Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lulu's Thank You Letter To Mr Policeman

Dear Mr Policeman,

Thank you for your work in keeping our city safe by setting up round-the-clock roadblocks in the Klang Valley as part of crime-prevention activities.

Some papers like the meanie Star & NST and even Malaysiakini have said that you said that this is in connection with the Hindraf rally planned for this Sunday outside the British High Comm on Jalan Ampang.
Lulu thinks that the "Hindraf rally" excuse was a cover up to your real intention, which is to catch the perpertrators involved in the slashing of our nation's second hero, Malaysian angkasawan Mej Dr Faiz Khaleed.
Brilliant, Mr Policeman, absolutely brilliant to lay a red herring.
Like you, Lulu was shocked and appaled to hear that two parang-wielding men attacked him during a robbery leaving him with a 5cm slash wound which requires 100 stitches . [are you puzzled like Lulu about how they can squeeze 100 stitches into a 5cm wound?]
Anyway, like you, Lulu wants to have those men caught before they inflict these kind of injuries on another person.
Yes, Mr Policeman, we need those roadblocks to weed out bad hats from entering the city.
Lulu thinks that you're absolutely brilliant in hoodwinking everyone into believing that you are out to stop the Hindraf rally which as Lulu has mentioned before, was planned for this Sunday outside the British High Comm on Jalan Ampang. This will proabably cause those parang-wielding men to drop their guard, and as a result, be nabbed by you.

Mr Policeman,
Lulu also read you urged the public not to enter Kuala Lumpur during the weekend if they do not have any urgent matters to attend to.
Mr Policeman,
Senator Lee Chong Meng [you know, the MCA chairman for Bukit Bintang, who could not win an election via the ballot box, but still managed to serve part of a term as MP there due to a court decision] may hold another hotel protest with his Jalan Alor traders and blame you for the drop in sales this weekend.
Mr Policeman,
Lulu hopes you will be strong and not cry.

Whilst Lulu is still on being strong and not cry, there are moments when you need to cry. If you are still grieving over the police force's lack in making any headway in the gruesome murder of Nurin Jazlin, Lulu's advice for you is to cry. Cry your heart out. Look at your own children, and cry your heart out again. Then resolve to find the killer(s) behind her horrible death.

oh, Mr Policeman,
This chap here looks a ruffian and a troublemaker. Definetly looks like a "crime prevention" clean-up candidate.
Whether he is or not, that is our own personal view.
But Mr Policeman, you must let him through even if he looks like that because he is the PM's son-in-law. Lulu don't want to see you transferred or demoted.

thank you Mr Policeman.
Lulu loves you xxx

p/s don't tell Mrs Policeman about this. She may not understand.


Noor Aza Othman said...


