Monday, December 03, 2007

Just In Case You Lulu Like Lulu

and thought that people started their rally early, early in the morning at Batu Caves, they weren't.
Lulu a bit slow.
Up till this morning, Lulu thought they were gathering there, as in, ready to go.
Lulu forgot that not everyone's like her, can either stay with friends, find a cheap hotel or sleep in the car.

What Josh Hong said makes sense
They are not like Umno or other BN parties, who can provide supporters with free transportation and accommodation. These people had to put up in temples around KL one day before they made their way to KLCC and the surrounding areas the next day. They could forget about getting a room in a hotel somewhere. They simply could not afford it.

They were resting and/or praying. Kinda like pilgrims.
And the police came and did their "no tear gas or water cannon" thing.

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Anonymous said...

the police were such nice and gentle fellas to the poor souls in batu caves on the morning. no bodily contact. so patient. one of their kind were injured yet their patience and gentleness prevail.
look at the videos abound in blogs and try making out whether that is true. i rest my case else i may be labelled as anti this and that.