Sunday, November 18, 2007

Speechless, Lulu Is Speechless

Contrary to what the NST said about "alleged", a pixman was assaulted in a scuffle on Friday during Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai's press conference. The pictures from different press clearly shows UMNO thugs hitting him.

Rocky mentioned yesterday that the National Union of Journalist or the National Press Club should speak up on this incident.

When Lulu saw the headliner today, NUJ president concerned over safety of journalists, Lulu heaved a little yahoo, that NUJ was speaking up to protect on of its own.
But the details left Lulu totally flabbergasted, speechless to say the least.

Not one mention on the UMNO thugs who assaulted the Kwong Ming photographer. Instead, National Union of Journalists president Norila Daud put the blame on the organisers aka Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai who was holding a press conference on abuse of public money.
Those who invite the media to cover events must take responsibility for the safety and security of the journalists, National Union of Journalists president Norila Daud said.
She said the sponsor or host who invited the media to cover an event must also ensure they were not doing anything illegal that could risk the safety of the journalists.
Referring to the incident where a Guong Ming Daily photographer was allegedly assaulted in a scuffle between Umno and DAP members at a multi-purpose hall in Jalan Peel, Cheras, on Friday, she said that while it was unexpected, the host should have ensured the safety of the journalists.
Considering that this came from the Star, Lulu's not sure if this NUJ president, Norila Daud really said that, or it was spinned to print like this.
Lulu is waiting anxiously for Rocky's take on this.


Anonymous said...

Remember the case of umno MP(s) assaulting another non one in Parliament not so many years back?


Anonymous said...

We have gangsters running the country ala KJ, Nazri, Zam etc. When you have leaders like them, you'll end up attracting the same behaviors from their machais.

Fat hopes that the police will take any action on this.

Anonymous said...

Well, Madey said Anwar fell and caused his own famous blackeye. Why should we be surprised that the same kind of people might say that the jounalist was hit by his own camera?!


denzook said...

so stupid statement, in civilised country no one expect those umno to be hooligans (they are hooligans anyway). this is not natural disaster event like landslide or flood, why must host to protect reporters.

"She said the sponsor or host who invited the media to cover an event must also ensure they were not doing anything illegal", so mp tan kok wai is doing something illegal by inviting press to the illegal site ?

Anonymous said...

what this lady said is not very intelligent and becoming a norm... putting the blame on the victims ( not the perpetrators )

guess she wouldn't said that if the mp is from the ruling party, would she...