Monday, November 26, 2007

Maybe Lulu Should Join The Star Or NST

someone asked Lulu today, "Where do you find the time to blog so much?"
Actually-la, Lulu doesn't really know. Lulu thinks it may come from some pocket of spare time here and there.
But blogging does take up a chunk of Lulu's time.
Maybe it's time for a career change. Something which allows me more free time, don't need to be so responsible for what I submit and a lot of room for error.

Reading today's newspapers, it struck Lulu that the Star and NST has the solution for her.
Lulu could be a reporter for them!

Look at the Hinraf reports.
The Star sent 4 reporters and at least 2 photographers to the various locations.
NST sent 9 reporters.

They both reported that in Batu Caves,
NST pg4
"A Molotov cocktail was thrown into a bus which was razed..."
TheStar pg8
The demonstrators also threw a Molotov cocktail at a tourist charter bus, setting in on fire.

and NOT ONE of these papers had a photograph of the burnt bus.
Come on-lah... the bus is burnt. What is left is a carcass. It can't drive away on its own, neither would it be cleaned away so fast amidst all that chaos.
So, if a bus was burnt, and this is such a beautiful photo opportunity, why didnt anyone of those reporters bother to take a photo?

Maybe Lulu should quit her job and join the Star or NST.
They seem to have it easy. Beautiful photo like this tak ambil, still can get away with it.
Unless of course, there was no molotov cocktail-ed bus.


Anonymous said...

Lulu has a greater soul that forbades her from being part of any misinformation outfit ;) One little mention aspect(in a screwed up mercenary society) why persons of integrity often do not get to be very rich.


Anonymous said...

The damn bus drunk that Russian Cocktail and decided to crawl away to recuperate for the long journey home for those devotees who had chartered it. (script from Harry Potter's yet-to-be-released fantasy)

kaki.ayam said...

seriously, can anyone verify this piece of news?

if it is indeed as what you have mentioned, then by all means, join The Star, and we will get to read more of your writings...keke...

but honestly, i personally think the report is true to a certain extent. Do bear in mind that there are plenty of chemical laced water cannons at the site to control the spread of the fire and thus saving the bus...that's the main purpose of them being there isn't it?

Anonymous said...

To all the mutes in NST & STAR,

shame, shame, shame

Anonymous said...

If the NST and Star can shout, "Defiance", we know how much heir side of the story is worth.

Lulu won't do Jostling aka Jocelyn and won't get to be rich. But that's a good thing rather than pretend to do those Lazarus raising acts.


Pearls said...

Wahahaha!!! the burnt bus drove away on its own! Wahahahaha....

Maybe those photographers didnt tangkap the burning bus picture or burnt bus carcass because it will break their camera lense!? Hahahaha....

Anonymous said...

Lulu, I think that you should seriously consider joining them!
That way, you can learn about their chicanery and reveal them in your blog!

kaki.ayam said...

compared to reports after Bersih event, The Star have actually provided videos to show the demonstations, surprisingly...

Anonymous said...


copperfield did a vanishing act for the bus. some people already have some pre-conceived notion that hindraf is make up of violent people because they are indians. thats why comments about burning bus is probably true despite the fact that there were no substantiating evidence.
look at the photos provided by Jeff Ooi. It tells you a different picture. the violence were not perpetrated by the protestors in Batu Caves. Isnt it time for us to remove our blinkers and stop the racial profiling. over to you kaki ayam.

shiver said...

if they had shown the burning bus, it wil be most probably be a stage picture like the one in batu buruk. terengganu. imagine, photographer took a shot of a solo man in motorbike helmet squatting down burning the flag, but NOT even ONE FRU among the hundreds bothered to catch him.
what a joke!
and by the way, that story stale already, after all the hoo haa, money rewards information konon.

anyway lulu, if you did join the star or NST as a reporter, you lose all credibility as well. only the tea lady there has credibility there now.

Anonymous said...


can or not? gotta prostitute yourself. one call from political master and you have to jump out from your seat. whatever your political master says, even to the extent of being moronic, you have to say..."correct, correct, correct, correct, correct"
but then on the flip side, the fruits of your labour ( prostituting yourself) will be big cars and nice houses with two holidays thrown in every year.
hmm..dont know my gut feeling tells me you wouldnt be another jocelyn. otherwise, why called yourself lulu, he..he.

CHP said...

Don't trust anything related to Hindraf that is being published in the Star or the government-controlled media now.

NST quoted Samy Vellu as saying this, "If it was really 50,000, they would have filled the whole of Kuala Lumpur. Police said only 4,000 took part in the rally". Only 4000?!? They really don't know how to count. >_<

Star and Malay Mail also reported that a group of Hindraf supporters ate at a restaurant in Brickfields without paying, smashed the place up and attacked the workers.

But if you go to website, the restaurant owners denied ever telling the media that it was attacked by Hindraf supporters. The real cause was actually a case of business rivalry.

Sickening lies, aren't they? >_<

Anonymous said...

Hindraf rally: Mainstream media deny stark reality at their own peril

Sickening lies, outright lies and that's because there's no other ways left to spin it.

The MSM(Misinformation Spin Media) will not cease and desist until it forces the public to boycott it. Maybe this is going to be sooner than later.

Afterall, there's no law against not buying these trash noosepapers. All it takes is some discipline and determination with some concerted public cooperation of thinking persons.


Old Fart said...

One curious observation. Everytime MSM and government want to publicise a damaging lie...the headline grabing lie will always be only a one day wonder news.

Remember in 1999 the girl supposedly raped by Malacca Chief Minister who came out to say that she was not raped by him? One day news.

This molotov cocktailed bus also one day news item.

There have been a few others recently as well. Everytime something ridiculus comes out, to save the government is only reported once.

Like on Mondya or so Malaysiakini reported Deputy Minister of Internal Security making it sound like he actually believed athat Hindraf rally wa all about the money. But none of the MSM carried taht part...sanitised what he said and tried to make him look good.