Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lulu's Debating In Her Head Whether The PM Is Totally Oblivious Or Super Thick-Skin

Two months ago, Malaysian lawyers marched for justice

Three weeks ago, Malaysians from all walks of life marched for a free and fair elections

Three days ago, Hindu Malaysians walked to highlight their plight in Malaysia.

And our PM can still say he was happy with the [Merdeka] survey that showed Malaysians were happy with the administration of the present government? source : Malaysiakini
"If that is what the survey shows, then I am happy,” "We will continue to administer the country like we are doing now,”

Looking at the number of people who have decided to voice their grieviances so publicly, doesn't he get the hint? In two months, three different groups, in spite of the threats and real danger, have taken to [peaceful, mind you] protests on the streets. Isn't it obvious?

shudder, shudder. Pak Lah wants to continue to administer the country like we are doing now.

well, if he wants to stay oblivious, and believe in his popularity, Lulu hopes he will hold the elections SOON.

btw, does anyone have the full presentation of the Merdeka report? Could you, pretty please, email it to Lulu? Thanks!


Anonymous said...

The Emperor's New Clothes - fersure! And much helped by a troop of sycophants too.

Anonymous said...

He is both and more!


denzook said...

our pm new quote of the day: " I am open to criticism", "I do accept reasonable criticism. It is not a problem for me"

Anonymous said...

Good for you Pak Lah. Continue to rule as you are doing now. (please fall into my trap)


artchan said...

The Merdeka report was done immediately after the umno assy and survey conducted on all the delegates.

Anonymous said...

Common Pak Lah ... u need to attend a class on Statistics!! More than 50000 ppl who publicly voiced their dissatisfactions vs 1000+ ppl surveyed ... which one is statistically more realistically representative of the acceptance of the current government under your, or more accurately UMNO, administration?? You still hv the gut to say "If that is what the survey shows, then I am happy." !!! You also need to attend English lesson --- by saying the above statement, it means you are not even sure whether your citizens are satisfied with this government or not! Please, please, please 1000x ... don't create more shame to we Malaysian!! Yr monkey ministers like MOMisinformation and MOLaw, just to name these 2, had already tarnished the intelligence of we Msians; you want to be another one, Pak Lah?? Enough is enough .... call for the election QUICK!!

Damocles said...

Lulu, you are on the way to becoming the brightest spark in any room!
For one thing you can express yourself well and for another, you have the ideas.
Perhaps the type of government we are having helps.
Now, your remark, "Pak Lah wants to continue to administer the country like we are doing now."
Well,why not? He and his merry band is having a field day and can do what he damn well pleases!
It's a truism that THERE IS NOTHING WHATSOEVER anybody can do anything about it!!
Once made a PM, even the biggest fool can be powerfool (error intended)!
Therein lies the rub!
So, the electorate should give him the cold shoulder and put the heat on him - make him sweat! Deny him the vote!
Since the opposition is denied any access to the media, I think that it can do so by SMS or word of mouth that the vote should be denied to the BN.
Once they can counter the controlled media's propaganda's effectiveness, they can level the playing field.

Anonymous said...

In my mind the PM is the real Lulu.
In the future many people will look back at history and curse TDM for having chosen this Lulu for this important post.

Anonymous said...

1,024 people surveyed out of 27,000,000 Malaysians--- a sampling ratio which is totally unacceptable even by underdeveloped countries such as Somalia or Zimbabwe. He might as well claim that, based on another similar survey, Malaysians are very happy with his son-in-law becoming the next PM

Anonymous said...

hei lulu - its his b'day let him be for a day but u have a wonderful day ahead..

from unknown source...

"There are two kinds of statistics, the kind you look up, and the kind you make up".

"Statistics are like a bikini - what they reveal is suggestive, but
what they conceal is vital".

"In earlier times, they had no statistics, and so they had to fall back on lies".

"He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts' for support rather than illumination."

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

"Torture the data long enough and they will confess to anything".

~~~ arTong

Anonymous said...

Aiya , the PM is still sleeping and does'nt know what is going on.

lucia said...

i was thinking the same too, lulu. in fact, few days ago i had thought of blogging on this matter with the heading 'wake up, mr PM!' and text like - in 3 months, 3 walks where thousands of people turned up - something is definitely wrong with the country; wake up mr PM! and he still think there's nothing wrong with his administration. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

What a Survey but surely excludes Mine!!
20 years a Town Park not Right
but many commercial & housing rise!
20 years Common Facilities not Right
but a hotel instead of a Club stands by!
20 years Assessment not Right!
20 years quit rent not Right
but with a Title that wasn't Right!
15 years a Condo not Right!
5 years complaint to DB not Bright!
5 years from lawyers no client Rights!
5 years no department replying Right!
3 years a suggested Statement of Issue not Right!
3 years a car insurance not Right
after Toyo, Mitsui, PIAM, BNM..?

Water and Toll tariff can fly
etc., etc.

came no Reply or Reply not Right.
They are all MY Basic Rights?

PM, do you think this is alright?
No need to rub them right
Any of Your Departments Right?

DID YOU hear the Rallies's Cries!
Appeals after Appeals they failed
So rally after rally were held!
Group grievances & voices go nowhere!

PM, did you hear those rallies' cries?
Or, your heart was in Uganda
or somewhere else?
And, you are talking ISA?
You look at Survey or Malaysia?

denzook said...

stupid pm ! what is his administration style he's talking about ? sleeping, marrying, absenteeism, elegant silence, touring the world, launching more taxing and unsuccessful corridors, more rape and kidnapping, and making headlines to mat salleh that we are morons! how come malaysia is so blessed that even a monkey can possibly become prime minister! Till now I still don't understand how this person with no talent, no eloquence can become ceo malaysia. he doesn't know how to talk, doesn't know numbers and figures (he proudly said he failed statistic so he chose ugama). heck, as top of home minister there's so much crime happening under him.

we don't need 1st class hons pm, all i want is actually pm really look after rakyat, especially neighbourhood safety. but everyday newspapers report rapes, kidnapping, murder, i even takut to go out to mamak to watch epl without worrying being mugged, ragut, or bashed. damn. ...

Anonymous said...

This is PM is really a revolutionaire , an agent of change. So far he has allowed open debate, now an open demonstration and soon we have open fire.This will conclude the 69' episode once and for all

shag said...

Dear Anon,

A 1000+ sample from a population of 20+ million can be representative if sampled properly and given the nature of the questions.

I think the survey was done by these guys

Anonymous said...

Are you referring to the Merdeka report on the Perwaja Steel Scandal?

May be it worth mentioning that the First Witness, Lawrence Lim, "the officer primarily responsible for Perwaja's financial management",
is now a Dato!!

Anonymous said...

What this PM had succeedded in doing, is uniting a large strata of society against BN.

That is his biggest achivement to date!