Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's Not Just The MP Lulu Wants Voted OUT

the state assemblyman has to go too!
The MBPJ was passed without a whimper from any of them.
every year, KT encourages them to go on "educational trips" and we've yet to experience any improvements from their "educational trips",
and now, that little piece of land in front of your house is no longer safe.

The Selangor government has deemed that the Street, Drainage and Building, the National Land Code and other related laws can be ignored in the “interests of nation-building”.
This means that anything can be erected anywhere with total disregard for the law.
The road reserve in front of your house or the children’s playground is no longer safe. Land
set aside for public amenities, open space, recreational areas and buffer zones can be used for other purposes. As long as it does not “inconvenience” residents, affect cleanliness or cause
traffic jams, any structure, including stalls can be built on such land, regardless of its legal status.

This is what the Selangor government, with the help of your assemblyman has done to us!

When the school’s PTA chairman Syed Abdul Razak Alsagoff pointed out that the committee’s decisions were not binding as the High Court had declared that it is not a legally constituted
body, Puasa retorted that all the committee’s decisions were endorsed by the State Executive Council.
Puasa admitted that having served as assistant district officer, he was aware that road reserves cannot be touched, but said “it was a directive from the state”.

Lulu knows that there are some who are thinking that they want to keep their BM State Assemblyman so that their roads will be paved and their playground maintained. Let Lulu tell you here and now that the money to do all this should be allocated in the Majils Perbandaran budget. We have paid our assesment.
If we can only get our amnenities done if the State Assemblyman is a BN fella, then that is outright blackmail, bribery and threats.
Lulu will take the position that these will be done by the town council as the other alternative would mean that your state assemblyman is a blackmailing bully.

Think of the MBPJ budget
think of the billboard money which goes, not to the council coffers, but to the Sports Club
think of the playgrounds in your neighbourhood which had part of it's land stolen by some UMNO branch which wants to put up a cabin
think of Zakaria and his mansion
think of the way temples were torn down without waiting for the deities to be removed
think of Kg Berembang and how the MPAJ and police assisted in the tearing down of the houses when the "developer" did not have the rights for vacant possesion of Kg Berembang
think of Khir Toyo in power another 5 years...

you still want to go through another round of warlords?
vote out your state assemblyman too!


Sharing said...

Han & Pan, both took 2 characters from the sky!
So TCPA suppressed with Policy (or rather politics) flies
resident reserved land taken by mice!
CM & MP & their "RA" or JKP to B.S.!!
58.3 ha resident reserved for SJ plus water retention Ponds, 29.3 ha so so,
to condos along the rails or shops along the roads
or "private title" to roll.
Reserved land from 30years ago!
See what was told
and what are supposed
Why a Town Park be under "Private Title" not to cancel but to be gazetted for State to buy back?
even proposed Kelena Jaya MP?

Highway flying over with bullies of their "RA" or "JKP"!!

Taman Melawati Hill (A Park) on the way to Developer or landslide?

Kota Damasara
water retention system to give way to Developer!

Kelena Jaya
tricks with PKNS!

MPPJ - Taman Desaria
Residents reserved land to Low-cost Housing!

Any more for the list to go?
**TCPA - Town & Country Planning Act - A LAW!!

Anonymous said...

Lulu, the whole useless BN government must go!

beeranyone said...

patronizing we are not but then again if these guys ever learn to put on their pants... we are in big trouble

wits0 said...

What the heck is "nation building" anyway?!

Isn't it always translated to mean always anything, anytime, for some peoples' interest? Fine formula and example of regular national inconsistencies!

beeranyone said...

welcome to the cuckoosland...

cuckoos build no nests of their own but hijack other birds' nests to lay their eggs.

the baby cuckoo is then raised by parents of a different species along with their own.

but these baby cuckoos grows more quickly and instinctively pushes non-cuckoo nest-mates out to die.

-adaptation, one flew over the cuckoo's nest