Friday, November 30, 2007

Lulu Worries About How EPF Is Investing Her Retirement Fund

needless to say, people are concerned about Proton since the talks with Volswagon failed.

so, Lulu was wondering, would EPF have to be the white knight and go to Proton's rescue. Hence, Lulu went to check the changes in shareholding available at klse
The share filings were totally out of Lulu's expectations.
EPF started buying lots and lots of Proton shares when the price was high, in the midst of the "phew... volkswagon talk is still on" euphoria.
EPF added 3.296million shares during the euphoria period, buying those shares at prices above RM5.00.

As if that was not bad enough, EPF continued to buy an additional 3.4million shares after the announcement. Lulu has no idea how much they paid for those shares, but it was between the day's high of RM4.70 to the low of RM3.56.

Lulu really don't know what to make of these EPF fund managers. They buy like a Lulu novice.


Sharing said...

Political or Investment Bet?
Stock on the heat?
so they put Stock on the wok to heat
without caring the book value, any index hit!

They forgot investment by reality
take performance instead of KLSE.

Was EPF manager trying their luck
or to push Proton up?
A political bet on Proton
but risking EPF?

zewt said...

tis is just one of the very many... oh, i am sure u know what i mean.

kaki.ayam said...


i think your day high and day low is reversed.

not in finance line, but i do wonder what is the possible strategy when you buy during high and during low time?

Perhaps the strategy was to buy and buy?

Having said that, the CPF divident of our immediate neighbour Singapore was not that high either. I was quite surprised when being told of that by my relatives who work there. Or perhaps I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Its a long term strategy, unless you have a crystal ball that says Proton is going under. BTW I'd like to borrow your ball

MaryKate said...

lulu,you should be a reporter, seriously. You report better news than the papers. Have been reading rubbish news for tooooo long, glad to found your blog and the rest, cheerio

Anonymous said...

Kakiayam, a Finacial Advisor ( another name for broker, but will charge and bullshit you more) will tell you its a cost averaging technique. Nobody knows when its high or low enough and the smaller quantity would probably not push up the price. Buy when nobody is scared , but knowing fully its underlying value eg dont touch shares held by crooks - sociwent,liliongsick's son,etc

Damocles said...

The government should have folded this company long, long ago.
This company's philosophy was completely wrong right from the first bell.
I'm sure many of us know the extraordinarily bad treatment dished out by it.
Now, they are reaping the fruits of their arrogance!
Remember: What you sow, so must you reap!
Serves them right!

Anonymous said...

Easy to say "I told you so". Doing nothing is never an option - so just stick to rubber planting and hope?