Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lulu Didn't Learn This From Malaysiakini

all this while, Lulu thought that Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) decided to toe the line and wait for the permit to proceed with the ISA virgil at the Dataran.

look what Lulu learnt from the Star
Lulu doesn't know whether to laugh or cry


Anonymous said...

hi there lulu,

The Star, NST and other MSM hire only the best creative writing talents in the country. Best and cheapest source of adult fiction in the region.


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

In the life's darkest night
Let there be a shining light
That will pierce your sight
To see whatever truth bright

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 231207
Sun. 23rd Dec. 2007.

zewt said...

did it really happen? the vigil i mean.

Merry Christmas to you!