Sunday, November 11, 2007

What?? Lulu A Security Threat?

did you hear about the traffic jams in KL?
this was from the Star Update yesterday
so cute, the way PLUS puts it as "no reason was given"
and the way the police calls it "for security checks"
without mentioning that Lulu

and all these people are those they were checking for.

And finally, in today's print edition, they mentioned that dirty word - BERSIH
Malaysiakini, not needing to be dependant on Zam for their annual license renewal, was a bit more honest.


Anonymous said...

Dear BN,

What are you lot so afraid of?
Tear gas and water cannon on civilians?? Malu la.

... but I guess this is democracy BN punya style.

Anonymous said...

Truth by the Rules or by the Truth
Wisdom of PM is everywhere +?/-?
Truth need not tell
when video is on the trail.
Should Riot police & Bomba there
on checkpoints everywhere?

People have Rights to appeal to the King!
What rights has the PM
to stop the men?
Or, a respect to the King not remain?

They want to cut
so only 40,000 seems to show up
but a lot more being trapped
so much more learn the facts.
Only Masjid & Istana should be affected
But the wisdom (?) blocked all roads in connect
So, they got themselves in a net!
Do they know the number being trapped?
At the end, much more than 100,000 out of their expect!
In areas much much stretched!

So why not dredged
instead of trapped?
Same to the Truth
when people cannot be fooled!

Hope Agong will see the system
why people should seek his wisdom
for a freedom
to select those Right for his kingdom!!

denzook said...

why no one blog about pulau batu putih ? the icj already kicked start, and looks like lion city gain upper hand and malaysia was made look like idiot. next week is malaysia's turn to present the argument. and our ag gani patail is in the team.

if malaysia lose, not only she'll lose her face, but the whole stretch of the strait. mana letaknya muka malaysia then ???

Anonymous said...

Expect Bodohland to lose....and like a bad loser.


Eway said...

Haha the numbers are really funny...
They said there were 4000 protesters AND 4000 policemen. Wow either the police is inefficient or ....

Btw Zam got trashed on al- Jazeera damn funny.

Anonymous said...

why no one blog about pulau batu putih? If malaysia loses the case, dollah can always lay claim to antarctica as malaysian territory, just as the russians had claimed the artic

Anonymous said...

Pulau Batu Putih has always been a Malaysian island. Dont change the topic.

The traffic jams were a conspiracy to anger the people. I was stuck in one, where the FRU trucks were headed to home base. Yet, the roadblock continued creating massive jams in Cheras.

It worked, people blamed Bersih & the people who took part. But they had nothing to do with the roadblocks. Lay the blame at the right door.