Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lulu Wishes Big Eared Dumbo Would Appear Too, Cos All She's Getting Now Is A Long Nosed Pinnochio

When people talk about big ears, Lulu thinks of Dumbo.
Dumbo is one of Walt Disney's character.
Born with big ears, the poor little elephant was lauged at. Dumbo, is too young to understand what the laughter is about, but old enough to know that it's aimed at him.
Cruelly separated from his mother by the circus, misunderstood and mistreated by the other animals, he's all alone in the world with "no warm trunk to cuddle up to, no one to dry his tears."
With his friend - a mouse named Timothy's help and guidance (and the help of a "magic feather"), Dumbo has the courage and determination to take a leap of faith that turns the taunting into cheers, and makes all his dreams soar.

When the PM said he has big ears, other than the "what's the point of having big ears when you don't use them?" thought, Lulu thought that's a big, big insult to Dumbo.
Dumbo was a sweetheart. Pure, sweet, big eyes, bat eyelid-bat eyelid, your heart just melts for him. Pushed out to a cruel world who not only did not accept him but taunted him. Dumbo may have at times lacked self confidence, but he did not lack courage or determination. He was focused and had the drive, but with lots of heart and at no one's expense, to do what it takes to acheive his aim - to be reunited with his mummy.

Our PM, on the other hand, is Jeanne's sweetheart. His eyelids are often shut. Pushed into a cruel world, he made it more cruel. Lulu doesnt know whether he has or lacks self confidence, courage or determination. Probably does. As for focus and drive, he leaves it to his son-in-law who has that plus little heart and at everyone's expense to do what it takes to acheive his aim - to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Our PM does not strike Lulu as a listening man. And definetly not a sweetheart Dumbo.
More of a Pinocchio.
A naughty lying boy.
Too lazy to move on his own, and needs someone to pull his string.
Pinocchio does have a virtuous ending though.
When Pinocchio discovers that a whale has swallowed Geppetto, the puppet single-mindedly journeys into the ocean and selflessly risks his life to save his father, thereby displaying that he deserves to be a real boy.

What do you think? Will our Pinocchio aka the PM have a virtuous ending?


wits0 said...

Incidentally, here's a Jeanne that's truly noteworthy:

myop101 said...

hi lulu,

i have been reading your blog for some time now. I think you are humourous indeed and yet underlying the satire, one sees the seriousness of the issue you are trying to convey.

keep up the good work...:)

Beer Anyone said...

While we live, tell the truth, and shame the devil...

" My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: Words without thoughts never to heaven go."

-From Hamlet (III, iii, 100-103)

wits0 said...

Some men are natural "family man". Which is also, of course, an euphemism meaning that Nepotism is a natural thing throughout. There can therefore be no shame attached, in their books. The truth behind the semantics are often well hidden.

whispering9 said...

Call him FERINGI, an apt description. Goggle it and you will know why.