Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lulu Struggled As She Read Through The Fake IPCMC Bill

for one, [ala william hung] Lulu has had no professional training in legal matters,
it didn't help that the legal jargon was in malay.

struggle-struggle-struggle, not sure how much of it Lulu understood.
Then Lulu reached pg 36.
and found out that the english version starts there!

Lulu's not started with the english version yet. Not sure if it would be any easier to comprehend as Lulu has never understood any of those contracts she signed, counting on the schedule summaries at the end of the contract.
but perservere, I must.

Also, an update on the speakers tomorrow.
Tunku Aziz, Royal Police Commission member and former President of Transparency International Malaysia,
Datuk Param Cumaraswamy, former United Nations Special Rapporteur for Independence of Judges and Lawyers,
Malek Imtiaz, President of Hakam,
Ragunath Kesavan Vice President Bar Council
Others are still being contacted.
Tomorrow, Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, 7:30pm

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Sharing said...

This Bill seems to be for lawyers and the operators
with lot of reservations to protect....
them from prosecution,
flexibility to act
and interpretation they wish to extract!

Ambiguities in definitions,
procedures without specifications,
starting with hollow words of "merit" and "appropriates"..,
even bully with no warrant to break-in!
They thought they are above all Enforcement Agents and the Court?
Very familiar when DB also utter "merits" when they don't want to work!

To be more precise a KGB or Special Agent Act!

Where are the Rights of the Complainants, the Protection of Whistle Blower, even Rights of the suspect?

Had they forget
they are only an investigation bureau to be more exact!!!

Running own laws are stipulated in many of the housing Acts
stipulating "NO Appeal" in court!

Writing an Act or a Play to act?
Who should be the main characters, the PM, the Commissioner, or the victims to be affected!!

Any Bar or Law Schools in this Bolehland?