Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Updated - Lulu Was So Looking Forward To The March

aka Guess Where Lulu Won't Be On Sunday
aka In Lulu's Country, There Is No Freedom For A Freedom March

especially since Lulu lulu-ed and missed last year's march.
Lulu made plans to attend last year's march, and was down at Merdeka Square by 7:25am for the march which was scheduled for 8:00am. But the square was kinda empty, with a group of falun gong people [they were wearing falun gong t-shirts - that's how Lulu knew they were falun gong-ers] doing taichi and a few people who didn't look like they were there for a march. Lulu waited for a little while, too shy to ask, before deciding that maybe Lulu got the wrong date/venue or maybe the venue got shifted and Lulu was not informed.
So, Lulu went off.
Lulu underestimated "Malaysian time".

The event did take place. People [being the Malaysians that they are] started coming at 8:00am. By then, Lulu had gone over to the Amnesty International office and started writing letters for their Global Letter Writing Marathon.
The falun gong group ... they were part of the march.
And so were the "a few people who didnt look like they were there for a march". Just that they look like regular people like Lulu.

So, this year's march was, amongst others, supposed to make up for Lulu's lulu-ness last year. But this was not to be.
Malaysiakini just reported that The Bar Council has decided to call off its annual human rights day march on Sunday, ostensibly due to pressure from the authorities to obtain a police permit. “We are calling it off, but will proceed with the rest of the festivities (at the Central Market),” council chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan told Malaysiakini when contacted this afternoon.

Part II of the Festival at Central Market is still on.
0900 Welcome speech by President, Bar Council (Ambiga Sreenevasan)/Chair, Human Rights Committee (Edmund Bon)
0910 “Speechless”: Lip-reading of the UDHR (led by Wong Nyok Mei)
0925 Breakfast and prize-giving ceremony for essay competition 2006 winners (BM and English)0935 Poetry Reading (Noreen Ariff)
0945 Conversations: “When Faith Meets Law” (multi-religious forum)
- Deputy Director, Jabatan Agama Islam, Perak- Zaid Kamaruddin, JIM (TBC)
- Bishop Paul Tan, Christian Federation Malaysia
- Datuk A. Vaithilingam, Hindu Sangam- representatives from Sikh, Taoist and Buddhist communities
also (colouring session for children commences)
1100 Cultural performance by the Orang Asli (Pusat Kebudayaan SPNS)
1115 “I wish that ……” session (led by Fadiah Nadwa Fikri)
1130 Stage performances by various artists/activists
• Fahri Azzat & His Soul Brotha (1135 – 1150)
• In Torment (1155 – 1210)
• The Wave (1215 – 1230)
• Lai Chee Hoe (1235 – 1250)
• Amer Hamzah & Cassarrah (1255 – 1310)
• Dr Wan Zawawi (1315 – 1330)• Couple (1335 – 1350)
• Tina and Dipendra (1355 – 1410)
• KL Legal Aid Centre (1415 – 1430)
1435 Closing speech by President, Bar Council (Ambiga Sreenevasan)/ Chair, Human Rights Committee (Edmund Bon)

In conjunction with International Human Rights Day on December 10th, Amnesty International Malaysia will be organizing a 24-hour global letter writing marathon. This begins from the 15th Dec noon and will end on the 16th Dec noon at the Annexe Central Market, Kuala Lumpur
Updated 10:25pm
Lulu's just read Mdm Ambiga's statement on the bar council website
She was being very polite when she said
In fact, it is an event that would have demonstrated complete racial harmony and would have demonstrated (as we have before) that we can walk peaceably in unity for human rights the world over. It would have been an opportunity for the authorities to show to the world that we subscribe to these values. It is a missed opportunity.
Lulu, in a sense, sees her point but from a different perspective.
The walk is supposed to demonstrate all those "complete racial harmony" and "unity in human rights", but the sad truth is... well, you know what the sad truth is.
If the march were for those vaules as goals, yes, we need to march.
If the march was to demonstrate those goals, guess the show was over even before it had begun. And we can thank the government for showing us clearly where they stand on those goals.


Josh Incorrigible! said...

Please attend for me, I will be having grand mother birthday this weekend, so please write for me long long letter to our dear PM to release all our Hindraf & Bersih people in the prisons because they have no money for bail.

ricky said...

Ambiga also criticised the police request for a permit and described it as an unlawful fetter on our constitutional right to assemble peacefully.

The Bar Council takes the position that the requirement for an application for a permit under the Police Act to hold this event, violates our constitutional right to peaceful assembly,she said.

So your honourable Ambiga, why then the Freedom Walk Is cancelled?

If what the above statement by you is true, it is the more that the Freedom Walk must proceed with no second thought. If you give in now, there will be no more tomorrow for us all.

Think about it carefully Your Honourable Ambiga, if you are worried to be locked up under the ISA, pass the baton to someone else.

I was preparing to park myself this weekend in KL for your Freedom Walk, the walk to Parliament to hand over the memo protesting the proposed amendment to extend the retired age for the EC to 66 and the toll rate hike.

Do not give in so easily by their intimination, threat or what not.

I am very disappointed.

Sharing said...

"Unlawful" or Lawful Walk
Before the Walk
The Bar already led a BAD walk!

Constitution give Rights to Walk
Police took permit to illegal the Walk!
So AWAY the "Honorable" Bar walked!

Permit was a topic during last 2-3 rallies
Has this been raised in the EGM
to vary?
or no member in the Bar to worry
for at least a motion to query?

So where is your Position in Laws?
"Honorable" Bar?
To Talk and not to Walk (in court)?

"Mr Incredible"

The Bar marched
"The Bar is charged with upholding, without fear or favour, the due administration of justice by the Legal Profession Act. The Bar and the Judiciary are the twin pillar of the justice system. It was and is a big deal."

Democracy is not about majoritarianism. It is about exercise of rights by the majority having regard to the rule of law and the Constitution, and with regard to the equal rights of all.


Is the proposed Walk for Freedom but not injustice or Democracy??


beeranyone said...

mmm... one more datukship to give away?

Anonymous said...

The sad truth is that the Bar is cowed by the BN.
Justice will now be completely dead!

Sharing said...

Human Rights Walk? Talk? Thought?
Last two years Walks to remind
Human Rights be raised and bright.
No one care if it should be well defined!
A day to memorize!

This years Human Rights been torn
with Constitution fold-up by Power
untouched by the Bar!
Many know Human Rights are stuck and deprived!
It is dark to remind
so something at night??
And Human Rights must be precise!

Continue with Candle Lights!
along the River to see lights
join in where it stuck
or a free flow with joy!!

Think of Human Rights
are equalities among partners
Constitution and Policemen
Clients and lawyers
People and Government
Buyers and sellers
Consumers and Manufacturers
House Buyers and Developers
Residents and Councilors
without the former, no latter!!

Send our hope with a small candle on a leave to float!
Anywhere by the river with small water flow!!

Lit the Dark to tell where it stuck
or nice flow to enjoy!!
See BAR next year
if Human Rights restored!

Satellite the River through Sogo
from North to South it will flow
I suppose!!

8/12 - Saturday Night??

Sharing said...

9/12 "Free Walk Day"!!
Walk or not - as you wish!
Walk the Bar, not even a side-dish!!

Get to know the principle of Human Rights
Where to practice and teach!
It's a long walk to reach
so everyday a HR day!

9/12 is "Free to walk day"
as Bar's Trail loss the way!
With HR in heart
Free HR all the ways!!

Anonymous said...

Walk against Fairuz but not against Zaki? What have you actually gained?