Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yar-Yar-Yar, Lulu Went For The Penguin Sale

Lulu loves sales, especially warehouse sales, and the most lovely of all would be warehouse sales with books!

Lulu bought some try-to-help-her-be-smart books and also her try-to-help-her-be-more humourous book. You know-la, some things Lulu just aint got it, so, hopefully by reading from those who have it, some of it may rub off on Lulu.

Let Lulu share with you a quote from Sue Townsend's Number Ten, bought at RM12 during the sale.

Mick rambled on, "she's only marrying him for his money. He's a subcontractor"
"What in?" asked the Prime Minister.
"In anything at all," laughed Mick. "He doesnt have to do any work because he subcontracts the work out to another subcontractor, and he subcontracts the work out to another subcontractor - do you get it?" Mick laughed long and hard.
Now, doesn't this sound like a "budaya kita" of the "ini bukan budaya kita" chorus boys?

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