Monday, December 03, 2007

Guess Where Lulu Will Be On Sunday Morning


Sharing said...

Poster be Precise!
The walk is for Human Rights
Slogan be neat & Precise!

Human Rights is a Basic Civil Rights
to respect INDIVIDUAL and SOCIETY with EQUALITY in mind
for association, communication, educations, employments, goods, services and so on....
under the UN Constitution,
as well as Malaysia's
with possible deviations
to be found and defined!

through Art, Music, Culture, Conscience

To skip assembly & Association??
With no mention of Constitution??

Include websites and words from
and the Constitution!!

Put Civil study in School to walk Human Rights
since child
or before taking Rally on the ride!

Sharing said...

Constitution & Human Rights!
Constitution is the book.
Fairness & Equality the note
for individuals & community to work.

Rights & Obligations side by side be taught!!
Or, payment to lawyers
but service not to talk!
with no responsibility to work!
Or, TAX to government
with no liability on top!
Or, QUIT RENT to land
with public area to loss!

Tax, Assessment, Quit Rent being paid
Where are those obligations to be in place?

Get Human Rights right
only if government obligations be right!!

See what South Africa did in 2001:

What has the Bar done so far?

To lead the walk
to bring no Constitution to note?
Or to work with LAW not Strict?

Why a mess
because professionalism a mess!
Or education a mess?
So a minister with legal background
talked nonsense forgetting laws & Acts!
Town-planners say no word
when public area in town
loss to private buildings!
Lawyer not go to court!
Judge said not a word!

Any of these do
with the Freedom of Expression through Art, Music, Culture, Conscience?

Flying in the air
or WALKing on the ground?