Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's Not Often Lulu Sees Grown Men Fighting Back Their Tears

but Lulu saw quite a few last night.
Lulu was at the forum organised by the Civil Rights Committee of the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (CRC-KLSCAH) on the topic of Malaysia After the Hindraf Rally.

Prior to the talk, the organisers put up the video clips of the event, like this one taken by Malaysiakini.

Lulu was holding back the tears as she watched. Doing the take a deep breath and a big gulp thing so that the tears do not flow down. Then Lulu looked around, and noticed that she was not alone. Grown men, young and old, were also doing the same. The uncle next to me took out his hankerchief and removed his glasses to wipe the tears.

Lulu's sure that most of you do not agree with the full Hindraf petition. But none of us can deny that there are Malaysians out there who are so down-trodden, there seems to be no way out for them. Poverty is a cycle which is very difficult to break out of.
And it's also very heart wrenching watching the very poor, yet trusting and hopeful in what Hindraf is trying to achieve, get surrounded by men in uniform and, in most cases, roughed up.
[Lulu's trying not to cry again]

Something is wrong with the country,
and something is wrong with us.
How can we continue to let this happen?
Is there anything we can do to make a difference?

You may have missed last night's talk, organised by the SCAH.
But there's another one on tonight, organised by DAP.
The speakers include A. Sivanesan, M. Manoharan, Kulasegaran and Lim Kit Siang.
NaSTee has this piece of news titled "Hindraf men DAP members" potraying as if ALL Hindraf people are DAP people, so DAP is behind Hindraf.
btw, They named Manoharan, but seems to have left out Sivanesan, who is not only a member, but a DAP CEC member.
The talk starts at 7:30pm,
at NUBE House, no12, Jln Tun Sambanthan 3 (beside Petronas)

Do try to come. Sorry for the late notice. Lulu got a flyer on this yesterday at the one organised by SCAH and thought that you may be interested to come.

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