Monday, December 10, 2007

Lulu Thinks It Was A Bad, Bad Move To Take The Bon In

It was a bad, bad move.

The lawyers who marched were on the police's "to do" list. Maybe not by name, but Lulu's sure that the authorities wanted to take in a few lawyers who marched, to be made an example.

But not the Bon. He was at the Bar Council premises.
A overzealous, over excited, under-thinking DBKL Corporal wanted to show the Bon and the Bar Council who's boss.
and whack, smack took him in.
little realising the consequences.
Not realising that what he did would incur the Bar's wrath against DBKL and the Police.

If they hadn't taken him in, it would have been "just" the group of 4 lawyers - Amir Hamzah Arshad, N. Surendren, R. Sivarasa and Latheefa Koya who were arrested.
Bar Council would have shown support, but Lulu thinks there would have been differing opinions within the Bar. There would have been those who felt strongly agains the 4 lawyers who defied the Bar Council's decision in cancelling the march and therefore, should be prepared to face the music, and there would have been those who hold to Article 10 of the Federal Constitution which gives us freedom of expression and the right to assemble and as lawyers, it was their moral duty to uphold this piece of our constitutional right.

But taking the Bon in, especially for something as baseless as obstructing DBKL officers from removing banners from the Bar Council premises, has incurred the wrath of the Bar and united them in condemning the high handedness of the authorities.

Go check out the Bar Council website. Read the comments. You would see that the comments are united in condemning the Bon's arrest. There weren't as many comments with regards to the arrest of the 8. The Bon's arrest is being taken personally by the lawyers.

It was a bad, bad move to arrest the Bon.
And it's now a bad, bad move to charge him.
His case will be heard from March 3 to 5 next year.
They've tried to deny him bail under the kononnya "the lawyer’s act of defiance would create the perception that it is okay to defy the authorities”.
This same Attorney General did not even object to any bail application or ask any condition to bail in the Altantuya murder trial.

Bad, bad, bad move.
Lulu doesn't think it was part of the plan, but once it began, there's no turning back.

why "the Bon" and not Bon or Edmund Bon? If ever you meet Lulu, ask her:D


Sharing said...

"The Bon"
Power hate HR
So hate the HR day
or anything or anyone touching HR!
So the person being a sight of HR
need to be targeted even with conspiracy
right at the Day.

So, Bon being "the Bon" was caught on "the HR Day"!

Wasn't there be more than 5 before the Bar!
Why not illegal assembly but a banner to charge?

Horrible, terrible but humiliating!
A comedy or tragedy?
Waiting to know!!

wits0 said...

The AG himself was laughed at in a court packed with lawyers :

"Attorney-General Tan Sri Gani Patail urged the court to deny them bail as the offences were non-bailable or compoundable. He said the eight had committed a serious offence and urged the court to take a serious view of the case as such illegal assemblies might escalate, resulting in public disorder. "They may argue that it is not a serious offence but the prosecution will prove that their actions may lead to public disorder and more unlawful assemblies," he said. At this juncture, laughter broke out in the courtroom, which was packed mostly with lawyers, prompting Gani to tell the court that this was no laughing matter as it involved national security. "
Haha! Just think!

ycg said...

damn it! look at the bruise on his arm O_O!!! he was definitely manhandled! I was there at the Bar Council, there is no need to manhandle the BON. He was a gentleman all the way...questioning only the logic, motives and legality of DBKL and Police insistance on removing the banners. GERAAMMMMM!!!!

Hamzah said...

DBKL working on a Sunday - fbog!

Looks like Bar Council has been compromise from within?

zewt said...

why bon? :P

let's wait and see bar's reaction.

Anonymous said...

C4 a human being is no big deal in particular that human being is from a foreign land. why should he want to show his face personally and object to the bail. more so, whats the political benefit.
now, this protestors are more dangerous than C4ing a person. coz these are people that are recalcitrant and does not kowtow to his political masters. now, thats really dangerous, so he has to show his face personally and try tp deny bail to teach these people a lesson. laws, who cares as long as it can twisted to is benefit.

HA2..HA2.HA2.. the lawyers laughed. and when lawyers laugh, you knwo something is very very SERIOUSLY WRONG.