well, i agree with you lulu how funny things can happen just prior to election. maybe some additional unexpected goodies like tax free year for 2008 funded by extraordinary profits from Petronas? Me Dreaming?

Damocles said...

"You are supposed to see the greatness of such "gentlemanliness" alone without any other pertinent considerations." - wits0

Lulu, I hope that you won't be so lulu-ed as to fall in love with your robber!
I think that the BN is creating incidents in order to salvage whatever is left of the shreds of its image(that is, if they have one in the first place) by creating a ruckus and then trying to picture itself as a hero by agreeing to resolve the problem.
It's a very transparent move and Lulu should have seen through it without any problem - unless she is really lulu-ed.
Anyway, lulu-ed or not, I wish Lulu and all her blog fans A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Anonymous said...

People, be dare to ask what we want. It's either now or 5 years later.