Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lulu Tried To Watch The RTM1 Interview With The One Known As Semi Value

but it was difficult.
During the 5 minutes which Lulu watched, Semi Value had this stack of research books in front of him. He was showing them off one by one to the interviewer, telling him about how MIC has documented the plights of the Indians and given recommendation to the PM.
And there was his boast about how he brings it up to the PM during Cabinet meetings and also during his own personal meetings with him.
And for Semi Value, his job seems to end when he hands over the research book to the PM.
Post that, he blames it on "though approved by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, had not been implemented at the ground level."

Lulu found it very painful to continue watching the interview. For one, he's got the famous `Kemaluan saya besar' type of bahasa and it kinda confuses this Lulu. Then there's his "I've done everything. Stop blaming me" attitude. It was pathetic. So, Lulu gave up and switched channels.

Lulu was glad that the NST mentioned his interview in Delivery system can be improved, says Samy Vellu
Lulu is totally shocked that he has this kind of mentality and consider something like this as a benchmark of his success.
He said Indians were much better off today than 50 years ago."Once upon a time, Indians used to earn RM250 to RM300 a month. Now they earn about RM1,500 to RM2,000 a month.
He is oblivious, isnt he, on the inflation rate since 1957?
We're now in 2007, entering 2008. The government is talking about doing away with 1sen coins as it is worth nothing.
Lulu guesses when you're living in a mansion, wearing expensive "disposable" shirts, you kinda lose touch of reality.
Sad isn't it?


far said...

Hmm hmm...........Semi Value ? I think now is even worse , may be One Millionth Value only...............

Anonymous said...

sad... very sad indeed... managed to catch 5minutes of him too, but then just very pissed and could not take it any more... so, changed the channel...

Anonymous said...

Rubber tappers earning RM1,500 to RM2,000 a month? Then why the hell are they clamouring for a minimum wage of RM 900? Who is lying?

Anonymous said...

SAMY’S Dilemma now is he is unable to Deliver BN Indian Votes and Fearful of Protest Votes was advised by UMNO Youth Hishamuddin to Send MIC youths on a Nationwide 1-week Tour for Damage Control.
It has finally dawn and sunk on Samy Vellu and his MIC stalwarts that the recent HINDRAF uprising has greatly affected his ability to deliver the votes in the coming GE which might greatly affect a number of marginal seats in which the Indians votes might hold sway for the BN candidates. The BN think tank is fearful of these “protest votes” and the UMNO Youth through its leader Datuk Hishamuddin has advised the MIC youths to do a quick “damage control” exercise and go on a Nation wide tour to correct the change in “loyalty”. The hurt and damage would be difficult to correct & erase now and this is more so with the five Hindraf icons safely locked up in Kamunting. What has been done cannot be so easily undone within a week, Samy!

wits0 said...

MIC needed to be "advised" by UMNO?!
Truly, dia punya "kemaluan amat besar".

Sharing said...

It's time for Confession
not Monkey show!
What MIC had done are clear in Voters' mind
How honest they were/are no need to be reminded
How honest and fair they could be and will be
the interview showed.
Story teller no show!

Voters must know what to choose and who to choose!

Only Race and no fairness
not the Way!
A Party with fairness for ALL the only way!
A Leader should be reminded what he had not done
and not what he had done!

MIC adjust your direction or be shrunk as Post 2 of

Anonymous said...

samy, at his best when talk with a fork tongue. what do you expect of him about reality? ferrari, lambhorgini, bungalows abound in his family. what does he know about time value of money? except how much goes to him for each contract given out?
samy, where's your promise to reveal the toll agreements? same as your promise to the refund of money to MAIKA shareholders? BULLSHIT SAMY?

Anonymous said...

Watching or hearing such people makes your stomach churn, doesn't it?

Billy said...

Samy has better remember what Abraham Lincoln once said:

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.