Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Aiyoh! Lulu Is Such A Lulu!

remember this, and how Lulu was ranting about how 5(1) and 5(2) are would mean limiting the terms of service of the IGP and the two DGs?
sorry for leading you on a wild goose chase. Lulu misunderstood it.
It says, perenggan 4(1)(a) dan (e). Meaning 4(1)(a) and (e), not 4(1)(a) to (e).

I guess this is what happens when you read in a hurry. You need time to understand and digest.
The first reading of the bill, the first time it was introduced was on Thursday, and is expected to be tabled in Parliament today, even as Lulu types in this entry.

It is rushed. There was no known consultation on this bill. The Bar Council (to put it mildy) is disturbed by the content. Three of the commissioners appointed in the Royal Commission which recommended for a IPCMC have voiced their (again to put it mildly) dissatisfaction.

Lulu thinks the MPs need more time to study and understand the bill.
What if, in their haste, they lulu like Lulu?


ycg said...

Dear Lulu,

i think you gave too much credit to the BN pawns cos i really, truly and honestly believe that none of them will read it at all. Maybe they will pay someone to digest it for them, sort of make a diagram with cute manga pictures pointing up and down with big eyes going 'OMG, what kinda shit this is'. That is also believing that the 1st person who received the $$ would actually do the job of digesting cos knowing these minister's machai, they would probably pay another person to do it, and in return that 2nd person will get the 3rd person, a secondary student to do it. if the 3rd person is good, maybe he/she will CnP from your website and submit as her own work...haha...*sigh*...

Anonymous said...

The BN government has been lulu-ing us for decades now!
A newer trick is being tried out and that is called fudging the issue.
They'll mess everything up until nobody will understand what they are doing or saying and everyone will give up in frustration!
That suits them fine because that way they can get away with whatever they want.
The key to stopping this is to deny them the vote.

wits0 said...

One expects bank robberies to be rush job. Goes to show this isn't so only with such. Since when has self-agended bills not been rush jobs?