Friday, December 14, 2007

Lulu Shares With You The Sequence Of Arrest

Kenghadharan was the first to be picked up at his office in Petaling Jaya at around 12.30pm by a police team from from Bukit Aman
Next was Ganabatirau who was nabbed in Seremban.
According to Ganabatirau's brother Raidu, the lawyer was arrested by a police Special Branch team led by ASP Zairulnain Lamat from Bukit Aman.“When asked why he was being arrested, he (Zairulnain) said that it was under the ISA,” Raidu told Malaysiakini.
At about 2:00pm. the only non-lawyer from the group, P.Vasantha Kumar was roped in while having lunch in a restaurant in Brickfields.
Meanwhile, Manoharan was arrested near his legal firm in Jalan Pantai, Kuala Lumpur.

whereas Uthayakumar was the last to be detained at 2.30pm from his legal firm in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Uthayakumar was in his Menara Mutiara office in Bangsar when about 10 policemen, one in uniform and the rest in plainclothes turned up in unmarked cars at about 2.40pm and told him that he was being detained under the ISA.
Uthayakumar was told by police to leave his belongings, including his handphone before being led away to Bukit Aman.

All five have been sent to the Kamunting Detention Camp in Taiping.
Internal Security Minister Datuk Seri Abdulah Ahmad Badawi signed their detention order.


Sharing said...

Why these Five be set?
The wood been dried and stuck
with all water been sucked!

A spark in the sky
will set the wood to fire!

They thought these Five
will cause the fire
but they forget the tighter it takes
the tighter a bundle for fire to catch!

The wood is too dry not to catch fire
one spark held cannot avoid other spark in the air!

To catch the Five
have catch the rest
their hearts and eyes not to guess
how to put off Act of I.S.

Pakistan they want to follow the test??

kaki.ayam said...

Sympathy will pour in from all corners of the society. Even from those who are opposed to the Hindraf strongly worded petition.

My guess is that they will be release only after the next Election.

Ricky said...

Fellow Malaysian

We are in trouble but not because of our doing.

The gomen is showing that they are above the law and the great power they have in their hands.

We must be prepared and be ready to defence our country and our freedom.

You know what it means, I need not have to stress any further.

Anonymous said...

The gomen reckons that 2 years of indoctrination will turn these detainees into absolute loyal lapdogs who will be singing praises for UMNO at every one of their farts.

Malaysia is truly wonderful, truly charming, truly harmonious, truly amazing. ISA is the catalyst and key enabler to this wonderful culture.

ghostline said...


Actually we are in trouble because of our own doing. We - the people - foolishly voted in this rotten government, and even more foolishly allowed them to remain in power year after year after year.

The only way to rectify this is to vote UMNO-BN out. Vote them out in such an overwhelming manner, no amount of election fraud can deny the people's will.

Ride and build the tidal wave of public anger, and purge Malaysia of the cancer that is UMNO-BN.

Anonymous said...

That's a good news.Next action should be ISA detention to bloggers who try create racial tension and hatred to people.Another measure is change their citizenship to permanent residence status only.We must concentrate on our business to make money and have a comfortable life rather than try to be champion.We believe if power falls on these opposition, similar things will happen and will be what's happening in other countries.