Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lulu's Malaysia - Let's Not Allow Them To Get Away With It

You see the mist at the background of the photo?
That's chemical laced water coming from the red truck and cannisters of tear gas too. When it hits you, you will feel a burning sensation on your skin. Pedih rasanya.
You see the people on the foreground?
They are Malaysians, just like you and me.

What you won't see in the photos is the one who called the shots to attack.
He's the one who said "Work for ME". See where it's gotten us?
SO how?
You still gonna vote for your BN MP? You still going to give BN 92% of the Parliament seats?


Anonymous said...

The fight for our real independence starts now. It made me very sad and angry to see the brutality of our police force.

Time to boot out all those thugs from UMNO and their dogs in MIC & MCA.

DHS said...

Yes, don't let them get away with it. The next step should be to ride the wave by mobilizing all the participants of the Penguin walk, the Bersih Yellow Wave and the Hindraf Rally to work together to throw out the useless PM. Use the same strategy UMNO uses: make each and every participant to "recruit" or convince 5 friends, neighbours, acquaintances to vote against the ruling party. The new "recruits" can also be encouraged to "recruit" another 5 or so of his friends. With this pyramid system in place, Bodowi will either be voted out or be kicked out by his own party.

guynxtdoor said...

DENY BN from 2/3 MAJORITY in the next ELECTION. We as a nation cannot go on like this. We need a nation for everyone

Anonymous said...

It's time we set aside our religous & cultural differences and unite as Malaysians. It's time we tell the powers that be that WE are the true powers in this nation.
We may have elected morons the last time around - forget the past & make a difference this time around.

My heart bleeds to see my fellow brother's & sisters in pain & anguish after having witnessed 2 consecutive rallies. We are Malaysians & we must remain as such. We shall overcome all tyranny!

Unite fellow wisely; for your choice today is your future tomorrow.

Scorpstar said...

The latest on the Hindraf rally supporters are insane charges!

It’s is not surprising that the Abdullah Badawa government is heaping convictions after conviction. The latest is they are planning to sue for damage claim!

All kinds of creative convictions are prepared and I guess the attorney general’s office is working overtime and poring through all available Acts to nail the rally supporters!

We have seen many demos which have caused losses, especially during the REFORMASI but I haven’t heard anyone of them been sued for damage claim. DOUBLE STANDARD!

50 years is enough! I am voting for the Opposition to see what they got to offer. I surely need a ruling party change. Psst! How to register as a voter?