Monday, December 03, 2007

Lulu Sniffs Another Money Making Opportunity

Rangkaian Segar had their turn in Y2002 when the Samy Vellu forced all highway concessionaires to switch to Touch N Go. Prior to that, highways like Litrak were allowed to have their own Fastrak card, whilst keeping a Touch n Go lane.

Thursday, November 21, 2002< It's Touch'N'Go or no go... M. K. Megan
KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 21: Highway concessionaires have to switch to the Touch'N'Go system and no appeal will be entertained, Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said today. He said several of the operators had appealed to him to allow them to use their existing systems."Some of them say they were selling the system to other highway operators and some others had said they had invested a lot, up to RM15 million, in buying the equipment."Those who said they have invested a lot of money in buying the equipment, they need not change the equipment. It only needs a little reprogramming and some adjustments.Samy Vellu said the Government had to consider the trouble motorists had to go through by having several cards."Therefore I have told them the Government had decided on one card and all have to follow," he said at the Parliament lobby today.He said the concessionaires were also unhappy with the 3.5 per cent commission charged by Rangkaian Segar Sdn Bhd, the operators of Tounch'N'Go, as service charge for collecting and transacting the money."We are in the midst of discussion to come to a more acceptable figure.
Lulu doesnt know what what commission highway concessionaires had to pay Rangkaian Segar in the end, but initial figure was 3.5% of the transactions.

Looks like the sun is setting for TouchNGo and Smart Tag.
Samy Vellu is creating another money making venture in his "gantry system"
Under the gantry system, motorists need not stop to pay toll. Deductions will be made automatically from their prepaid toll cards, almost similar to the present Smart TAG system.
Are you wondering like Lulu, who are the people behind the gantry system? Is it Rangkaian Segar (again) or someone new who will get very rich?
Why the need for it when it is "almost similar to the present Smart Tag system"?
Would Lulu need to buy new hardware/tag whatever for it?
Would Lulu need to write off her current SmartTag which she paid RM100 for it?

AND the kononnya
Construction of the RM800mil pilot project is set to begin in March at several hot spots in the Klang Valley to ease the worsening traffic situation.
The hot spots include the Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong (LDP), Kesas expressway and New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE).
is such (pardon the language) bull!
Ayyone who goes on LDP and NKVE (not too sure about Kesas) would tell you that they queue to pay the toll (yes) only to join a jam after the toll booth.
Really. If you go to the NKVE Damansara exit between 7:45-9:00 in the morning, you will see the cars bottlenecked. Likewise for LDP.
The problem is not with the paying system. Even those on the SmartTag lane get stuck in the jam.
Problem is with the bottleneck, the inability of the highway outlet to cope with the volume of traffic.

The gantry is nothing more than a shameless way to make more money.
And mind you, it is at our expense.

for further reading
1999 SmartTag, Touch N Go for all highways Samy Vellu
2002 Electronic Toll Payment System Standardised From Jan 1
2007 Gantry system to be put into service by end-2008


Anonymous said...

Lulu, Wanna get rich overnight?
Simple, just plug an idea out of the air. Then, get some big shots, I mean really big shots, in the government to ram it down the throats of the ever forgiving public.
You'll be rich, filthy, obscenely, unconscionably god-damn, RICH!
BTW, how come yours seems to be the only blog that's up to date?
The others, even well know political bloggers, seem to be hibernating!

KaKiaYam said...

Is it Rangkaian Segar (again) or someone new who will get very rich?
Somebody (and not us) will get rich, that's for sure...

Why the need for it when it is "almost similar to the present Smart Tag system"?
I don't think there will be a horizontal such, one just drives through there won't be a need to increase the number of lanes at a designated toll, this will removes the possible bottleneck at the exit....
My guess is that there will be plenty of cameras installed to catch those who has no more credit left....

Would Lulu need to buy new hardware/tag whatever for it?
Definately, that's the whole idea, althougth it is minimal, but it helps the local electronic industry and gives engineer like me a some oppurtunity to cari makan...

Would Lulu need to write off her current SmartTag which she paid RM100 for it?
Just keep it as a cedera-mata...

I travelled from Kota Damansara to Puchong daily...and I can assure you that the bottleneck created at the Sunway toll or the NKVE helps to ease the slowly 'releasing' cars to the highway itself...if you get what i mean...keke

One thing good about this gantry system is that you don't feel you are paying the know the 'pay to get' jammed feeling?

See the actual implementation here-

Anonymous said...

800 million for gantry works. how did he arrived at the figure? who will be the contractor?
samy, anyway you are no longer welcome in tamil nadu. forget about investing there with your hard earned money. better spend that on more luxurious ferrais and lambhorginis

Ravi said...

Hi Lulu

I'm a Malaysian currently working in Dubai. There is a similar system here in Dubai (with the Gantry and wireless detector) introduced about 4 months ago to ease congestion. Unfortunately all its is is indirect taxation and has not made any difference with the maddening traffic problems.

So let not Sam kid you.



BTW enjoy your Blog.

Anonymous said...


thanks for the info. con or no con, samy will go ahead with the project. his cronies are already drooling and counting the dollar notes. i dont know about samy but he said ne doesnt tell lies, he..he.