Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lulu Wondering Whether These Businesses Declare This Much Income On Their Income Tax Form Or Not

A businessman who runs a wholesale clothes business in Jalan Merlimau, lamented the impact on sales."We lost about a million in sales on that day as most of our customers come by during the weekend. source : NST

if you did "a million in sales on that day"
and Lulu were to extrapolate it for the year,
Lets assume he's closed on Sundays [give him the benefit of the doubt-la...]
Lulu's wondering what the factor should be on weekdays. For retail outlets, wild guess 30% of weekend sales.
52 Saturdays x RM1mill + 5weekdays x 52 x300K = (wow) 130mil/annum!
at 10% PBIT (Lulu just came from a company strategy meeting, so pick up acronyms like this) that's RM13mil!
wow! wow! and wow!

This estimation is on the low side of his boast, cos if you think about it, he's a wholesaler, which means that retail outlets buy from him to sell to normal people like you and Lulu. And retail outlets are busy on weekends, meaning they buy from him on weekdays.

either he's making a lot, a lot of money, or it was just a sad, sad MCA boast.

btw, the Bersih march was not a street demo
it was the police roadblocks which caused the massive jam.
gosh... disgruntled disoriented businessmen!


team bsg said...

thats why the MCA will forever be the Running Dog of dirty King UMNO

all those fake smiles and fake whatevers ( its called pragmatic hypocrisy ) or put it mildly false modesty , maybe its in da 5000 year old genes ?

Anonymous said...

a selfish lot, just like the whole bunch of umno running dogs...

~~~ arTong

denzook said...

you missed sunday, which could be bigger revenue.... x 1.5 ?

Anonymous said...

rm13M!!! & if you multiply by says average of 20 years some of them been in business...

rm 260M... !!! the ird should go after these guys.

carboncopy said...

If 4000 ppl can have so much impact on the news for the whole week. i.e. Helping sales of newspapers.

Imagine what 40000 can do? Hehehe...

I salute those china man lah. Doing in the office demo. Stooges!

Anonymous said...

why are they protesting over 10 eleven rally in an air-cond hotel with tie and bush jacket...

why don't these running dogs, like nazri boast the bn could, have one million in the street.

orn said...

Chinese Biznesman PBIT only 10%?
Cannot be... Higher la

He must be paying a lot to Inland Revenue or very creative in accounting. Can ask MCA to ask him?

Anonymous said...

It's scum like this chink making groundless boasts about having big businesses that enables umno to continue implementing the NEP

orn said...

whooops... just read the paper.

The "whinners" aren't from areas in the march.

HIDDEN MESSAGE: Could it be tat the businessman are indirectly telling the Police to stop indiscriminate roadblocks?

They want to let the ppl enter KL.

Can increase from 1M to 5M with the surge of visitors to KL.

Anonymous said...

The BN component running dogs sold their souls along time ago. Even a Faustian deal isn't forever.


Anonymous said...

Same thot occurred to me.
Also, everyone's saying retail is slowing. Looks like this wholesaler is ok. Eh, but wholesaler sells to retailer. Eh, how ah?

MaryKate said...

good one la this post. Wah...RM3 million in sales, hahaha!!

on your previous post, YES, they are afraid, VERY VERY AFRAID of us, the Rakyat. That's why one blunder after another, and the more they tell fresh lies to cover old lies, the lies just gets bigger and bigger, and the truth will prevail. IT ALWAYS DO.

Anonymous said...

Nice one lulu, I got so pissed off when I read the papers today about them. Think I'll also write a post about them with the header ... "Can you spot the clowns???"

Anonymous said...

BANANA (US version) Show!!

Any real Chinese will clarify cause & effects
before they project!
so they can shoot with perfect
and not being direct
only in one topic
the Traffic
or Demo be specific!
How about Police
or Politics?
The ELECTION'S & Projects' Magic
or women & kids' Panics?

A real Chinese is a human
with sympathic and logic!
Working with sweat or tear or even blood without magic!
When all these lost
no one cannot say a word
but get lost!

Any real Chinese will learn
by their ears and eyes.
Not only with one ear or one eye
so to know the real to survive
and not relying on lies!

If they care so much on a million?
When gone with billions
that lives the millions
headed by their traditional political head!
Anyone came ahead?

If no million working in the Street
can you make million off the street?

A Chinese will show wisdom in any floor!
Any wisdom in this indoor?
Need anyone be told
that MCA was behind the show?
NO Chinese will say they are part of the show!!

Anonymous said...

BANANA (US version) Show!

"no one cannot say a word"

"no one can utter a word"

Anonymous said...

Actually the food business along the march route were doing roaring business! Of course, they cannot cone out in a group with placards thanking the Bersih organisers for fear of being sprayed with water cannons.

Anonymous said...

Also the manufacturers of yellow T shirts never had it so good! They were hoping for more Bersih rallies in the future. Petrol companies were also laughing due to so much of fuel being burnt up in the massive traffic jam.

aznol said...

i believe Bersih only to show their support to the people on how election should be running in the next election, let be gentlemen about it, i don't see any comment from Dr M, i believe he will make a positive impression.

orn said...

Hey anonymous,
I dont think they're chinese.

A True chinese biznesmen wud:
* Ask for removal of roadblocks so that more ppl flood KL

* Stock up on:
1. Yellow umbrellas (good 4 rain & shine)
2. Yellow raincoat (Watson's poncho type)
3. Goggles
4. Cheap Work Eyewear
5. Finger Snacks & Drinks
6. Yellow caps
7. Face scarves
8. Photo Printing Services
9. PCK's yellow wellington boots
10.Shower Caps.. yellow of coz..
11.Set up webcams to provide exciting live coverage in their restaurants,cafes, pubs, etc.
12.Put Bersih Dinner Specials on the menus... Running Dog Stew, MCA Chicken-Livered Pie, Turkey Zealots Sandwich, Samy Chapati, Stinky Nazi Tofu..
14.Karaoke specials

There's a whole Blue Ocean opportunity here.. (or shud i say yellow ocean? 'scuse the pun)

Eway said...

Wanted to ask how much tax he pays but someone above said the exact same thing... Well we could always ask the KFC, Hungry Jacks and McDonald's how much they earned more on that day.

Eddie Law said...

One will know the consequent of under declare when one needs to buy something...

Anonymous said...


You are Trapped!
To talk business on the Walk!
MCA had lost
because they think
Business is the only thought
to Chinese in all walks!

MCA doubly lost and terribly lost
to put Chinese and Business in all spots!
and triply lost
to take aircon "Demo"
against a sweating, showering, tearing if not blooding walk!

Should all in the photo think the same?
Surely, they will loss fourthly
after some realized they were played Monkey on that spot!

Lost Fifthly, Sixthly, Seventhly... will come
if no more wisdom come!

Your idea needs an Hyde Park to support!