Saturday, November 17, 2007

The More They Spin, The More Lulu Knows They Are Afraid

Lulu was away during the week. Hence, too busy to post anything.

But Lulu's been reading the papers and she smells fear.
big time fear.
they are afraid you know
they are so afraid, up till today, they're still releasing confusing accounts on the Bersih march.
big time fear.
fear over "some 4,000" protestors.

Some of the headlines this week.
Individu sertai perhimpunan haram boleh ditangkap, kata Ketua Polis Kuala Lumpur

Reject demos and use polls, PM urges public
Police disperse illegal assembly
Tindakan pro aktif polis berjaya hindari kejadian tidak diingini

PM: Don’t drag royalty into politics
DPM: Don't incite racial disharmony
Road closures, checks cause massive jams in Klang Valley
Teargas and water cannons used on illegal assembly, 245 held
Polis tidak guna kekerasan – Musa

DPM: Hard to douse racial fire
Suhakam: Cops reacted correctly during protest
Opposition trying to drag King into politics, says Pak Lah
Rakyat tidak perlu adakan demonstrasi jalanan
Perhimpunan haram cuba perangkap institusi raja

Opposition ticked off for accusing EC of being unfair
Adnan: Use the ISA to stop those who promote ill will
Zam slams Al Jazeera’s coverage

Ka Ting: Don’t take part in street demos

Najib: Envoy acted outside his sphere of duty
‘Stop the illegal gatherings’
Politicians questioned over illegal gathering
Polis ambil keterangan 3 AJK BERSIH

Businessman see red over protests
Agong kesal dakwaan baginda sokong perhimpunan 10/11
Polis ambil keterangan tiga AJK Bersih

Action taken to protect the people’s safety, says Najib
King displeased over claims that he backed illegal rally
Istana Negara tidak sokong perhimpunan haram

with regards to the Istana's statement, Lulu takes the view of RPK What the eye does not see. You really can't blame Lulu after reading all that spin this past week.

BN knows that a lot of people know that there were tens of thousands of people who were at the march.
They know that a lot of concerned citizens were there, not just the political party type.
They know that what Bersih is asking for is fair, and will take away the unfair edge that they have had all these years.
Do you remember what the immediate demands are?
  • The use of indelible ink
  • A cleanup of the electoral roll
  • The abolition of domestic postal voting
  • Fair access to the media
fair demands, but will take away the unfair edge that BN has, and so they fear it.

Were you there at the march?
Tell your friends about it.
Did you read about the march via Malaysiakini or Malaysiatoday?
Tell your friends about it.
Have you read about the march or seen pictures or videoclips via blogs?
Tell your friends about it.

The government knows we know. Let's make sure more people know.


anak perelih said...

news about unit amal...
they gave a very good job on the Bersih Day .. and 10 of them was arrested and need to report again at Dang Wangi police station next month. All of these 10 unit Amal members are from outside Klang Valley and thus, Unit Amal is conducting a donations to help these 10 to cover their cost to come to KL. further info, please go to this link...

10 Unit Amal ditahan 10 Nov; bantulah meringankan beban

carboncopy said...

Tell your friends about it.

In deed we have to play our role as responsible rakyat and tell our friends and family.

Concur with lulu that the BN administration is in great fear. That was my sense since coming back from the BERSIH Rally.

Good collation of spin reports.

Lets turn up the heat.

Also, if you are reading this and still paying for the BN-Owned-Media papers. Please seriously consider boycotting them. I have for almost 2 years now. Life goes on. Subscribe MalaysiaKini.

Anonymous said...

THe Banana report of the King being displeased and carried by theStar is dubious. Both are established grovelling mouth pieces.


denzook said...

yeah, this is what common ppl will answer for the march:

instead of applauding the march as what I read from bloggers/internet, the media reported rakyat shunned and irked by the demo (don try again next time). you ppl have jeopardized the economy and scared away investors/visitors, that's the claim. makes "a bit" sense to me after read the article.

on nazri the election so far work and is fair, of course he claimed is fair. the system is helping to "make sure" bn to stay at power every election as what iraq and pakistan have done. iraq even have 99% vote for saddam, so can i say iraqi loves saddam the way he treated his ppl? losing kelantan is no big deal, even losing sabah (where rich with timber) and t'ganu (rich with oil), the federal still manage to steal their income without paying back the royalties. they can even save money by cutting down the budgets to these states, and these states will automatically vote back to bn next election (if voters want, but that's no big deal anyway as long it does not disrupt the income). as long parliament does not fall, semuanya ok.

when the spr who in charge of the election is corrupted, and this nazri says rakyat not happy can channel their grouses through ballot box, he really thinks rakyat are fool, maybe we are fool anyway.

Anonymous said...

If umno is so fearful of protest marchers, wonder what will happen when workers go on strike, as is now happening in France and Germany

Antares said...

