Thursday, December 20, 2007

For A Moment, Lulu Thought There Was A Blanket Ban On The PM

Lulu was reading the Star and the NST today, and notice there was no mention of the PM today.
Most politicians are having their field day with flood related news. Either they are in the thick of the photo-action, or they are in the city accepting donations. They have had their photos and statements printed in the first five, six pages of the paper. Even Najib was all over the newspaper.
there was no mention of the prime minister.
For a moment there, Lulu thought that maybe he got into someone's bad books and kena black-out by the local press.
This is Malaysia... these things happen. Sometimes, Zam gives a directive to the papers on the sort of news they should and should not publish. And then sometimes, a political party gives directives to their papers on media blackouts to certain young up and rising politicians from the opposition.
It happens, causing Lulu to wonder if it happened to the PM.

How can the papers have no propoganda stuff on our glorious leader?
then it dawned upon Lulu....

it was time for him to take his annual rest.
You know-la... he works so hard.
He deserves his holiday.
You know-la... he has to read so many of those MIC recommendations
He deserves his holiday.

even though thousands and thousands of Malaysians are affected by the floods, suffering and staying in schools and dewans, he deserves his very expensive holiday.

Updated Fri 21/12 There was an article on the PM celebrating Hari Raya Haji in Kepala Batas. So, looks like there's no media blackout and he was still in the country yesterday.


zorro said...


Anonymous said...

"How can the papers have no propoganda stuff on our glorious leader?" - Lulu

IF he were to read this posting, he'll get ideas of his grandiose self!
He may order all Malaysians to have pictures of himself put up in every household like the Dear Leader of North Korea!
Massive parades will also be organised frequently to sing his praises! In addition, the masses must also shout his eulogies.
I suggest that you remove this posting BEFORE our own GREAT LEADER comes to know about it!!
Else we'll so busy singing his praises that we'll not be able to do anything else!

Anonymous said...

saw his jet left Subang Airport this evening!... duh... think he is already somewhere not in Malaysia, enjoying his holiday....!

carboncopy said...

Remember? He rescheduled his Cabinet meeting from Wednesday to Tuesday so he can go on holiday from Wednesday onwards.

wits0 said...

Is the PM's whereabout under OSA? This, I don't have the slightest clue, whatsover.

carboncopy said...


You want to know where AAB is?

Find out where 9MNAA is.