Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lulu Thought That Was Bad, It's Now Getting Worse
We have received reports that most, if not all, of the “BERSIH 10″ comprising mostly Unit Amal volunteers, have been arrested last night and this morning to be charged tomorrow.
We have also received news that PAS Vice-President, Haji Mohd Sabu, has also been arrested in the midst of his daughter’s wedding this afternoon.
Also, Suwandi Abd Ghani, the one who was shot in the chest in the Batu Buruk incident, has also been arrested.
5:25pm: Tian Chua has been picked up.
We will post more updates as and when we get details.

BREAKING NEWS: BERSIH folks arrested
At the IPK, lawyer Jonson Chong told me Bersih Rally protester Mohd Hasrii has been detained at Dang Wangi police station. Soon after, a lawyer SMSed me that one Muhammad Harith Fathillash Shahabudin was also nabbed for being involved in Bersih Rally.
Much later, I was told PAS vice president Mohamad Sabu was arrested attending his daughter's wedding in Ipoh..
UPDATES: PKR Information Chief Tian Chua has been arrested in Johor Baru.

Ronnie Liu
Time 16:20pm. I was just informed that Pas vice president Mohd Sabu is about to be arrested in Ipoh. He is attending his daughter’s wedding in Ulu Kinta. He is now being surrounded by friends, relatives and supporters. The police came with a warrant of arrest. I believed it was related to his involvement in BERSIH.

Tian was arrested after a Suaram Johor event in JB. The police came from KL.

Just got the information that PAS strongman, Mohammad Sabu has been surrounded by a group of policemen at Jalan raya 4, Lorong Tambun, Ipoh, in front of Sunway City.
九名集会者和人权律师在首都遭扣捕的同时,回教党副主席莫哈末沙布(Mohd Sabu)、人民公正党宣传局主任蔡添强也相继在怡保和新山遭逮捕。
据知,蔡添强(左图左)是在马来西亚人民之声(Suara Rakyat Malaysia)新山分会办事处前遭吉隆坡警察总部重案组首席警长许斐朝援引《警察法令》第27(5)(a)条款逮捕;莫哈末沙布也是在《警察法令》的“非法集会”罪名下遭捕。
The awful thing is that I don't think we'll see the end of this so soon.


Jeffrey Hardy Quah said...

It begins...

beeranyone said...

this guy is losing his marbles...

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the real Malaysia. Total disregard for the constitution and makes up laws to suit their purpose on the fly.

Only serves to confirm that all the rallies and marches were for real causes.

I will never vote for the BN again..ever!

beeranyone said...

jeffrey hardy quah,

it begins...

so so right, history is repeating... what his old man did to tunku, he is waiting for the right moment to make his moves...

Sharing said...

Power vs Human Rights
instead of Duty to ensure Right!!
Malaysian Type of Democracy - a PM version??
Lawyers cannot even protect a Banner!
Bar Council cannot fight against illegality before their own headquarter!
A city council banner officer removed not only the banner but a lawyer!
Human Rights Lawyers cannot fight even Trespassers!
Police standby to back up Trespassers!

Lawyers and Bar
You are talking to Bullies
claiming their powers
under the shadow of their "laws"!!
Better check with PM
if they are using different edition than yours!!
Or, risk already exists even in the stability of Laws!!
Or a new definition of Democracy be imposed?
Run by whom also be told
or any authority can enforce?
Or anyone in plain coat can recall?

Your last resource be court
or it will be even worse??

Bar, Hindraf, Bersih, PAS, PKR....
Your Equality in "Law" finally came!!
as Oppositions to be deprived or to fight together to say no more??

Old Fart said...


As sorry as I am for those arrested, I am glad about another thing. All the gains UMNO made demonising Hindraf, they are losing once again arresting the Bersih crowd.

Uthayakumar and Hindraf did them a great big favour, but it looks like its almost always dumb when you waste your favours on fools.

So all the sensible ones get incarcerated or taken out and fools reign!

Sharing said...
PM and Authorities can bully because they breathe through one nose!
A few lawyers from 13,000's got arrest because Bar cannot even have one voice!
From so many happened, Dato still think Lawyers are the only spot that PM bugged?
Any opposition on the way that PM had been touched?
Will Lawyer in Ivory Tower work?
Can't even seen Hindraf lawyers stuck after so many legal work?
Can't see PM talk politics and no more Laws?

BAR, should call an EGM or electronic vote to tell PM Bar has one voice!
A voice of Human Rights need to rise!
Or lawyers can never fight even by the rim of the BAR!
Bar to act to safeguard everyone's basic Rights and so be the Bar!
Act quick or lawyers be behind the bar!
same goes the laws and Human Rights
not behind the bar but surely in the Dark!!

BAR need to work not outside the IPK but in the Court!!

Rocky's Bru said...

First they came for the judges,
Now they have come for the lawyers ...

Anonymous said...

The police should arrest Anwar and Lim Kit Siang and the other thousands of Bersih demonstrators. Why just pick on 10? Selective prosecution is obviously at play again. Perhaps the other thousands of demonstrators should all turn in and ask that the police arrest them. Give the police work to do instead.

Sharing said...

At second look, something wrong with Ambiga!!

Why only DBKL and not the Police to be charged?
Why talking only Trespassers and not other law breakers to the Bar?
Why not talking Human Rights for Peaceful walk from Sogo to the Bar?
Bar did not walk on Human Rights Festival!
Some brave members of Bar & People had walked the Festival!!
Don't you dare even to Voice the Bullies to the walk????
Are you shy?
Or have Human Rights been out of your sight?
Or the 5 are not members of yours?
who had uphold Justice without fear or Favour?

Lawyers, tell Ambiga what to do
A Bar for Lawyers and Justice to whom it concerns!!

Anonymous said...

rocky bru

next they go for the bloggers
finally, they go for the blog readers.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:36am

then, they go for the bystanders.

and then, they... jeez let us just go for a beer, anyone?

Asian Malaysian said...

FYI, bail was set for the parties at RM1,000 to RM2,000 and the trial has been fixed for 28-31 January 2008.