Friday, December 14, 2007

Lulu Thinks Lee Chong Ming Should Run For Bukit Bintang Again

Afterall, he is the advisor of Damai, an umbrella body comprising 395 non-governmental organisations representing nearly 1.5 million members.

With 1.5 million members backing him, considering that our population is 27 million, and if 50% of our population is of voting age, and that the NGOs are mainly concentrated in the Klang Valley,
that means he would have the backing of more than 30-40% of the Klang Valley voting population.
That's a very strong percentage.
Add the 3,000-4,000 postal votes [you know... those votes at army camps which no one ever talks about how it is done]
That is such a safe seat for the one aka Doktor Ayam.

Go for it Lee Chong Ming.
1.5 million NGO members
3-4K postal votes
Don't need to put a proxy there. Go for it.
Tell OKT about the 1.5 million NGO members. Tell OKT to let you run. Show him Lulu's numbers.

Then maybe you can get those bloggers like Lulu to stop making fun about you not being the MP who was not elected.

representing 1.5 million NGO members kononnya...


wits0 said...

Suddenly some animal like Damai appears like overnight mushroom, hogging the headlines. Previously we hear much more about Big Foot and UFOs.

Sharing said...

Daima to represent 395 NGO and 1.5 million members???????????????
How this figures came out should be challenged
or anyone can claim representation to no end?
Or distortion of walk be for tensions and not Peace!

Anyone accused in the walks for Peace
should include this in their Appeal
for instigating tension of hate towards walk for Peace!

The List of 394 with the 1.5 million
will serve a good reminder to those in the list
to think doubly wise who are those NGO they are in
and if their rights had been hi-jacked within?

Sharing said...

Red Herrings here and there
when more and more in
see no herrings but red!
Declaring deaf
every time a drum is hit!
In such a rhythms
that it is hard to believe!
Taking "King in his new dress" the beat!

Thought playing at home
but forget evening light is on
with no curtain on!!

Time to lower the curtains
or the show to end pretty soon be certain!!

wits0 said...

Damai, Diama? Diaamah?

I believe Patrick would just say "Niamah!!!" Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

da = BIG

mai = SALE

really live up to its name - SELLING off everything BIG time

denzook said...

wow, don't play play with bn. they can easily muster millions if they want to compare to opposition only thousands.....

btw, why does not revealing anything ? Wonder what is their profile kind of - violent, extortionist, ignorant, etc ?

wits0 said...

Big liars too, these Hadharites.

Longest Sleeping Buddha Statue in South East Asia in Malaysia's Most Populous Muslim State.

In Sabah, fart-war against a Buddhist statue(resulting in the resignation of a protesting deputy minister), in Peninsular, long standing Hindu temple destruction, and cross removal(now stayed temporarily because of protest and pending election).

Some Hadharite people seems to have been quietly receiving the big oil bucks from the Soddies' Wahhabists. Clearly covert traitorous action hiding behind religiosity and presumptuous one-way street sensitivity.

Anonymous said...

Lee Chong Ming is a eunuch. There will always be those ever so willing to trade their credibility and integrity for some scraps.

Fair said...

LCM bugger , just like most of the MCA 'politikus' will sell off their own mothers to umno without hesitation if that is what their umno bossess dictate.

The bollock was just doing what he was told to do in this Damai clown act.

Anonymous said...

.... not only sell off their own mothers , they will throw in their aunties and grandmothers as well.

wits0 said...

The Damn-aye group will be front, the show of legitimacy to hoodwink India and other countries that nothing is amissed.

Didn't Bolehland meddle unnecessarily in Fijian affairs circa '87 against ethnic Indians there?

One look at that Lee and you can guess what sort of bourgeois being that is.

Anonymous said...

elected or erected? guess the latter courtesy of a ex-CJ eh. CORRECT CORRECT CORRECT

whispering9 said...

I really tak boleh tahan this uncle face anymore. Really tak boleh tahan.

Anonymous said...

Never voted for the BN; never will!

Sharing said...

When Profiles of the Five are in "their" press
without saying anything bad
silently they are admitted not too bad!
I guess!

Anonymous said...

I would say that we rally behind Lee to be the prime minister. He is more influencial than ABB himself!

Anonymous said...

LCM is not only the advisor of Damai, he's also the self-proclaimed Damai Lama, the adopted son of Tibet's Dalai Lama. Kneel before his holy presence and tremble, you serfs!