Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lulu Wishes The Police Folks Would Go Make The Roads Safer From Criminals and Not People Speaking Up For Their Rights

ok. maybe Lulu's bias, cos Lulu was one of those participants in the Bersih March.

For the Bersih march, the police started their roadblocks and screening of all cars and busses on roads leading to KL on Friday night. This went on till Saturday evening, causing big time traffic jams and "millions of ringgit" loss in business for traders in the Jln Alor area.

Today is only Thurday. and the police have started their roadblocks against the Hindraf Rally which is scheduled to take place outside the British High Comm on Sunday.
This is really getting ridiculous.

Malaysiakini, at 2:45pm, reported
Selangor Traffic and Public Order Department chief Supt Che Hussain Che Omar, when contacted, said roadblocks have been set up in all 12 districts in Selangor.
It is for crime prevention. We have placed roadblocks in all major strategic area this morning. When it will end depends on the situation. We still study the situation,” he said.
Roadblocks were spotted on several highways including the Silk Highway (from Kajang and Semenyih to Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya), near Sungai Ramal, Sungai Besi Highway (photo) and Sungai Way on the Federal Highway.
The report is substantiated by the forumers at who reported blocks in Damansara, near eastin hotel and NPE heading towards Old Klang Road.

So how? Two weeks ago, people were not allowed to wear yellow into KL.
This weekend, the Indian community are not allowed into KL? Is that what police are screening for in the name of "crime prevention"?
and who knows.. maybe on Wednesday or Thurday, we'll see one of the MIC fellas do a "Doktor Ayam" stunt supported by traders from Lebuh Ampang.

It's amazing how the police force can be mobilised to this effort, but unable to make headway in reducing crime in this country.


Anonymous said...

how genius!
they can scare off ppls who is going to join the march by sending the msg : "if u come u will be caught in serious jam." i guess this will make some1 U turn and go home!

brilliant tactic, both the 1 who suggested and approved this are just smart axx.

Anonymous said...

Protest marches are visibly bad for the image of the Gomen overseas while any crime ridden areas are invisible.
A simple rationale, actually ; everything is based on image these days, not substance. This has become cultural.


Alice'sCat said...

Hey Lulu,

The road blocks are now at the Duta exit of the NKVE too. If only same effort are made for real crime prevention.

Anonymous said...

Go give us a donation

Traffic was backed up for miles, the police were going car to car. When they got to my car I asked the officer what was going on.

He said "It's KJ. He's up there threatening to set himself on fire! We are going car to car collecting donations."

"Donations!" I said, "How much you got so far?"

He said "about 50 gallons."

...improvised version from ahajokes

tankiasu said...

What would have been a 25 minutes drive to work ended up being an hour and 20 minutes crawl this morning! Grrrr....

I know what they are trying to do with all these roadblocks. Rather to screen would be protesters, they are trying to create problems for commoners like us so that our opinions will turn against the demonstrations. What do you reckon?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone ever think whether with all them mata-mata manning roadbloks and looking bored, that you plain-vanilla criminals would be having a gala time plying their trade since the usual(?) law enforcement officers would be preoccupied. Another thot, would the number of road rage cases increase becoz of the tension brought about by these inconveniences

Note-to-self: Set up portable road side toilet cabins and make a killing by charging road-blocked motorists who are in need of relief :)

Anonymous said...

If the reason for the road blocks are for 'crime prevention', the police should have these road blocks every hour of everyday of every year. Maybe this is a better way to overcome the soaring crimes we are seeing lately.

Anonymous said...

in the tradition of MCA, the doktor ayam will even kneel down to kiss the arse of the real political master.

Anonymous said...

crime prevention, my arse. the no 2 spacman was robbed in front of his house. crime rate is rising at unbelievably fast rate. and police resources are channeled to stop a gathering of people which is crying for help instead of going after real criminals.
is this islam hadhari as promoted by the PM? is this a freer society spinned for the benefit of the government? your take, readers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:34 PM, The MSM(Most Slavish Media)complicitly shares in the general deterioration of Bodohland starting with KL and Johore lifestyle on the ground. How long do we condone this s**tty system?


zorro said...

Dr Ayam the Chinese Running we see the Indian Running Dogs arresting P Athuyakumar.Synchronization running dog style.

Crankshaft said...

Why don't the police find something useful to do like track down Nurin Jazlin's killer??

I passed 3 roadblocks on my way to work and the police weren't even paying attention to the cars - they were bored.

And what were they looking for? Weapons? If you were bringing in weapons to start a riot, would you do it last minute?? Heck, that would have been carried out a month ago!

And as for checking car boots, how stupid can anyone get? If I was carrying a gun, I'd hide it under my car seat or somewhere difficult to access. What are they going to do, strip the entire car?

The communist-dictatorship government is just so obviously trying to piss off the public and direct the anger to HINDRAF.

Judging by the people I've talked to and the blogs I've read, it's obvious that Malaysians aren't as stupid as the government thinks it is.

If there is a civil unrest because of demonstrations and stuff, it's the communist-dictatorship government that takes a bow, not the citizens.

Anonymous said...

The MCA chappies are sorely offended having their precious MCA being called running dogs. Somehow after nearly 4 decades of being so, we must never conclude so!

BTW, We also haven't forget how Lee Kim Sai was told to run off to Ozzzieland to avoid having to be arrested in Ops Lalang!

Indians can see how the MIC has sold their asses but will their digest and comprehend that reality?


Anonymous said...

Sigh, if police have been this efficient, our crime rate would not be this pathetic and the rally might not be even necessary.....

Malaysia bila boleh :(