Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Lulu Needs A Favor

Malaysiakini reported yesterday that CMF and gang made house to house visits to PJU voters during the weekend.
It's highly unlikely that CMF will be visiting Lulu's house as it is located in one of the more "white" areas in PJU.

So, if they come visiting you, could you do Lulu a favor?
Could you ask her, why on earth would Lulu have to register her name, identity card number, nationality and address everytime she goes cut her hair in PJ?
Serious... this is a new requirement that MBPJ has imposed on all hair salons, beauty centres, massage parlours and cyber cafes in Petaling Jaya. The records must be available for inspection by council officers at any time.
read more about it here

It's not just a matter of invasion of privacy, it's also a matter of personal safety.
People who work in the hair salon, people who visit the hair salon and flip through the registration book, anyone and everyone could have full view of your full name, your IC number and your address. They could stalk you and/or bring harm to you and your family.

It's a stupid thing to ask for, and the consequences could be serious.

Could you, pretty please, ask Ms Chew and gang WHY is MBPJ asking for all this?

btw, Lulu's not going to bother you in asking her more hard core questions like the Islamic state, ecconomic stability, government abuse etc cos other than her cut and paste job from MCA's inhouse statement [which they probably dare not share with UMNO], she has no stand of her own.


Anonymous said...

Yup you got it, CMF is just another MCA opportunist who does not have any principle.

Better vote for Tony Phua or any DAP candidate next time around.

Anonymous said...

thats BN for you. makes doing business hard for simpletons.
sorrylah, you hair dressers, massage centre owners. this is the way of BN.
on the bright side, treat your deposits as savings. but, make sure you dont lose your receipt. you may never see your money again if that happens.
BN Boleh.

koolgeek said...

What was Gu doing there?

WheresYourConscience said...

Dear residents of PJU,

Remember to prepare some tidbits for petting the running dogs which will visit your house.

Anonymous said...

Don't any of these arseholes have better things to do?
These arseholes must have run out of taxpayers money to squander and what better way to get more than by passing idiotic laws to acquire it.
For you info, a few months back DBKL sent letters to all shopkeepers in the Petaling Street, KL area to pay a few hundred ringgit to attend a course in running their businesses!
These people have been doing businesses for decades and what can these so called "lecturers" teach them?
I think some cronies were thinking of using this ploy to earn millions!
This shows how low these scums have fallen to!
A new worrying development has just taken place and, that is, the cancellation of the annual Human Rights Walk on Sunday by the Bar Council.
Looks like even they have been cowed by the BN. Perhaps this is similar to the sacking of the Lord President in 1988 when not a single voice was raised. After the recent "March of Lawyers", I was thinking that our lawyers have at last found the courage to stand up to the government. But in essence, it has not!!
Even so, there were lawyers who became apologists of the government by saying that holding the march serves no purpose except to antagonise them. What they failed to realise is that the Human Rights Walk is an annual affair. In addition, these apologists said that the present government is willing to listen to the people, unlike the erstwhile PM. True, the BN listened, but does the BN act on what it heard? That's the million ringgit question! If it did listen even to a fraction even of what the MPs brought up in Parliament, the people wouldn't be so desperate!
No wonder groups like Bersih and Hindraf have to take whatever action is needed to level the playing field.
Desperate people do desperate things!

Anonymous said...

if they turn up in my house, i will provide them some dog food. great for lap dogs. PERIOD

Anonymous said...

CMF is a cunning bugger, just look at the way she wrested the woman wing deputy chief post , you will know what I mean.

denzook said...

i wish victor gu visited me. he such a talented guy, he's a debate champ mind you. bravo mca found him!

Anonymous said...

RM10,000 put into ASN will yield at the least RM1,000 at a worse-case scenario 10% p.a. dividend. Multiply that by a paltry estimation of 1,000 licences and you get a millionaire laughing all the way to the bank