Monday, November 26, 2007

Lulu's Malaysia - Let's Not Allow Them To Get Away With It (2)

You see the mist in the middle of the picture?
That's chemical laced water coming from the red truck and cannisters of tear gas too. When it hits you, you will feel a burning sensation on your skin. Pedih rasanya.
You see the structure in the background?
That's the gate leading up to Batu Caves Temple.
You see the black kelompok with white dots in the foreground?
They're the police.

What you don't see is that behind the gates are people who were in the temple and people in the grounds who were rounded up, herded into the Batu Caves Temple -- house arrest style.
Then, teargas and water cannons were fired into the crowd locked in the temple compound.
Malaysiakini reports that according to Hindraf leader P Uthayakumar, police fired tear gas at those sleeping in Batu Caves temple at 4am. Unconfirmed reports said about 700 people were arrested there.
Go to and look at the pictures he posted.

You still gonna vote for your BN MP?
You still going to give BN 92% of the Parliament seats?


Anonymous said...

Just like Dachau, and Auschwitz, and a few more other - herded into a confined spaced and showered with gas - this cannot be allowed to happen in our Beloved Country!!!

denzook said...

it all started with the 1000 lawyers march and gov "fatal" mistake of being lenient to let them be. if only the gov to clamp down and hurl some of them to ISA like what "bapa permodenan" did, there wouldn't be of these series of march/demo/protests. what issue for another march in 2 weeks time, undurlah pak lah ?

Anonymous said...

No ma'am , no no no, no way I am going to vote BN .

BN has failed the people and failed miserably too.


Anonymous said...

the damned star paper painted a different picture. the people were the aggressors. all round the blogs, the pictures showed otherwise.
isnt it time to initiate a boycott of this state propaganda machine called "The People's" paper. time to dumb these liars into the dustbin for good?

Anonymous said...

great job - samy velu...

thinking said...

Lulu, thanks for posting the photo. Contrast it with what The Star reported here:

Quote: "Musa said no tear gas or water cannons were used at the demonstrators during the incident."

In the picture on your post, it clearly shows tear gas and water cannons being used on the protesters. This picture throws doubt on the rest of The Star's coverage about the HINDRAF rally.

Two questions which jump to mind:

1. Batu Caves is a very sacred site for Malaysian Hindus. I find it difficult to believe they would break into the temple compound, much less destroy temple property. I think most Hindus would rather injure themselves rather than desecrate their gods.

2. Don't people usually seek refuge or sanctuary from persecution in places of worship?

Not to say all that is reported on the internet should be believed either. I am still reserving judgment on that until more information and photos is made available about the situation on Batu Caves.

shiver said...

Dear thinking,

go to jeff ooi's screenshots.
then you can see the whole picture.
picture paints a thousand words.

have a look and then see for yourself.

the truth hurts.

Anonymous said...'s hard to believe all the rhetorics on Islamic Hadhari, having a so-self acclaimed religious Islamic model PM and all the crap about "working with you" and the people has the empowerment????????????? Still, the Merdeka Center claimed 58% people are supportive of this government despite respodents only 1,024 out of some 11 million voters in teh country. What will the 11 million voters have to say about the rally????


Anonymous said...

Voters should kick all those butts in the BN!

thinking said...


Thanks for your reply. I have already seen the pictures at but I find it's difficult to piece the story together as the photos don't seem to follow chronological order. The photos say a lot, but Jeff didn't say much about the sequence of events. That's why I'm still reserving judgment and it's the part I'm waiting to learn more.

The photos that Jeff posted up are only one aspect of it. To me there's still many gaps which need to be filled in. Like what Lulu said in another post, where's the burning bus (if there is one). So far, most of the online reporting and blogger community has focussed on the city center protests so there doesn't seem to be much discrepancy over what happened there. The timeline of events seem quite clear but Batu Caves is still pretty murky.

Alex said...

To get a clearer picture of what happened at Batu Caves watch this video (the last 30 seconds):

This clearly showed the peaceful demonstrators in Batu Caves were peacefully marching out, shouting slogans before being violently driven back by FRU shields, nearly causing a stampede in the process. In particular watch out for 3 instances where FRU used their shields to whack people.

Coupled with the photos at Jeff Ooi's blog, the version told by Star, NST seems more and more like fantasy! Shame on them!

Anonymous said...

When half-truths run out, spins are used. When spins are gone, full lies have to be used. The MSM(Most Sycophantic Media) can only help dam up so much of these for a certain time. All auch "good" things for the gomen come to an end one day.


thinking said...


Thanks for the link. I agree, The Star and NST should feel ashamed and embarrassed for compromising journalistic integrity.

It's too bad that more pictures and videos of what happened at Batu Caves have not been posted yet. I have a feeling what happened there could be a turning point as to what will happen in the next GE.