Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Why Lulu's Current Assemblyman Will Not Get Her Vote

did you know that MBPJ's budget was approved without any debate, cosensus or feedback from the residents?
do you know how much is involved?
RM245mil budget for 2008
let me repeat that to you
RM245mil budget for 2008

some suspicious things which the Star highlighted

  • 70% of the budget is allocated for management
  • RM730,000 would be spent on training.
  • RM340,000 allocation for flowers
  • RM2,400,000 to build infrastructure for the Sungai Buloh Cemetery
and until today, no one knows exactly where the money from billboard revenue goes to. Kononnya "the sports club". Whatever it is, it is not going back to ratepayers like you and Lulu.
Edward Lee asks,
“Is this lack of transparency a cover up for the many issues like the billboards and council accounts that are still not addressed?”

As Dr Wong (aka the oyster of the oyster fried beehun combination in PJ Utara) is the state assemblyman AND a MBPJ Councillor and the kononnya Residents Representative Committee (RRC) Chairman for Kg Tunku, he has allowed them to get away with it. Whether is it by his silence or his inability to control the council workers, he has failed the people he claims to represent.

This is just one of the reasons that Lulu will not vote BN for the State or Parliament seat.
The whole Selangor State Assembly is a sham, meeting only 5 times a year to pat each other on the back as there are only 2 opposition assemblymen.
And these nasty bullies ganged up and got Teng Chang Kim suspended for 30-months for breaching the standing orders which 18 months was without any allowance. "breaching standing orders" is very subjective and much up to the Speaker of the Selangor State Assembly, Tan Sri Onn bin Ismail. Teng is finally back in assembly and you can follow his action on his blog.
Whereas nothing happened to Zakaria even though on November 13, 2000 at the State Asembly in Shah Alam, YB Teng Chang Kim, assemblymen for Kelang was verbally abused with racist words like 'Cina babi' and slapped by Zakaria Md. Derus, UMNO assemblyman for Selat Kelang. Then YB Teng was a punched by another man, possible 'sidekick' of Zakaria.

Lulu wants more kakis for Teng Chang Khim and Ng Suee Lim.
Voters from Kg Tunku, Damansara Utama, Bukit Gasing, Batu Lanjan and Subang, Lulu wants you to consider carefully all the abuse and misuse in the state. Weigh that against your pre-election road tarring and playground equipment.
Then decide what legacy you want to leave for your children.


Anonymous said...

RM340,000 allocation for flowers which will wilt in a couple of days? Almost RM1,000 a day for flowers to decorate the MBPJ office? That amount should be spent on 1,000 plates of fried beehun a day to feed PJ's destitute

Anonymous said...

Cause & Effect?
Rules & Regulations sold out
when greediness & selfishness overflow.
Should there be a procedures to follow
before any budget can hold?

The abuses of procedures started long long time ago
Did anyone know?
Subang Ria Park & Wangsa Baiduri 20-30years ago!
When assessment was to MPPJ
who should run the Town Park & the Roads
passed to MPSJ who denied their Role
even in the last 15/7/2007 "hearing" show!

Waiting for RA or JPK to help?
Watch out any in the pocket of MPSJ will surely help!

After Taman Desaria, Bulletin Board
Anyone bully from MBPJ been taught?
Whose benefits those CAHC or APPAC or PPSJ care to look?

People take politics as magic?
Even when RA is nowhere in HDA or STA Acts!
TCPA is the act for the project.
Any ACT for the Budget?
Anyone with the Local Council Act
to give some nuggets!

Even judiciary is a mess
Everyone must be clear with the ACTS
and have a heart and soul to react!
What had or will be collected
to pay MBPJ's own targets!

Can any PJan can get a court order to ask MBPJ to tell what should be exact?

moo_t said...

All Malaysia local councils member that under BN are either corrupted or corrupted in lesser degree.

MaryKate said...

that's a lot of MONEY. Just like they wanted to build a RM490 MILLION SPORTS COMPLEX @ LONDON,of all places, one of the most expensive city in the world. Malaysia must have been running out of space for sports complexes. Dont need to be einstein to know where all this $$$ going to whose pocket. And, I have just received a love letter from IRB, requesting for more tax money, my money. So, legally taking money from the poor citizens, and illegally siphoning the money out to someone's pocket. for sure, not to lulu and mine :(

Anonymous said...

thats the UMNO way; violence and intimidation. hey, if you dont like it, then leave. i am not the originator of this often quoted phrase; just mimicking others, eh.

Anonymous said...

What is meant by Mis-appropriation?
Do they know?

There are rules for approval!
If not followed
it is criminal!
No limitation
meaning always be accountable!

Time will come
when all will be caught!
so they will count the time
in the cell
instead of what they got!

Time will come
to count the soulless and heartless lot!
They forget the million in their rot
are from many who earn by sweat
if not blood!