Friday, December 14, 2007

Lulu Doesn't Know V Ganabathirau Personally, But Tony Pua Does

What makes the whole ugly episode we saw today close to me, is that Gana is a member of DAP Damansara branch, of which I'm the chairperson. Gana joined me in March this year, and subsequently helped form the Taman Muda branch in Shah Alam, of which he is the advisor.
Having known him for the past 8 months or so, I can't claim to know him inside out. But there are somethings which I will vouch for him with my life.Gana is not a racist. He is not a religious fanatic and neither is he in anyway at all, a
terrorist as he is insinuated to be. Having known him well in recent months, he is the complete opposite of what the Pak Lah administration, through the mainstream mouthpieces will like to paint him to be.
Gana is a good man. He has sacrificed selflessly to help create a better Malaysia for all Malaysians, particularly for the underprivileged and marginalised community. He has rose quickly to prominence through sheer tenacity, hardwork, eloquence and dedication to the cause. 30,000 Indians from all parts of Malaysia walked the streets of Kuala Lumpur not because they had nothing better to do, but because they shared his cause, and they believed that "enough is enough!"

It's taken from Tony Pua's blog at Go there to read Tony's full entry on Ganabathirau
Posts from James Lim, a close friend of Gana

Do you still think that Lulu's being over emotional in holding back the tears? These are real people a real heart and real families with real life.


whispering9 said...

For me, there are times where I must dry up my tears and face the harsh reality. Bloggers have become their own worst enemies by just being divided on the issue of Hindraf and ISA. It has become a Black and White issue without liberty for anything grey like poor indians, families and children; perhaps, with the exception of you. You, I think, deserve to stop crying for now. :)

Anonymous said...

Pulling a young father away from his 4 month old daughter on cooked-up charges.

ABB are you happy now? I have no respect whatsoever on your cooked-up brand of Islam.

Michael Sun said...

My heart bleeds and my tears fell.

Who’s the real traitor? Those who robbed and rape the country’s coffers dry? Using the ISA to threatened people to abject obedience and submission. Spending our money for space tourist and joy rides on brand new Airbus jet.

Just contacted Tony Pua and we will be working out a financial support plan for the family.

Welcome to Malaysia- Truly Asia.

Anonymous said...

Tony & Michael,

Makes me feel proud and glad that some of us still have a streak of humanity intact in us. Pls keep us informed on your plans...will help in any way I can.

Thanks to Lulu too!

Sharing said...

Fight the Deprive in our Daily Life!
Depriving Rights is too common here in many walks of life
Including official types
so a harder job to get them right
with very few people understand a society can never be bright
without Fairness and Equalities under Human Rights.!
And, only a few have the consciousness to fight!
Not for themselves but for many generations to have light!

A tough job when Government can be bully
with Powers and not Rights with obligations!

Should they be sacrificed if everyone are conscious of Fairness
& Equalities?
with Obligations to start?
or willing to consider fairness of the counterpart?

It all starts with the soul and heart!!

Be happy to see someone had voiced what had been deprived
Be sorrow as someone are deliberately been deprived because
they told!
May be only those being victimized knows the importance of such
spirit to go!

With blessings to Gana and the other four and the 31 being
Put Fairness and Equalities in mind and practice in daily life
for the 4-month old to see Rights be alive!