This corrupted, coward and vicious Malaysian government is so afraid of ordinary people especially from the working class, expressing their discontent and resistance through democratic rights and means, that include through peaceful protests. The main ruling party UMNO’s elite/capitalist class of Malay leaders who professed falsely to be devoted Islamic followers have indeed hijacked the religion so as to be barbaric, uncivilized and abusers of human rights! Being a Malay myself, I’ve only contempt for this elite/capitalist class of Malay leaders who actually manipulate racial-religious capitalist ideology of “Ketuanan Melayu” i.e. Malay-Islamic racial-religious (male) supremacy. To brainwash the (imaginary) united Malay/Islamic communities especially from the mostly brainwashed Malay/Islamic masses, to go on supporting them uncritically despite of these leaders’ betrayal to the whole Malay civilization and Islamic religion! And ashamedly, despite of my high education but due to my ignorance and uncritical consciousness and activism, I myself fell into the trap of such brainwashing strategy of defending such ideologically dogmatic racial-religious supremacy out of a sense of false loyalty and patriotism almost my whole life (thus this is why we need to learn and educate ourselves with critical-thinking education throughout our whole life in order to be true human beings).
Therefore, the whole Malaysian (and hopefully, global) communities need to move towards true socialist politics based on true Marxism - see (not pseudo ones like Maoism, Stalinism, Pol Pot-ism, Milosevic-ism and so on), to fight for true social justice for the poor and oppressed from any background, ABOVE race, religion, gender and nation-hood. That’s where loyalty and patriotism need to be for - that is for true social justice consciousness and activism that encompass true equality, true freedom and other universal and secular-based fundamental human rights principles.
Hopefully, the opposition parties in Malaysia such as the racial- religious Hindu based new party HINDRAF, despite of its good intentions, will also move away from such divisive racial-religious politics towards such socialist one; in order to fight for the oppressed and poor Indian communities. And to fight against the real enemy - the corrupted and greedy criminals of politicians from the ruling elite and capitalist class, be it from UMNO (Malay party), MCA (Chinese party), MIC (Indian party) and so on, although UMNO leaders are the main and most deceitful culprits. That is what and where the opposition parties in Malaysia need to be moving towards, in the new era of Malaysian politics, based fundamentally on true social justice consciousness and activism especially for the poor and oppressed from all backgrounds; and for the preservation of our natural environment. And hopefully, where opposition parties globally also need to be heading towards, especially against the extremely corrupted and vicious “Third World” governments and ruling elite/capitalist class.

Noor Aza Othman,

Selangor, Malaysia.


rational thinker said...

these roadblocs are one of the most hated experience i had with cops, and mind you...i had some bad encounters with them.

politicians sucks

Anonymous said...

Lulu, advances in Medical Science in the field of Microsurgery have enabled our backup Bolehnaut's hand to be stitched up properly 100 stitches per 5 cm - even the good old Singer sewing machine can't match this BOLEH record!!

And yes, we do love our big strong friendly(?) men in blue, the protector of the weak and the defender of the downtrodden!

carboncopy said...

The announced all the traffic jam points last night on the radio through the traffic update by Patricia Patrick. No reason given for the jam.

They just know it is jam. And ask people not to go into the city, if need to, use public transport.

Too numerous for me to name any here.
Basically all major road artery INTO the city.

oh, by the way, nice letter lulu. :D bsg said...

we watch with great marvel/admiration that these lovable men in blue can do so many things in so many places ! Obviously they are blessed with great talents and resources ( god given ) so mere mortals like most of you, you, you and us and me should just watch in wow & awe ( preferably in the extreme safety of our opulent homes watching astro maybe ntv7 ). the more these charades can go on unperturbed with impunity the more we are convinced that Malaysians in general are in reality ( by and large )self serving cowards at heart. one lulu is never enough...u will need plenty help ( which as u have learnt in the bersih rally , truth is everywhere )

Lau Weng San said...

sdri noor aza, its me here. glad to see you here.

to Lulu, tell you what, KL Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall Wanita Chief Lee Sok Wah, who is a lawyer, was snatched and harmed in Jalan Gasing few days ago.

Anonymous said...

Ms Lulu,
Walaupun this hooligan here looks a ruffian and a troublemaker, I dare not arrest him else his father-in-law transfers me to Ulu Tembeling for the rest of my natural life. Surely you don't want me and my family to end up there?

A thousand minta maaf and a million salam,

Mr Policeman

Anonymous said...

Surely if this is the way to control crime rate, we should be staging road blocks 24/7. Of course our brothers in Blue would not be too happy as these operations are non-lucrative (all work and no pay makes Bob a dull boy)

Anonymous said...

Appeal to the police:

Please do not harm the people in the Hindraf rally tomorrow. Imagine if you were born to be one of them, would you be also doing the same? Being a repressed race is painful to endure. Being born here, there is no where else they can go to. They are also Malaysian in their blood, like you.

Please spare them.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Visit Malaysia Year 2007 = THE POLICE STATE

Scott said...

There is a wild theory as to why he was attacked.

As an astronaut, he supported the use of rocket.

The wrong rocket.

Find out what I mean: