Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lulu Heaves A Sigh Of Relief - SCC Bill Debate Postponed


Sharing said...

I guess PM would feel the same relief!
One fake SCC to get over RCI and IPCMC!!!
If button not push, could an unanimous votes be casted?
So heading GE before March?
Then to be continued after GE
or someone else to has it done!
Right with the Schedule!!
(PM: haha!)

RCI should be separate,
to oversee including IPCMC if it's desperate!
Why no Bill for last RCI?

A counter draft from previous RC for public comments to come!!
The ball now off his hand!!

Sharing said...

May it worth some analysis around GE2004 to take UNMO some figures instead of BN. Figures are based on http://www.thestar.com.my/election2004/default.asp

A. Following figures will come out:
1. Total registered: 10,273,501
2. Total voted: 7,116,817
3. Votes cast Successful Candidate: 4,521,997
*2.& 3.(excluding Single Candidate)
4. Spoiled:163,190

B. Votes for successful Candidate
Approx. %
1. Basis on voted: UNMO/MCA/MIC=29.21/9.75/2.64
2. Basis on Registered: =20.24/2.76/1.35
3. Seats for UNMO/MCA/MIC=109/31/9
4. Seats for UNMO/Rest BN=109/89

C. If all votes which were against the winners of UNMO and the rest of BN are going to vote against them,
1. The seats could be LOST:
UNMO/Rest of BN = 51/58
2. Or, Seats could REMAIN = 58/31
Total =89

So, UNMO & the rest of BN are very risky. even if all those who vote in favor of them to win the seats remains, but all those (voted against + not voting during last GE ) to vote against them, they are indeed very risky.

MCA & MIC may loose more if they continue to carry the image of UNMO!

Motivating those registered but not voting in last GE is important!!

koh said...


Taking this opportunity to wish you and your family and readers a Merry Christmas, Hari Raya Qurban (Muslims) and EVERYBODY, a Happy and Healthy New Year 2008 (Rat).


Anonymous said...

Lulu, don't be relieved!
It's just postponed!
It should not be there in the first place to fudge the IPCMC.
Just like the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Lingam tape which was substituted by a panel, something similar is happening here.
So, what's there to be relieved about!
That's why I always think that it's very easy to take our compatriots for a ride!