You're a real gem, Lulu, and I'm going to put you on my blogroll immediately! Magnificent spirit!

Anonymous said...


Rally on the Street
is really unpleased!
Under the sun's heat
or shower's de-heat!
The water's Cannons' thrush
The Teargas's rush
and police's bugs!

What can be done when grievances
are so many around?
A simply matter but so many merry-go-rounds!

Once to the Housing Ministry
when approval plans and permit were missed.
The answer was a court order please!
Another department of the same Ministry
why the S&P was not the same as listed?
The answer was their duty off the list
when Strata Title was released
even Transfer was years in arrear!

The Ministry of Land & Mines
they have took all the write in
and pass to the Director of Land of Mine
and she simply keeps sleeping within!
When Common Properties she should look in
same for Blank Consent and MC
she simply not replying as no eye see!

Many many departments not helping
or replying
even their obligations are on the list
with e-mails or telephone numbers on the list!

Any lawyer please
who can uphold fear
without favour but responsibility
and care to have fair seen?
The Voice still in echo
for 6 years!!
Anyone has an ear
to stop grievance lasting more than 20years?
When more than the club was arrear!

Anonymous said...

Ka Ting: Don’t take part in street demos
"Ong said the MCA did not agree or support any move that was against the law."

Ka Ting,
Had you told the same to the Developers?
Your staffs and the Local Council?
Or, you have forgot HDA and Penal Code are Law!!

"Deputy Education Minister Datuk Noh Omar said schoolchildren found to have taken part in the illegal gathering and march would be sent for counselling."

Noh Omar,
If police gave you the details
they break the privacy!
or every ministry
will check the list
if any of their employee are on the list?
So the employee or the minister will be at risk?

"Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said it was up to Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail to decide on the appropriate action against the initiators of last Saturday’s illegal assembly."

Do you have a "Palace of Justice" which can take in 40,000 to 50,000 witness??



Anonymous said...

I think the MSM(Most Slavish Media) is asking to be boycotted as they so richly deserve. Hope that, somewhere, plans are being made.


Anonymous said...

It amazes me to have noticed over a long period of time why so many dudes with surname Lees are so darn spineless men of straws. With one or two notable ones to the exact contrary, such as Lee Kuan Yew, i.e. I hope Lulu isn't bearing that surname. ;) I think she isn't! Odds against that. :D


Anonymous said...

Najib: Envoy acted outside his sphere of duty

1. Rommel's opinion was published after he was off the duty. So, he is expressing with his Human Rights and not as Envoy's.

2. He can speak as a Belgian from a much smaller country or a much bigger continent than Malaysia.

3. He had chosen not to speak with the Shade from behind of him - the EC. He speaks as a MAN and no more an Envoy!

4. This is not his first time to emphasis Human Rights and the draw- back of Malaysian Government towards Development when one of his EC duties was to help the Development of Human Rights. (See Local Speeches & Article by EC officials.)

Wonder will Najib complain to EC or why no complain when Rommel was with EC!!

1. You should thank Rommel to save your risking the face to complain him to EC!
2. Or, you will be rebutted by EC!
3. But, you also being saved to be rebutted by Rommel as he is away. May be he is aware of ISA!!
4. Envoy are usually very tolerant to unfairness. So he had kept them in the throat for 4 and a half years. So, he had done his part as an Envoy!
5. As a European, he is exceptionally tolerant when compared with Malaysian when 10-20years are not uncommon! So, he spoke as European finally!!

Wisdoms should not differ between a Westerner or an Asian if both cares to learn what wisdoms are!!

Quality of life need rich to go
Human Rights only a heart to go!!


Anonymous said...

Opposition trying to drag King into politics, says Pak Lah>>>>>>>>
King displeased over claims that he backed illegal rally
Where can all the grievances gone?
Where have all the wisdoms gone?

The Rally had started
because grievances were stuck.
Rulers should have wisdoms
to run Agong's kingdom
on people's freedom
but they messed up all the rhythms!

Is Agony the one to open the door
for grievance to be heard?
Or, only a sign of hope
to remind the rulers they better note?
Or sighs to tell the world that
nothing can be cooked
unless independent EC can be booked?

Declaring the "hope" broke
what the world will look?

People know well
Answer from PM is what they look!
But, People forgot
only wisdoms can uncoded!
so Right answer from someone Right
still not arrived!
The football is still in the night
without light!

Anonymous said...

" * The use of indelible ink
* A cleanup of the electoral roll
* The abolition of domestic postal voting
* Fair access to the media

fair demands, but will take away the unfair edge that BN has, and so they fear it."

Absolutely correct. Let's not lose sight of that.

If a government cannot accept what cannot be denied it simply cannot be people friendly. As such it does not deserve to be re-elected.