Saturday, December 08, 2007

Lulu Thinks What Is Not Good Enough For UMNO Should Not Be Good Enough For Us

Tan Sri Zaki Azmi has resigned as deputy chairman of the 19-member Umno disciplinary board...Zaki, who was appointed to the post on Feb 7, quit following reports of his controversial divorce from his second wife, Nor Hayati Yahaya, 32. "Considering that members of the disciplinary board are of the highest integrity, I have made this decision following reports in the media.....
(Source: New Straits Times, 9 August 2005, By Zubaidah Abu Bakar)
He himself felt that he was not of the highest integrity. Not good enough for UMNO, but good enough for us?
something wrong...

Tan Sri Zaki is amongst the most junior members of the Judiciary, if not the most. He is the most junior Federal Court judge. He has to date only some two months experience as a sitting judge. This is in stark contrast to other justices of the Federal Court and the Superior Courts as a whole.
(Source: Disquiet)
Are not any of the more experienced judges qualified for the job? Did Zaki get fastracked because the rest were not suitable, or was it for other reasons like those which caused Lulu and 40,000 other Malaysians to send a memo to the Agung on Nov 10th?
something wrong...

“The only reason we roped him in was due to his past performance and his character, which is of a person of integrity,” he (Nazri Aziz) said, adding that among the legal fraternity, Zaki is known as a “straight fellow".
(Source : NST Zaki a person of integrity, says Nazri )
when Nazri says that, you know for sure that there's
something wrong...

A few months ago, Lulu signed a petition to the Agong to restore the judiciary to the rakyat. One of the points in the petition was with regards to the Lingam tape and the then Chief Justice, Tun Ahmad Fairuz. Tun Ahmad Fairuz's tenure as Chief Justice was not extended after the incident.

Now, Lulu will put her (real) name and IC number on another petition. Initiated by Haris Ibrahim, it is a petition from citizens to His Majesty the Yang DiPertuan Agong praying for the deferment of the appointment of the President of the Court of Appeal pending the findings and recommendations of the intended Royal Commission of Inquiry.

For full details of the petition, go here
If you want to lend your support to this petition to His Majesty, please send an e-mail to :


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