Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lulu's Attempt To Be Petty

Lulu thought this was so, so petty.
Lulu's not very good at it, but, this is Lulu's attempt in being petty.

pettiness aside, the "evidence" given in an international court is such an embarrasement to the nation. Read more about it at JeffOoi


Anonymous said...

It's the Limbo Rock's "How low can you go!" Being able to hoodwink the nation for this long, the tendency is to use the same modus operandi internationally.

M'sia will lose the case. The thing to watch out for is the forseenable farcical show of being bad losers afterwards. Count on that.


Josh said...

Singaporeans are still laughing until this moment.

Satya said...

You're right, Lulu. You're not good at being petty. :)

Couldn't agree more with ~wits0~. They seem to think they can pull of the same stupid stunts on the international scene. After all, that's what Nazri tried to do during the Al Jazeera interview/debate.

PS: Sigh... I'm studying in Singapore now. Haven't bumped into any Singaporean friends yet 'cause we're on study leave for exams. Don't know where to hide my face when I do see them. Sigh! I'll not hear the end of this for weeks!

Eway said...

ARGH.... how stupid they can STILL be? I know by just calling them stupid is not enough but still when things like this happen what else can you do except yell bodoh bodoh bodoh!

So which idiot goofed up? Foreign department or ZAM (info) or Nazri,law minister this is a law case right? Can't the pm see that these few disgraces are turning us into a joke?

ngyt said...

The misleading picture issue does not carry much weight in either countries' cases.
Why did it become an issue at all?

One key thrust of the Malaysian legal team's case is aimed to show that the British did receive explicit permission to use PB/PBP from the Johor sultanate thereby proving that the British had recognised Johor's sovereignty over PB/PBP all along.

The Malaysian legal team submitted that there existed an important letter which had requested for explicit permission. This letter was said to have been sent from the British governor of Singapore to the Johor sultanate. However, the legal team said that Malaysia does not have possession of the letter and alleged that it is in the possession of Singapore's National Archives which had not replied to their requests for the letter. As Malaysia could not produce the evidence (the letter), this allegation actually counts for very little weight in the overall consideration of sovereignty over PB/PBP.

However, this insinuated that Singapore's National Archives had been dishonest. This is unfair because if such a letter did exist, it should be in the possession of Johor's archives as the Johor sultanate was the receipient. The Singapore legal team expressed dissappointment with prinicpally this insinuation. See report -

In retaliation, the Singapore legal team highlighted the inconsequential but juicy misleading picture issue.

Clearly, it was just a case of tit-for-tat.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I'm not alone in feeling and concluding the need to next boycott the MSM, Most Slavish Media. It's doing the Devil's work....and for too long.

Look at LKS Blog, others are now strongly expressing the need to do so.

VK Chin and ilks, are you proud of yourself for the ground you helped built?