Thursday, November 29, 2007

What Could Make Lulu Excited About "Hawkers have a blast at dinner"?

Do you know who this man is?
He has a VERY interesting history.
It gets MORE interesting in connection with MCA
and MOST interesting in connection with the ex-MCA boss.

Lulu almost missed the juiciness of this event.

OK. The PJ Hawkers Association had a dinner.
MCA boss, Ong Ka Ting was there.
PJ Selatan MP, Donald Lim was there.
and so were the
PJ Utara MP, Chew Mei Fun
Bukit Gasing State Assemblyman, Lim Thung Seng
Kampung Tunku State Assemblyman, Wong Sai Hou
Damansara Utama State Assmeblyman, CK Lim
[short note - they're the ones who let MBPJ get away with the RM245million budget]
in other words, all the PJ MCA MPs and StateAssemblymen,
Yup, The Star Metro reports that this hawkers association dinner was attended by Ong Ka Ting who is the MCA President and Tun Ling's successor, the entire PJ gang
Soh Chee Wen

Is there any significance in this?
Is it going to get exciting here in PJ and MCA?
Is this man, this very man who went public about how he "helped" Ling and son, welcomed back with opened arms to MCA's fold?
Is this OKT's public bringing out party for the former MCA president's nemesis?
Is Soh's name going to be on a nomination slip in the coming MCA elections?
Is Tun Ling having a Tun M moment, regretting his choice for successor?

OOOOOO.... this is getting exciting.
Either that, or Soh Chee Wen has a hawker stall somewhere and is a member of the hawker's association.


denzook said...

neither, maybe that's thestar typo.

Anonymous said...

How to make PJ(or anywhere else) a model city when the problem of crime is so pervading?

Anonymous said...

There are just too many Datuks in MCA. Datuks here, Datuks there and Datuks everywhere. Most Datuks do not come across to me as humble, down to earth or even honest people. If anything, these Datuks repulse all my senses. w9

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the group is helping the marketing and advertising of Octopus, Ink-fish or cuttlefish?

Anonymous said...

"Either that, or Soh Chee Wen has a hawker stall somewhere and is a member of the hawker's association."

What does he sell?
Cock and bull?
If I'm not mistaken this is the guy who wanted to reveal a lot of dope about the former MCA head honcho.
But what happened?

Anonymous said...


have an omega egg for breakfas at your favourite hawker stall near you. but beware, can be very expensive. dont believe ask some of the poor remisiers and investors.
pray harder lulu and have more omega eggs. and of course donate more to churches. that may wipe off the sins resulting from too much omega eggs.

Anonymous said...

This soh fella is typical corrupt chinaman still in typical chinaman state of denial. So dont act surprised

Anonymous said...

Indeed Bodowi has achieved being the most incompetent top leader in the local history. As an editor said, " arguably the most incompetent PM we ever had. He has just sleep-walked his way through his first term."

And if I may add, "He broke every promise in his second year. Got married in his third year and in his forth year, bullied his countrymen."

Only donkeys can vote for him at the next polls.

The Donkey

Anonymous said...

Old faces awake all the memories!
Remember the good and bad with no fantasy!

What should they do
with what had they done
with a fair tick
to see if people should pick
any of them in the next take!

Not how much they do for Chinese
but how fair they are for anyone to clap!
A symbol for all to respect
with Chinese wisdoms
and not a sign of power or tricks!

Cosmopolitan the eternal ACT
moving Malaysia(n) world ahead
not only a Party Head
if wearing the right hat!

MCA MCA are you counting ballots
or Chinese heads
or Malaysians flags?

Racing with Samy on projects?
Abandon projects with magic?
Town Planning with fascinated budgets?

Causes & Effects will be in tactic!

Anonymous said...

Socheewen still a vip in chinaese community! Cbt means nothing to these money-minded chinese :(

artchan said...

maybe MCA bought his silence?..He knows too much?