Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Lulu Song Dedication To Our Promise Breaking Prime Minister

remember this?
This was the Badawi led Barisan Nasional Manifesto Banner.
Those are his promises to the people.
* BARISAN NASIONAL is strongly committed to parliamentary democracy, which gives each citizen a say in the administration of this nation.
* BARISAN NASIONAL safeguards the interests of all citizens. We listen to and act on the hopes and aspirations of all groups regardless of age, gender, ethnic background and religion.
If you want to read the full text, go here.

What do you think? Unfulfiled promises? Blatant lies?
Lulu thinks the chorus of this song pretty much sums up a lot of Lulu's sentiments.

Janji Manismu - Aishah
Hati membeku mengingatkan
Kata janji manismu... oh...
Ku dilambung angan-angan
Belaian kasih sayang suci darimu
Oh kejamnya
Lidah tidak bertulang
Ucapan cinta menghiris kalbu
Ku kan pergi membawa diri
Cinta di hati terkubur lagi
to listen to the song, go here

Tony Pua, who had initially had plenty of faith in Badawi when he first took over the prime ministership of this country, is also [to put it Lulu mildly] very frustrated. Read his entry here


denzook said...

"Tony Pua, who had initially had plenty of faith in Badawi" ...

faith ? he failed his statistic and got his degree in islamic studies. he's the most peabrain PM malaysia ever had....

Ricky said...

The Cruelty Of The Police Force

Looks like he had fainted.

Sharing said...


A pledge is an oath.
Breaking an oath is criminal.
Can a criminal be a PM
or be a President of the Party
or a candidate to an election?

A topic for Mr Wee or others to act?

Anonymous said...


wits0 said...

Denzook, he got to be chairman of the Public Service Commission for that. That was then the beginning of the end for meritocracy.

wits0 said...

Anon 5:59, Lulu ain't no Lulu, not really. ;)

She's measured, smart, subtle and a lady. The One Up yonder should be pleased.