Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lulu Is Not Impressed With The SmartTag Discount

Samy Vellu, maybe in preparation for his retirement, played the role of spokesman, poster boy and salesman for Rangkaian Segar recently, announcing the 10% disount on purchases of SmartTags.

the offer was decided upon after discussions between the Government, highway concessionaires and Rangkaian Segar Sdn Bhd,

What Samy Vellu didn't mention was that these tags are a new batch with "improved" features.
There is no LCD display of the balance on the card with this version. Production costs would reduce significantly when you build it without a tag-reader and the LCD display.

buy it if you choose to. It's quite convienient, don't for a minute think that PLUS or Samy Vellu has done you a favor by giving you a discount.
forget about the discount. There's no real discount. You're getting a product with less features, and they're probably making a bigger profit that before.

btw, Lulu still doesn't know if Smart Tags will still be the way to go when the gantry system is introduced.


carboncopy said...

Smart Tag cannot be used for gantry system. Unless:
1. The "Smart" Tag is installed on the dashboard, and NOT allow users to hold it.
2. Your speed limit at gantry is way below 60km/h.

Smart Tag uses infra-red to communicate with the reader at toll plaza now.

Infra-red is the least reliable communication medium especially:
1. between moving vehicle and non moving scanner.
2. out in the open. There's stray infra-red EVERYWHERE! The sun is emitting infra-red all the time.
3. Line of sight needed.

If you ever lose your touchNgo card. They will return the balance in the card to you sans RM10.00. That's robbery.

amos said...

Very insightful on the technology but disagree with your comment that they will return your money.

I lost my TouchnGo card to a thief. I requested for a cancellation and refund but was denied. The lady over the other line said that there was nothing they could do except to let the thief use the card until the credit finish. No reasons given except that they cannot do it.

KY said...

Remember they had the 50% discount for SmartTag if you top up over RM 100 in Touch and Go?

I stupidly tried to buy it, but gave up after trying numerous places with everyone saying "SOLD OUT". I asked if they know where I could get it, apparently all sold out.

I can sell you a house for RM 1k too, but no stock la sir!

Anonymous said...

what the hit is this samy doing? promoting cards for a private entity? better ask him to spend more time dealing with indians issues.

Anonymous said...

This bloke, like all the others in the BN, are cock & bull guys!

wits0 said...

Smart deals in Bodohland are only made to benefit those who sells them. Can there be any doubt?